Secrets of recruiting in MLM Networking Marketing


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Is there a secret to recruiting in your mlm network marketing business. This is a step by step training to help you with your mlm network marketing recruiting .

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Secrets of recruiting in MLM Networking Marketing

  1. 1. THE SECRET OF RECRUITINGSimply stated: “The secret of recruiting is not in FINDING the right person; but inBEING the right person.” Many representatives feel all they have to do is find ONE good person and thenthey can retire. But somehow, that superstar never seems to come into their group. Therepresentative waits, searches, waits, searches, and that one good person is never found. Professional recruiters know that it is easier to ATTRACT good people. Ratherthan searching, selling, begging, advertising, cajoling and blackmailing prospects intobecoming new representatives; professionals spend their efforts attracting new, goodrepresentatives to their business by setting the example and being the kind of personwinners want to be with. How do they do it? BY BECOMING THE RIGHTPERSON; the type of leader people are desperately searching for. The vast majority ofhumanity is looking for positive, inspirational and knowledgeable guidance. And sincethere are so few leaders around that can provide this, professional recruiters only haveto PROVIDE THIS SERVICE. This is why it is so important to work harder on YOUthan on your work. Let’s take an example to illustrate the difference. Imagine that a drunken bumon skid row was looking for a good prospect. Along comes the Mayor of the city on anafternoon walk. The drunken bum approaches the Mayor and offers to show him howto reach financial freedom and personal improvement, as well as guidance to reachhis lofty goals. The Mayor is a good representative prospect, but how do you think theMayor will respond to the drunken bum’s invitations? Now imagine that the President of the United States was a representativelooking for a good prospect. Again the Mayor of the city walks by, and this time thePresident of the United States approaches him with the proposition of reaching hisfinancial goals, personal improvement, etc. The Mayor is the same prospect in bothexamples; but do you think he’ll respond differently? The difference is obvious. The Mayor would be attracted to the President becausehe was the RIGHT PERSON.
  2. 2. Our challenge is to become the right person. Otherwise, no matter how hard wetry to locate the right people, we will fail because we cannot offer what they’re lookingfor in a leader. We must have the characteristics, attitudes and skills that people arelooking for. In order to develop these characteristics of leadership it is imperative thatwe understand that we, and only we, are RESPONSIBLE FOR WHERE WE AREIN LIFE. The person controlling our destiny is US! When we’re faced with challengesand obstacles, do we find excuses in others, or do we accept the situation and find asolution? Life’s success somehow gravitates to the leaders who understand: “WHAT HAPPENS TO US IN LIFE DOES NOT DETERMINE OUR SUCCES OR FAILURE, RATHER IT IS HOW WE REACT TO THE CHALLENGES THAT DETERMINES OUR DESTINY”