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Newsletter ewg dss nr.11 - year 2012 -final


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Newsletter ewg dss nr.11 - year 2012 -final

  1. 1. No. 11, Year 2012 EditorialEWG-DSS Newsletter by Fátima Dargam, Pascale Zaraté, Rita Ribeiro, Shaofeng Liu, Jorge Hernández and Boris DelibašićNewsletter of the EURO Working (Members of the EURO Working Group on DSS Coordination Board)Group on Decision Support System Dear Euro Working Group Members! Dear Friends!In this Issue In 2012 our group has been as productive as ever! Over the past year the EWG- Editorial........................................ 1 DSS organized two important events with wide participation from society members and colleagues outside the group. They are the EWG-DSS Annual Workshop held in EWG-DSS Members .................... 2 April in Liverpool, UK and the DSS stream of EUROXXV Conference on Operational Research held in July in Vilnius, Lithuania. EWG-DSS Channels.................... 2 The group has been extremely productive in publication this year. We successfully edited 4 journal Special Issues, one Springer book and one workshop Interview ...................................... 2 proceedings. These are: two Special Issues in International Journal of Decision Support Systems Technology, one Special Issue in International Journal of EWG-DSS Award ........................ 5 Information and Decision Science, one Special Issue in Production Planning and Control, one Springer book in the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing Publications................................. 5 series, and Liverpool Workshop Proceedings. EWG-DSS Annual Workshops ... 7 During the year, EWG-DSS has also launched some significant new initiatives. We have gladly awarded the 1st EWG-DSS Young Researcher Award (launched in EWG-DSS Projects...................... 7 2011 - yearly). The group has also, for the first time, approved its official publications, including two journals (i.e. International Journal of Decision Support Systems EWG-DSS Meetings .................... 8 Technology and Journal of Decision Systems) and one proceedings series – Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing. We have submitted research proposals to Upcoming Events...................... 10 various research councils including the P-EoL project for EU FP7 and a COST Action proposal. Call for Papers........................... 12 Looking ahead, for 2013, we have planned more exciting events and EURO&Other Announcements. 13 publications. Three important events are on the way: (1) EWG-DSS 2013 Annual Workshop to be held in Thessaloniki, Greece, in May; (2) DSS stream in EURO XXVI- Projects Reports ....................... 14 INFORMS joint international conference in Rome in July; (3) Mini Euro Conference in September in Graz, Austria. Publication plan includes Special Issues with International Journal of Decision Support Systems, Journal of Decision Systems, and International Journal of Decision Support Systems, one book with Springer for the Lecture Notes inEditorial Board Business Information Processing, and of course proceedings for the EWG-DSS Annual Workshop and for the Mini-Conference. Looking back 2012, we feel very happy with what we, as a group, have achieved and the positive impact that we have made to wider communities and internationalThe Newsletter of the EURO WG societies. Of course, none of these would have been achievable without the consistenton Decision Support Systems is support from all of our members and other sister societies. Therefore, please acceptcurrently edited by: our sincere thanks for all of your contribution. We hope you enjoy the 2012-Newsletter,Fátima Dargam, Pascale Zaraté, specially its interview with our long-term colleague and co-founder of the EWG-DSS:Rita Ribeiro, Shaofeng Liu, Alexis Tsoukias! We wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year! We look forwardJorge E. Hernández & Boris to working with you more closely in 2013 for continuous success!Delibašić. Best wishes from the EWG-DSS Coordination Board!Comments and announcementsto next issues of the EWG-DSSNewsletter should be sent to theemail address below with thesubject: “Newsletter”.Email: Boris Delibašić, Shaofeng Liu, Pascale Zaraté, Rita Ribeiro, Fátima Dargam & Jorge Hernández. Photo: Liverpool 2012 & London, 2011 1
  2. 2. EWG-DSS Members An updated list of registered • EWG-DSS – LinkedIn Group members with their respective email-“We grow consistently and addresses can be sent to you, by request. (mailto: d=1961459&trk=anet_ug_grpproselectively both in membershipas well as in quality!” EWG-DSS Channels The EWG-DSS has currently 163registered members and counts with “Efficient communication helpsan evergrowing number of more than you to better cooperate,150 members in its Linked-In Group of innovate, add and multiply!”Interest. Below you find a description of all the available communication channels of the EWG-DSS. Use them to get in touch with the group Coordination Board Members and with its current The Linked-In EWG-DSS Group has 163 registered members. currently 157 members (status of 27.11.2012). This