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Newsletter2001 2002


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Newsletter2001 2002

  1. 1. EWG-DSS Newsletter Nr. 1, Year 2002 Editorial EWG-DSS Newsletter by Pascale Zaraté (Current Head of the EURO Working Group on DSS) Newsletter of the EURO Working Group on Decision Support System The EWG-DSS group was created in Madeira (Portugal) during the Euro Summer Institute on DSS in May 1989. Researchers belonging to this group meet each year in different countries. The first meeting was held in In this issue Fontainebleau (France) in 1990; the second in Bruges (Belgium) in 1991, this meeting was organised together with the first Mini Euro Conference devoted to Editorial ............................... 1 DSS, organised by J.P. Brans. The third meeting of the group took place in Hungary in 1992; and the fourth in Sintra (Portugal) in 1993. Then the group Recent Publications ........... 2 migrated to a cold climate and the fifth meeting was organised in Turku (Finland) in 1994. The sixth meeting happened again in a warm land, in Samos Perspectives ....................... 2 (Greece) in 1995. The seventh meeting was held in Ispra (Italy) in 1996; then again in Bruges in 1997, together with the second Mini Euro Conference Research Review................ 2 devoted to DSS, organised by J.P. Brans. Following the second Bruges meeting, our previous chairman Tawfik Jelassi organised the ninth meeting in EWG-DSS Meetings............ 3 Granada Spain) in 1998. For the tenth birthday the group went again to Turku in 1999. In 2000 the meeting was held in Toulouse (France) and I was chosen as Upcoming Events ............... 3 the new chairperson during this meeting. In 2001 the EWG-DSS group met in Cascais (Portugal). In 2002, our meeting took place together with the Mini Euro Contributing to this letter ... 3 Conference devoted to DSS, in Brussels (Belgium) at the VUB from March 24th th to 27 , chaired by J.P. Brans and T. Jelassi. The conference consisted of five EWG-DSS Members ........... 4 distinct themes: DSS; Chairperson: P. Zaraté; E + M Commerce; Chairman: T. Jelassi; Multicriteria Analysis; Chairperson: M. Roubens; Human Centered Contacting the EWG-DSS .. 4 Processes (HCP); Chairman: G. Coppin and J.P. Barthelemy; Prometheus (ethic movement) Chairman: J.P. Brans and M. Despontin. Joining the EWG-DSS ........ 4 During these thirteen years, the DSS theme has evolved and we can now see that Information Technologies have had a great impact on the design of such systems. DSSs continue to exist in isolation using classical techniques and methodologies to support Decision-Making, as for example in MultiCriteria Decision-Making. Animating this field that is more complex, developing new methodologies and systems represents a challenge for us as researchers. Editorial Board As you know, the European Commission is preparing the new Frame Programme (FP6) on Research and Development as part of its European Research Area policy. More information about the FP6 can be found at the web The Newsletter of the EURO-WG site on Decision Support Systems is Under this perspective, EURO promoted a number of meetings with the European Commissioner on research, Philippe Busquin, and a number of other currently edited by: high ranking EC officials. The purpose of those meetings was to check the Fátima Dargam possibility for EURO, its member societies and the whole OR community, to Pascale Zaraté benefit from the FP6 and more in general from the R/D policy of the EC. Following these meetings, Euro prepared a "memorandum" which explains what And revised by: EURO can do within the FP6 and this is now being distributed. I have received the memorandum and if any EWG-DSS members are interested to create such Philip Powell a program or project, I can send it. More information about it can be found on: Comments and announcements to next issues of the EWG-DSS Hoping that collaborations and co-operations among all of us will be Newsletter should be sent to fruitful, I send to all of you my best regards. Yours Sincerely, Pascale Zaraté or with the subject: “EWG-DSS Newsletter”. 1
