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605 open source applications


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Published in: Technology
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605 open source applications

  1. 1. Open Source ApplicationsJust a sample of FOSS applications that are used in my home
  2. 2. What makes Open Source Great In my experience Open Source applications are developed to fill a need. Usually providing tools similar to a commercial product, however thecommercial product is usually lacking some feature. Open Source takes care of that.
  3. 3. GNU project (GNU’s Not Unix)• The Start of it all• Initially announced in September of 1983• GNU Manifesto published in March 1985• Linus Torvalds released the Linux, a Unix-like kernel in 1992 completing all the requirements to spin off distributions such as Slackware, Debian, Red-Hat and others
  4. 4.• Used as a web portal for Open Source Application development and distribution• Provides and end users a resource to find applications and support for applications• Provides a location for developers to collaborate on application development.
  5. 5. PFSense• An open source Firewall platform• Provides Enterprise grade features on a modular platform for use in COTS hardware• Extremely secure and high performance system
  6. 6. XBMC• A all in one cross platform media center system• Originally developed for use on modded Microsoft Xbox systems• Project matured to be able to run on both stand alone PC’s and embedded hardware
  7. 7. Open• One of the first successful open source Microsoft Office replacements• All the software you want and need on any computer for free!
  8. 8. Android• Started as a side project by a couple Google engineers (Google encourages side projects, even lists it as a employment requirement and provides employees recourses such as workshops for said projects)• Changed the game in the mobile phone industry allowing manufactures to compete on a feature level with Apple
  9. 9. FreeNAS• Started using Pfsense as a base for a storage platform to provide more features than commercial NAS equipment• Allows users to Build their own NAS appliance or Server using COTS reducing Cost barriers• Highly secure and high performance platform with unlimited potential
  10. 10. Gparted Gnome Partition Editor• Provides a Graphical interface for managing partitions on hard drive systems• Project developed a bootable CD spin off to use on systems not running Linux• Open source replacement for Partition Magic• Developed at a time when major OS vendors were not shipping an easy to use partition manager as part of their Operating System
  11. 11. Clonezilla• An Open Source disk imaging platform• Uses a Bootable CD to clone system hard drives• Similar to Norton Ghost, however provides more advanced features• Able to be installed on a server and boot and image desktops/laptops over a network
  12. 12. Mozilla- Firefox• One of the first successful Open source Browsers• Of the Open Source Browser market this is the market leader• Provides a secure and customizable browser platform for a individualized browser experience
  13. 13. VLC Media Player (Video LAN Player)• A simple media player that plays virtually every media format• Has media conversion and streaming capabilities• Developed as a cross platform device works on Windows, Mac, Linux and has some mole device support