group is open to all EWG-DSS Mailing-List: Linked-In users and there you find briefings of the EWG-DSS’s activities, discussions of related topics, job This mailing-list is devoted only to announcements, Conference calls for the registered EWG-DSS members to participation, Journals CfP, etc. If you announcements and projects like networking, you should take information, as well as research advantage of this plataform! To read events, calls for publications, etc. and interact with the Linked-In EWG- DSS Group, you have to log in the Linked-In network. EWG-DSS Web-Links: • EWG-DSS – Slideshare Account • EWG-DSS – Blog In the EWG-DSS Slideshare account you find all the digital versions of previous Newsletters, as well as the online EWG-DSS presentations. If you The EWG-DSS blog is maintained by wish to share some of your research the Coordination Board. There you find presentations with us, you are up-to-date information about the welcome to use this account. Please group’s activities, links to the organized contact us for more details. Workshops, projects proposals descriptions, publications and news about research collaborations. Interview • EWG-DSS – EURO Homepage decision-support-systems The EWG-DSS page at the EURO online site is the group’s official homepage. There you find a summary of the detailed information you find in Since 1999, the group the blog and the links to EWG-DSS’smembership has grown substantially, organised Streams in EURO Kas can be observed in the graphics. Conferences, Annual Workshops; Mini- Conferences; Awards, etc. • EWG-DSS – IRIT Server Alexis Tsoukiàs The EWG-DSS Server is hosted by Director of LAMSADE, CNRS – LAMSADE  IRIT. It contains all the EWG-DSS Université Paris Dauphine, Paris, France  shared files. Via the option “Review Members”, one is able to check the e- mail addresses of each member. To “Having a look back 30 years, I can say access the server you need to be a that the appearance of the area of registered member of the group. Decision Support Systems allowed me to 2
  3. 3. find my place within the broad in decision sciences, but she was Summer Institute, a community whichcommunity of decision scientists and organising seminars and open contributed in widening the scope andanalysts.” discussion forums. To be brief, I loved vision of OR and Decision Analysis. This year the EWG-DSS had the it! Mathematical language, but in anpleasure to interview our long-time applicable format, rigour, but also EWG-DSS: In the past you had severalcolleague and also a founding member creative thinking, real world aiding important responsibilities: you haveof the EWG-DSS in Madeira, 1989: people to make decisions. I decided to been vice president of ROADEF (theAlexis Tsoukiàs. Alexis has always finish my engineering studies, but to French OR society), secretary and thenkept strong links with the EWG-DSS specialise in OR and Decision Theory. president of EURO, you coordinated agroup and has been present in many of It was the beginning of the 80s when I COST Action, you are now director ofits meetings, organised conference met OR. I graduated as engineer in the LAMSADE... How did all thisstreams and workshops. In 2005, 1983 and started working in private influence your vision of our researchAlexis Tsoukias was one of the and public companies in Torino as a area?keynote speakers of the Joint- consultant (In these years I also met aWorkshop in Graz; more recently in beautiful Italian girl. I was strongly AT: I always thought that a narrowDecember 2011, he supported the motivated in remaining at Torino). interpretation of Operational ResearchEWG-DSS by organising in the However, I was not satisfied by just could lead our field in an “impasse”.University Paris-Dauphine, the Joint- applying. In 1985 there was an opening With narrow interpretation I meanWorkshop Paris-2011 between DASIG in the Department of Computer considering as Operational Researchand CNRS-LAMSADE; and to our Science at Politecnico di Torino for a only mathematical optimization,great honor he has accepted to be one PhD and pushed by Anna I applied. I mathematical programming etc..of the keynote speakers in the EWG- was successful. I started my PhD soon Consider that I have always beenDSS 2013 Workshop in Thessaloniki. after and defended it in April 1989. fascinated by optimisation (as well as Doing a PhD with Anna Ostanello has by mathematics), for its elegance,It is always a pleasure to meet Alexis been a great experience. Anna had a structure and rigour. The problem isand share with him thoughts about very personal approach to Operational that we need to start consider ourvarious subjects, inclusive research! In Research, completely unconventional, discipline not just as a research area,this interview, Alexis Tsoukias at least at that time. Her vision was on but as a profession. Just to make thedescribes his involvement with DSS; the methodology and not methods. She point: the aggregate membership ofand his academic career. was strongly committed in defending the OR societies worldwide are aboutWe congratulate our colleague Alexis the “applied dimension” of decision 30000. The engineers who practiceTsoukias on all