  2. 2. naval environment by M. Simoes (1) We should take more Recent Publication Marques and F.J. Pires. care about providing better (easier to handle) user interfaces for A special issue will appear Simulation of the European DSSs. By doing so, we may very soon in the European Journal Central Bank decisions and considerably help the decision- of Operational Research (EJOR) forecast of short term Euro rates makers to understand and use the edited by Rita Ribeiro, Antonio with an adaptive fuzzy expert system in a more effective way. Rodriguez and Pascale Zaraté. system by Lorenzo Rizzi, Flavio This special issue will publish a Bazzana, Nikola Kasabov, Mario (2) We should dedicate selection of papers presented Fedrizzi and Luca Erzegovesi. more working effort to selecting during the 11th EWG-DSS meeting appropriate software tools for the Consistency Stability Intervals implementation of a specific DSS, (June 2000) in Toulouse, and the for a Judgement in AHP DSS by so that the representation model of 12th EWG-DSS meeting (June Juan Aguaron, Maria Teresa its decision making scenario can 2001) in Cascais. Escobar and Jose Maria Moreno be coded without compromising The papers present several Jimenez.♦ too much its abstraction level. And aspects and themes of DSS and that the overall implementation include the following publications: time of the system remains Editorial by Rita Ribeiro, affordable. Antonio Rodriguez and Pascale Perspectives In keeping with the second Zaraté. point above, we can place the work Towards using computational Reflections on aspects needing of Alexandre Gachet, who methods for real-time negotiations more attention in the proposes an up-to-date software in electronic commerce by development of DSSs framework for supporting the Georgios P. Papamichail and by Fátima Dargam development of specific DSSs (see Dimitros P. Papamichail. the Research Review section of this Newsletter). Data mining for decision By checking the work th support on customer insolvency in presented in the 12 . Mini EURO The reflections described telecommunications business by S. Conference as well as from here about the points that are still Daskalaki, I. Kopanas, M. Goudara reading recent publications missing – or that need more and N. Avouris. concerning development of specific attention on the development of Decision Support Systems, we can DSSs can be considered as “food Reinforcing Decision Aid by observe that most of the working for thought”. They may serve as a Capitalizing on Company’s effort has been concentrated on building block for an open debate Knowledge: Future Prospects by the investigation of approaches to on how to improve DSS Michel Gründstein, Camille handle different problems in development in general. How the Rosenthal Sabroux and Alexandre decision making, like co-operation, other members of the EWG-DSS Paculski. communication, consensus and will respond to them? Well, this I Software Evaluation Problem negotiation, within a do not yet know. But, I am sure we Situations by Ioannis Stamelos and methodological level. will hear about it soon through our Alexis Tsoukias. In some cases, prototypes mailing list. ♦ The AGAP System : A GDSS have been modelled in a pre- for project analysis and evaluation customized way, using general- purpose programming languages by Joao P. Costa , Paulo Melo , and demanding a very long Research Review Pedro Godinho and Luis Dias. development time. In fewer cases A fuzzy multiple objective available DSS tools and /or In this section we present the decision support model for energy spreadsheet packages were used. on-going work of Alexandre economy planning by Ana Rosa Some work represented Gachet. The author is a PhD Borges and Carlos Henggeler mathematical models in the system candidate in the Department of Antunes. without any transparency. That is, Computer Science of the University without catering for the fact that the of Fribourg in Switzerland. Fuzzy MADM: An outranking targeted interested community – method by T. Aouam, S.I. Chang His work emphasizes the most of the times the real decision and E.S. Lee. need of a new component model makers – do not want to have Aggregation with generalized structures of matrices or trees as within the available DSS mixture operators using weight their interactive means of development tools, in order to build functions by Rita Almeida Ribeiro introducing or updating data/values specific Decision Support Systems. in the system. He revisits the classification of DSS and Ricardo Alberto Marques development tools proposed by Pereira. From the observations Sprague in the 80’s. By updating SINGRAR – A fuzzy above, I believe we can take two Sprague’s original view in face of distributed expert system to assist main starting points as the basis the currently available DSS tools command and control activities in for improvements when developing and DSS generators, he proposes a DSS. a software framework for 2
