How To Solve The Major Problems Faced By MLM Network Marketers


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Almost all people who start building a multi-level marketing (MLM) business will come across three problems that are the basis for all problems with MLM. The problems are promoting the product, finding prospects, and training your down line. Promoting The Product

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How To Solve The Major Problems Faced By MLM Network Marketers

  1. 1. • Lack of Leads• Lack of Money• Lack of Marketing Training• Lack of Duplication
  2. 2. How To Solve Your MLM ProblemsLead Generation – the lifeblood of your business
  3. 3. How To Solve Your MLM Problems Lack of leads You can solve this by joining some online marketing system that promises to show you how to generate leads for you business. Most of the ways to generate leads cost lots of money and the free ways cost you in lots of time. Pay me now or pay me later syndrome. A good example of this is Article marketing you can pay someone to write for you or you can write for yourself then spin and submit your content to get back link and ranking with Google
  4. 4. How To Solve Your MLM Problems Google has changed the way they rank Article sites so not you need more knowledge and time. You can do PPC or Pay Per Click Risk the Google Slap and also pay lots of money for good key word ranking. Video Marketing is another good way for free leads the problem is most people are not comfortable in front of the camera or has no knowledge of what to speak about to get people to listen to them . Let move on to the next problem
  5. 5. The Next Reason People Fail In MLM Lack Of Money Your not making money in your opportunity because you don’t have enough people to talk to and a team to duplicate your efforts. Online marketers tell you to build a list and monitize your list which is correct but you must learn or pay to build this list. As I explained before pay me now or pay me later either way your going to pay I will show you how to solve this just give me some time .
  6. 6. The Next Reason People Fail In MLM Lack of Marketing Training This is true MLM or Network Marketing is just that Marketing. Remember what I said before pay me now or pay me later. It takes time to learn what works and to get it to work for you when it comes to marketing online or offline. I have a solution for this Marketing Problem also just give me a minute.
  7. 7. The Final Reason People Fail In MLM Lack of Duplication All though these marketing system are good and you can learn allot and make allot of money. The fact is they are not duplicatable for your team Your team is struggling to put people in the business and talking to friends and family also making new contacts. So you and them join a online program and now have to learn all these methods of marketing, lead generating while trying to build a list and making money from the list that you have built.
  8. 8. The Final Reason People Fail In MLM Notice I did not say anything about getting people into your business? Why because that is another process, because the people who join you in your online lead generating program joined for the same reasons you did. They wanted to learn how to build their business also and get new people into their business. So these people will not just join you right away they will struggle, learn some new tactics and if they preceive you to be a leader then they may join you.
  9. 9. Solution To Your MLM Problem The Solution to your MLM struggles is....  The Show Me The Money System The Show Me The Money System provides a true duplicatable system for you and your team They provide the ingredients for success People to market to How to market to those people A great company with outstanding Products A system to put it all together
  10. 10. Solution To Your MLM Problem Invision Holdings Lead generating company No you don’t have to buy leads these leads are free to you from the system I know You don’t have the time to call the leads or maybe afraid to call the leads. This is where the call center comes in . Adtruism A call center that call the leads you provide for yourself and the ones that are generated by the system.
  11. 11. Solution To Your MLM Problem All You have to do is Join our team Pay the monthly cost and we do the rest .  We all make the Money Hard to believe well if that is what you think don’t do it Want to see this in action have a look and see. 