his so far important sciences. The result was a broad vision decision support in their everyday jobcareer achievements and we wish him of the field and a strong opening to are millions worldwide. What do wemany more to come! We are also new contributions from “near have to say to these people? And justgrateful for having the opportunity of disciplines”. Combining the fact that we to add one further thought: is theproducing this exciting interview for the were in a Computer Science training we offer in our UniversitiesEWG-DSS Newsletter! Department I was soon oriented in appropriate for somebody who wants getting interested to Artificial to enter the profession of decisionEWG-DSS: Alexis, how did it happen Intelligence and indeed my PhD has analyst?to you to be involved with Decision been one of the first to try an These thoughts lead me to two basicSupport Systems? integration between OR and AI. I considerations. The first one implies developed both a logical model for the necessity to create a broadAT: At the end of the 70s, I was preference modeling purposes, but scientific area of what I call “Decisionstudying Transportation Engineering at also a broad approach aiming at Sciences and Technologies”, puttingthe Technical University of Torino combining AI and OR techniques as together all different areas within(Politecnico di Torino, in Italy) where I instruments in decision aiding Decision Sciences (such as Gamemoved from Athens after high school. processes. These issues are now Theory, Social Choice, DecisionThe more I was studying, the more I current research subjects, but at that Analysis, Optimisation, Combinatorics,was becoming convinced that I did not time we appeared quite strange to our Discrete Mathematics etc.), but alsocare about engineering. The only mainstream colleagues in OR. In 1989 neighbours such as Artificialclasses I followed with interest were there was the call for the EURO Intelligence, Computer Science,mathematics as well as some Summer Institute in DSS and I thought Analytics, Cognitive Sciences,rudimental computer science (at that it would have been the right place to Organisation Studies etc.. The COSTtime we were still using cards in order show the interest in this research area. Action “Algorithmic Decision Theory” Ito write our software which was run in I was accepted and to be sincere it has have coordinated between 2007 andbatch processing computers’ been a major contribution in 2011 has had exactly this purpose andarcheology and this gives us an idea of legitimating my vision of this field. The there are many other similar initiativesthe time passed since ). I was seriously rest is my career. I entered the CNRS around us. Not surprising the relationconsidering moving to the Faculty of in France in 1993 getting a position at between Analytics and OR andMathematics. However, on the one the LAMSADE (at that time directed by Decision Analysis is dominating ourhand, mathematics in Torino at that Bernard Roy who was very interested institutional debates since some yearstime was extremely theoretical and not in my approach) and here I am still now (see for instance the discussionsthat appealing. On the other hand, I today. Having a look back to these 30 within INFORMS or in the UK ORS).had to withdraw many of the exams I years I can say that the appearance of As EURO president I am proud Ihad already done meaning losing a lot the area of Decision Support Systems worked in that direction and indeed inof time in order to catch up.. While I allowed me to find my place within the the last year the audience of the EUROwas hesitating I started to follow the broad community of decision scientists conferences has been enormouslyclass of Operational Research given by and analysts. Although my research increased. The second considerationAnna Ostanello. Anna was an today is not oriented in creating such implies the necessity to reason inextraordinary teacher! Not only the systems I still feel part of the terms of methodology and not just ofregular class was an amazing journey community established with the EURO methods. Very often our area is viewed 3
  4. 4. as a “toolkit” of methods and many Operational Research and Decision dedicate as much efforts as I can toamong us are viewed as specialists in Analysis, leaders in many subjects that …one among the tools within that toolkit. (MCDA to mention just one …) and we EWG-DSS: Don’t you feel some timesThis could be fine if we see ourselves want to keep our position also in the as doing too much? How do youas researchers (where we need to be future. But this could be a subject of manage to take care of all that? How isspecialists), but is far less interesting another interview … To come back to private Alexis?from a professional point of view. A your question, I try to concentrate myprofessional need to know when, how, research interests in two topics. AT: I am not going to tell you howwhy and under which constraints The first topic consists in contributing private Alexis is … this is a privatedifferent tools make sense with respect in the “Algorithmic Decision Theory” question… You can ask Emanuela (theto a problem situation: this is what I call