  3. 3. developing DSS, which is meant to EWG-DSS Meeting 2003 This conference is organized support both high and low level by the IFIP TC8/WG 8.3 and will requirements (like decentralized take place in Cork, Ireland, during distributed architecture, mobility, The group meeting in 2003 is th th the period of 3 to 7 of July 2002. cooperation among users, etc.). It proposed to happen in conjunction th with the 14 Mini Euro Conference For more information consult employs high level of code HCP2003, dedicated to Distributed the web site of the conference: reusability which lowers Decision Making and Man Machine considerably the development time of the system. cooperation. This conference will be organised by R. Bisdorff and will th th Below you find the abstract of be held from 4 to 7 May 2003 in July 2002 th his paper presented at the 12 . Luxembourg. Contributions for this Mini EURO Conference, in conference must be presented on IFORS 16-th Triennial Brussels. an extended abstract (5 pages) Conference Edinburgh, UK, From th th format. Contributions presented July 8 to 12 , 2002. Hosted by the “Software Frameworks for during this conference could be Operational Research Society. Developing DSSs – A New published in EJOR or Incognito Component in the Classification For more information consult journals. the web site of the conference. of DSS Development Tools” Four Euro Working Groups by Alexandre Gachet take part in the organization of this <> conference, namely: EWG – DSS ; May 2003 Abstract: Despite a dramatic EWG – MCDA ; EWG – Ethics and th evolution in technology during the E-SIGMA. 14 Mini Euro Conference – last twenty years, Sprague’s HCP2003 – Conference on Human Half of a day, during the Centered Processes: Distributed Framework for Development of conference time, will be dedicated Decision Making and Man-Machine Decision Support Systems to a symposium organised by each Cooperation. (introduced in 1980) has remained group. unchanged until today and still This conference will take offers a strong basis on which A possible meeting with the th place in Luxembourg, during 5 to many current DSSs rely. However, IFIP group 8.3 on DSS is under th 7 of May 2003. the interpretation of this framework discussion and the decision will be by the DSS community evolved as made during the Cork conference. For more information consult years went by, bringing the the web site of the conference: classification in line with current♦ technological improvements, EWG-DSS Meeting 2004 thereby blurring the boundaries between its various components. The EWG-DSS 2004 meeting This paper analyses this evolution is proposed to happen in a joined and shows that the current conference with the IFIP group 8.3. interpretation of Sprague’s The place and the dates are not framework breaks the natural Contributing to this Newsletter definitively defined yet. More balance of the original framework. details about it will be available to Every member of the EWG-DSS is Then, it proposes the inclusion of a the group members in future issues very welcome to contribute to this new component in order to round of the EWG-DSS Newsletter. Newsletter. off the spectrum of decision- Subjects can be related to: making situations that require the development of Specific DSSs. We expect that a significant • Recent Publications Keywords: Sprague’s number of members of the DSS • PhD Dissertations Framework, Software Frameworks, working group can participate in our next meetings, so that further • Book Presentations / Reviews DSS Tools, DSS Generators, Specific DSS.♦ collaboration among members and • Research Group Presentations exchanging of ideas can be • Research Views and Perspectives promoted on a larger scale. ♦ • Forthcoming Events EWG-DSS Meetings • General Announcements As agreed in an informal Upcoming Events meeting of the EWG-DSS during th Contributions to the EWG-DSS the 12 Mini EURO Conference in Brussels last April, the next Newsletter should be sent to one of July 2002 the email addresses below with the meetings of the EURO working subject: “EWG-DSS Newsletter”. group on Decision Support DSIAge2002 – International Systems will possibly take place as Conference on Decision Making follows. The organization of the and Decision Support in the following meetings is not yet fixed Internet Age. and may still be changed. 3
  4. 4. EWG-DSS Members Contacting the EWG-DSS Joining the EWG-DSS Since the foundation of the Decision Support System Working Group, in 1989, by the occasion of The EURO-WG on Decision If you wish to join the EURO- th the 6 . EURO Summer School in Support Systems is currently Working Group on Decision Madeira, the number of registered head by Pascale Zaraté, who is Support Systems, please send an members has increased from 25 also in charge of organizing and e-mail to, with the up to 77. updating the web site and the following information: The updated list of members mailing list. Name: _____________________ is available upon request to EWG-DSS Affiliation:___________________ Pascale Zaraté. Changes to this list Att.:Pascale Zarate should be reported to Pascale Mailing Address: _____________ IRIT – Equipe CSC Zaraté.♦ INPT – ENSIACET – GI Phone: _____________________ 118 route de Narbonne Fax:: ______________________ 31062 Toulouse cedex 4 FRANCE E-mail: _____________________ E-mail: Home Page: ________________ Web: Mailing List: 4