long term challenge. More specifically beautiful Italian girl I met when I wasa methodology. A methodology we try (I am not alone in such an effort) student … we are since married…)enabling to understand what the to construct an integrated framework how she managed our life all theseproblem is, to structure it, to model it, allowing establishing what a “decision years… living in Torino, working into discuss it, to represent it, to revise it, problem” is (from an algorithmic point Paris, having the rest of the family atto solve it etc.. For that we also need to of view, not a philosophical one …). Athens, having internationalmake a shift in perspective: besides The idea is to show that using a model appointments and projects… I amthinking on how it is “better to decide”, and a method (any model or method), afraid it has been harder for her thanwe need to consider how it is “better to under one or more criteria, in presence for me … I can tell you that having aaid somebody to decide”. Our or not of uncertainty, with one or more curious job of the type a researcherprofession is exactly that second stakeholders, can be seen as a has, allows to develop your creativeperspective, characterised by the use particular instance of such a framework part without necessary inventing aof formal models and rationality and that choosing a family of methods second (or third) life. To some extendhypotheses. Other professions who or models depends from few this compensates the fact that wehelp people to make better decisions parameters with finite options. This is dedicate so much time in our work. I(such as lawyers, psychologists, not a tentative to “close” our area … I suppose the satisfactions you get aredoctors etc.) have already thought on am sure creative researchers will more of multiple natures…how to train their young colleagues in or less soon falsify my framework and That said, yes, sometimes I feel tired…the profession more than in the expand it. It helps to concentrate to I suppose is natural … As it is naturalresearch. Just to give an example: that few options that “really matter”! Of that I am now funding myself to feelevery lawyer knows how to defend the type shown by my colleagues and tired more often than some yearshimself in case the client is unsatisfied friends working in conjoint ago… Emanuela has been a crucialthere is by the way an independent measurement theory: what “really support in facing that along these yearsbody which can assess where the matters” is how differences of and I will never be able to return theprofessional conduct of the lawyer was preferences are modeled. help I received. I just do my best.correct. Well, we have nothing similar The second topic consists in showing However, since you insist in knowingin our profession. Establishing a that our toolkit and, most important, our more about “private Alexis” you canprofession of Decision Analyst is a general methodology needs to be make the scoop of the interview: I cancrucial challenge for the years coming. specialised as far as supporting “public reveal you that I will soon publish decision processes” is concerned. My something concerning “AlexisEWG-DSS: It looks as you are experience taught me that clients private”… but you need to be patientconcentrating your attention to training aiding to be supported within a “public for some months yet…and professionalising decision policy cycle” have different problemsanalysts. Isn’t it strange for somebody from clients working in business and EWG-DSS: Alexis, thank you verywho is full time researcher at the industry. Not always for sure. And not much for this enjoyable extraordinaryCNRS (one of the few institutions in all the problems are different. At the opportunity to interview you!Europe where they still hire such bottom of the line we may end using asprofiles)? usual some combinatorial optimisation Contributing to this Newsletter algorithm or some multi-attribute valueAT: Well! Of course being at the measurement model. But the decision Every member of the EWG-DSS isCNRS is a privilege. Indeed I will aiding process is different. We try to very welcome to contribute to thisalways recognise that without the trust focus our attention in specifying what Newsletter.they gave me (hiring me immediately at makes the difference in developing a Subjects can be related to:tenure) it would have been difficult to new line of research we call: Policygo ahead in exploring and creating all Analytics. You noted a call for papers • Project Descriptionssubjects I did in the past years. But, be in Annals of OR around this topic. The • Recent Publicationssure! I did not forget my research new EURO Journal in Decisionpassions. I just compromise between Process is also strongly interested in • PhD Dissertationsthe pleasure of demonstrating a new this topic. I try to contribute … We also • Book Presentations / Reviewstheorem and the consciousness of plan to make some special sessions at • Research Group Presentationshaving to take care of the whole set of the next EURO/INFORMS conferenceissues concerning Decision Analysis: in Rome in July 2013. We try to • Research Views and Perspectivesresearch, training and profession. mobilise research resources around • Journal Announcements – CfPThat said I need to be sincere. The this topic. My objective is to arrive in the next years to create an • Forthcoming Eventstime and (most important) the energy Ican dedicate to my research passions international community interested in • General Announcementsis just a fraction of what I would like to this area of research. Something Contributions should be sent to thedo. Being now head of the LAMSADE broader than “Public Sector OR”; email address ewg-dss@fccdp.comis a strong responsibility. We are possibly an international with the subject: “Newsletter”.known worldwide as one of the interdisciplinary community. It is a newhistorical research centers in exciting perspective and I am trying to 4
  5. 5. Support System at the Vilnius EURO The EWG-DSS long-term member, Dr.EWG-DSS Award Conference 2012 in July 2012, for the Claudia Loebbecke, has been awardedThe EWG-DSS launched in 2011 a 2012-Award. News about its winner will with the 1st Prize outstanding researchmotivating initiative for young soon be available on our blog. As in that impacts practice with the Societyresearchers of an annual “EWG-DSS- 2011, the prize for the EWG-DSS of Information Management (SIM)Award“. 2012-Award will be 2011 Paper Awards. Together with of € 300,00. The Bernhard Thomas and Thomas UllrichThe annual “EWG-DSS-Award” winner will be (both Continental AG), She won thechooses the best and most innovative encouraged to SIM Paper Competition 2011 of thepresented work, among the papers take part in one of Society for Information Managementsubmitted by students or young the group’s 2013 (Web-Info). The study details a methodresearchers in the EWG-DSS events, where the for supporting the cloud readinessorganised workshops and conference prize ceremony will assessment, which was developed withstreams of the same year, to be take place. and applied by Continental. Werewarded with a modest prize in congratulate Claudia Loebbecke andmoney. The EWG- her research partners for this noble DSS hopes to achievement.How to apply? count with sponsorship fromTo apply for the annual EWG-DSS research fundsAward you only need to participate in and from theone of our Workshops or Session industrial sector to make the futureStreams organised by the group and “EWG-DSS-Awards” more financiallyallow your work to be part of our appealing. You are encouraged toselection! More details can be found on support this initiative by financially . sponsoring it if possible, or participating and/or disseminating thisWinner of the 2011-Award: information among your students, colleagues, research partners andThe EWG-DSS had the pleasure to collaborators.grant its first Award in a ceremony thattook place during the EWG-DSS For 2013, we will select for theLiverpool Workshop, in April, 2012. EWG-DSS 2013-Award applicableThe EWG-DSS 2011-Award was given work submitted to the EWG-DSSto Pierre-Emmanuel Arduin, from Thessaloniki-2013 Workshop onLAMSADE Paris Dauphine University, “Exploring New Directions forwith the paper “From Knowledge Decisions in the Internet Age” in MaySharing to Collaborative Decision 2013; or to the EWG-DSS Stream ofMaking”, a joint work with Michel the EURO XXVI Informs Conference inGrundstein and Camille Rosenthal- Rome in July 2013; or on the EWG- DSS Stream of the EURO Mini- Professor  Dr.  Claudia  Loebbecke,  M.B.A. Sabroux, that was presented in the Conference on “Collaborative Decision Director,  Dept.  of  Business,  Media  and EWG-DSS London-2011 Workshop on Systems in Economics and in Complex Technology Management  Decision Systems. The awarded paperwas published in a special issue on Societal and Environmental University of Cologne, Germany Collaborative Decision Support Applications”, in Graz in October 2013.Systems in the International Journal of See the Call for Participation for thoseInformation and Decision Sciences events in this Newsletter for more(vol. 5 no. 3, 2013). The EWG-DSS details. PublicationsAward prize for 2011 is of € 300.00. The “EWG-DSS Award 2013″ can be yours! Participate! EWG-DSS Members’ Award EWG-DSS Official Publications: st 1 . Prize – SIM Paper Awards The EWG-DSS has the pleasure to announce that the Society has adopted two international journals as its official publications: International Journal of Decision Support Systems Technology (IJDSST) and Journal of Decision Systems (JDS). The Society has alsoEWG-DSS 2012 Award established close and stableThe Members of the Coordination relationship with Lecture Notes inBoard are currently ranking and Business Information Processingevaluating the applicable work (LNBIP).submitted to the EWG-DSS Liverpool2012 Workshop in April 2012 and to EWG-DSS is committed to makethe EWG-DSS Stream on Decision valuable contribution to the official publications. The Society will manage 5
  6. 6. at least one issue per year for the theory, computer science, artificial http://ewgdssliverpool2012.files.wordprIJDSST and JDS. With regard to intelligence and operation, EWG-DSS edit one proceeding research will be considered insofar liverpool2012-full-version.pdfevery year for the series. In order to as they discuss the impact of Special Issue in Internationalthank the consistent support received systems on actual decision Journal of Information and Decisionfrom the publication editors and situations. In addition to covering Sciencepublishers, EWG-DSS would also concepts, techniques and tools Topic: Collaborative Decision Making.encourage the Society members to related to computer-based Volume 5 issue 3.submit their work to the IJDSST and decision systems, the journal will Guest Editors: Jason Papathanasiou,JDS on regular basis, and recommend also publish case studies of Shaofeng Liu, Pascale Zarate.the publications to their organisations human decision making,(such as university libraries) for particularly those involved in the Special Issue in Journal ofsubscription. management of organisations. Production Planning and Control Topic: Collaborative Decision-Making• IJDSST (Print ISSN: 1941-6296, • LNBIP (ISSN: 1865-1348; series Trends and Solutions for Industries. Online ISSN: 1941-630X) is editors: van der Aalst, W.M.P., Guest Editors: Jorge Hernandez, currently edited by Professor Mylopoulos, J., Rosemann, M., Andrew Lyon, Pascale Zarate, Fatima Pascale Zarate and published by Shaw, M.J., Szyperski, C.) is Dargam. IGI Global. The primary objective published by Springer. LNBIP of the IJDSST is to provide reports state-of-the-art results in LNBIP – Springer Book on Decision comprehensive coverage for areas related to business Support Systems: Collaborative DMSS technology issues. The information systems and industrial Models and Approaches in Real issues can involve, among other application software development Environments things, new hardware and – timely, at a high level, and in software for DMSS, new models to both printed and electronic form. deliver decision making support, The type of material published dialog management between the includes: proceedings (published user and system, data and model in time for the respective event); base management within the post-proceedings (consisting of system, output display and thoroughly revised and/or presentation, DMSS operations, extended final papers); other and DMSS technology edited monographs (such as, for management. Since the example, project reports or invited technology’s purpose is to improve volumes); award-winning or decision making, the articles are exceptional theses. expected to link DMSS technology   to improvements in the process Recent Publications: and outcomes of the decision making process. This link can be Special Issue in International established theoretically, Journal of Decision Support mathematically, or empirically in a Systems Technology systematic and scientific manner. This Book of Post-Proceedings of the Topic: Networking Decision Making and Negotiation Springer Series LNBIP – Lecture Notes• JDS (Print ISSN 1246-0125, Volume 4 issues 2 and 3. in Business Information Processing, Online ISSN 2116-7052) is Guest Editors: Fatima Dargam, Boris contains extended and revised currently co-edited by Professor Delibašić, Jorge Hernandez, Shaofeng versions of a set of selected papers Frédéric Adam and Professor Liu. from two workshops organized by the Frada Burstein and published by Euro Working Group on Decision Taylor and Francis. The JDS EWG-DSS Liverpool-2012 Workshop Support Systems (EWG-DSS), which publishes original articles in either were held in London and Paris, in June Proceedings – Book of Abstracts English or French which extend or and November 2011, respectively. The consolidate scientific knowledge workshop themes were “Decision related to decision making and Support Systems” and “Collaborative decision support, in particular Decision Making.” The 11 papers were decision support systems. selected from 52 submissions and are Decision support refers to the representative of the current research routine, techniques, support staff in these fields. They address and computer-based applications challenges such as conceptual models, that provide dedicated support or software specification and simulation, dedicated information to facilitate collaborative requirements individuals or groups in their specification, as well as multi-objective decision-making tasks. The main and multi-criteria decision making. purpose of the JDS is to be a forum for researchers and Guest Editors: practitioners who seek to Jorge E. Hernández understand how to best support Pascale Zaraté decision makers, for instance by Fátima C.C. Dargam designing, implementing and Boris Delibašić This Book of Abstracts is available evaluating computer-based Shaofeng Liu online as pdf file under the link: decision support systems. Rita Ribeiro Therefore, papers on decision 6
  7. 7. Content Level » Research doi:10.1080/00207543.2012.7096 information among practitioners, end-Keywords » collaborative systems – 46 (ABS 3* journal; Impact factor: users, and researchers in the area ofdecision support systems – mass 1.115; Print ISSN: 0020-7543, Decision Systems.customization – multi-criteria decision Online ISSN: 1366-588X;making – supply chain management Published by Taylor and Francis). • Enforce the networking among the DSS communities available andRelated subjects » Business [6] Shaofeng Liu, Dulekha facilitate activities that are essential forInformation Systems – Information Kasturiratne and Jonathan Moizer, the start-up of international cooperationSystems and Applications – Operations 2012. A hub-and-spoke model for research and projects.Research & Decision Theory – multi-dimensional integration ofProduction & Logistics – Theoretical green marketing and sustainable • Facilitate professional academic andComputer Science supply chain management. industrial opportunities for its Journal of Industrial Marketing members. Management 41(4): 581-588.Publications from members of (ABS 3* journal, Impact factor: • Favour the development of innovativethe EWG-DSS: 1.530; ISSN: 0019-8501. models, methods and tools in the field Publisher: Elsevier). Decision Support and related areas.[1] Andrew C. Lyons, Lucy [7] Iain Boyle, Alex Duffy, Robert Ian • Actively promote the interest on Everington, Jorge E. Hernandez, Whitfield and Shaofeng Liu, 2012. Decision Systems in the scientific Dong Li, Roula Michaelides and The impact of resources on community by organizing dedicated Juneho Um, 2012. The application decision making. Artificial workshops, seminars, mini- of a knowledge-based reference Intelligence for Engineering conferences and conference streams framework to support the provision Design, Analysis and in major conferences, as well as editing of requisite variety and Manufacturing 26(4): 407-423. special and contributed issues in customization across collaborative (Print ISSN: 0890-0604, Online relevant scientific journals. networks. International Journal of ISSN: 1469-1760; Publisher: Production Research. doi: Cambridge Press) EWG-DSS Projects 10.1080/00207543.2012.701777 Thanks to all group members who[2] David Carter, Jonathan Moizer and Shaofeng Liu, 2013. Using contributed to this section. PEoL – e-Platform for End of groups to support judgemental Life products parameter estimation VISCONS: 7th Framework "eyeballing" to capture a qualified EWG-DSS Annual Programme for group consensus. Expert Systems Workshops Research, with Applications 40(2): 715-721. technological (ABS 3* journal; Impact factor: Development and 2.203; ISSN: 0957-4174; Imprint: Demonstration Elsevier). This project proposal was submitted to[3] David Perez Perales, Maria del the work programme: ENV.2013.6.3-1 Mar Eva Alemany, Francisco Cruz Turning waste into a resource through Lario and Jorge E. Hernandez, innovative technologies, processes and 2012. Framework for Modelling the services, a) Valorisation of urban solid Decision View of the Supply waste. Chains Collaborative Planning Process. International Journal of The project’s main challenge concerns Since 2011, the EWG-DSS has been Decision Support System the promotion of a radical change in organising at least one Workshop collection of EoL products, where all Technology. per year. The Prezi Presentation doi:10.4018/jdsst.2012040104 stakeholders interact with each other linked here makes a summary of the and how to make urban mining efficient last 3 Workshops (London, Paris, and cost-effective through traceability[4] Wei Sun, Gang Zhang, John Scott Liverpool) and calls for participation and Shaofeng Liu, 2013. Rural- are the main challenges for P-EoL. The on the next one: the EWG-DSS innovative way to do so is through the urban migration decision making Thessaloniki 2013. Check it out! process: a whole and personal development of a closed loop supply (Link: chain collaborative e-platform that support network analysis. dss-thessaloniki-2013/ . For a better view of International Journal of the Prezi Presentation, choose “Full Screen” allows all stakeholders - like public and Information and Decision Science and “Autoplay”.) private consumers (commercial and 5(3). (ISSN print: 1756-7017, business), dismantlers/ recyclers ISSN online: 1756-7025; With the workshops our group has and/or to manufacturers (to close the Publisher: InderScience) cycle) - to participate, trade and made a step forwards within its negotiate, while establishing the main purpose of establishing a traceability across the life cycle of[5] Shaofeng Liu, Mike Leat, platform for encouraging state-of- products. Jonathan Moizer, Phil Megicks and Dulekha Kasturiratne, 2012. A the-art high quality research and decision-focused knowledge collaboration work within the DSS The participants of this project management framework to community. proposal are: UNINOVA (Portugal), support collaborative decision Other aims of the EWG-DSS group are University of Plymouth (UK), University making for lean supply chain to: of Liverpool (UK), University of management. International Toulouse (France), SimTech Journal of Production Research, • Encourage the exchange of Simulation Technology (Austria), 7
  8. 8. Centro de Estudos, Informação e collaboration is concerned withFormação para o Ambiente (Portugal), partnerships formed along a linear, EWG-DSS MeetingsUniversity of Macedonia (Greece), upstream-downstream supply chain. List of all EWG-DSS Meetings,University of Brasília (Brazil), STENUM Conventional customer-supplier(Austria), MicroPro (Ireland), Secure IT relationships are vertical in nature. Workshops & Mini-Conferences:(UK), Recielectric (Portugal), AutoVFV . Fontainebleau (France) – 1990;(Portugal), and Setco (UK). Horizontal collaboration is a growing . Bruges (Belgium) – 1991; trend in contemporary supply chain . Nagycenk (Hungary) – 1992;Please note that this proposal is still design. It concerns collaboration . Sintra (Portugal) – 1993;under evaluation. between organisational entities . Turku (Finland) – 1994; providing the same or similar service. . Samos (Greece) – 1995; Horizontal collaboration can be “co- . Ispra (Italy) – 1996;EWG-DSS Members’ opetitive” – collaboration between . Bruges (Belgium) – 1997; competitors. . Granada (Spain) – 1998;Projects . Turku (Finland) – 1999; The primary activities associated with . Toulouse (France) – 2000;C2i - COLLABORATE TO C2i will be to provide eligible NW . Caiscas (Portugal) – 2001; SMEs with the mentoring and . Bruges (Belgium) – 2002;INNOVATE organisational support to engage in . Luxembourg – 2003;The Collaborate to Innovate (C2i) collaborative alliances and the . Istanbul, (Turkey) – 2003;Project is a novel, ERDF-funded technical support to develop . Prato, (Italy) – 2004;partnership that has been formed collaborative ICT platforms. Specific . Graz (Austria) – 2005;between the University of Liverpool SME applications will concern: . London (UK) – 2006;Management School and Agile . Reykavik (Iceland) – 2006; • customer relationship . Montreal (Canada) – 2007;Business Solutions in order to provide management, . Prague (Czech Republic) – 2007;assistance to SMEs in the North Westregion. • supplier relationship management, . Toulouse (France) – 2008; • collaborative planning & . Bonn (Germany) – 2009; scheduling, . Lisbon (Portugal) – 2010;The basic premise of the C2i Project is • collaborative product design, . London (UK) – 2011;that the process of innovation is notundertaken solely internally within an • collaborative manufacturing, . Paris (France) – 2011.SME, but is best performed in a co- • shared services, and . Liverpool (UK) – 2012;operative fashion with other external • aggregated procurement. . Vilnius (Lithuania) – 2012.organisations. The primary activities Collaborative practices concerningassociated with C2i are based on this supplier relationship management Meetings in 2012premise and will provide eligible NW (SRM) and customer relationshipSMEs with the mentoring and In 2012, the EWG-DSS organise management (CRM) are necessary inorganisational support to engage in one Workshop and one DSS Stream order to improve managerial capabilitycollaborative alliances and the within the EURO XXV Conference in and support the sustainability of thetechnical support to develop Vilnius. Those two events allowed the new and/or enhanced collaborativecollaborative ICT platforms in order to group to promote two official annual alliances. The implementation of thesefacilitate both product and process- meetings! applications will allow participatingrelated initiatives and innovations. C2i SMEs to overcome a lack of internalwill develop networks of within-sector capabilities and expertise, to shareand cross-sector, high-growth industrial scarce resources, to dramaticallyNW SMEs and will facilitate the design improve productivity and to reduce risk.and implementation of productive The EWG-DSS Liverpool-2012collaborative projects within and across Workshop on Sixty-four eligible companies will bethese networks. This will be done witha view to increase competitive targeted for intensive support and their Decision Support Systems & selection will be based on the most Operations Management Trendsadvantage through improved beneficial impact to the North West – and Solutions in Industriesperformance. potential jobs created / safeguarded,Many SMEs have insufficient new business opportunities andresources and expertise to innovate strategic development of NW The first meeting of the EWG-DSS inbeyond repeating previous, short-term manufacturing capability. Intensivelysuccesses. The nature of innovation is supported SMEs will be assessedincreasingly recognised as a based on their strategic alignment tocollaborative one and new innovations the high-growth engineering networks,that lead to step changes in operational / financial performance andperformance increasingly require that business culture and drive for change.SMEs co-operate and share their Opportunities for reduced-carbonideas. enhancing initiatives will also be explored. 40% of the companies will beC2i concerns the facilitation of based in Merseyside and the remainingcollaboration within the horizontal and 60% will be evenly spread across 2012 took place in Liverpool, UK,vertical networks of customers, Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire and within the EWG-DSS Liverpool-2012suppliers, competitors and the Manchester. Workshop on “Decision Supportsupporting agencies of NW SMEs. In Systems & Operations Managementsimple terms, inter-organisational For more information contact: Trends and Solutions in Industries”.collaboration can be classified as Andrew Lyons It was organized in cooperation withvertical or horizontal. Vertical Jorge Hernandez, EWG-DSS Co- 8
  9. 9. Coordinator and Lecturer in Operations inspiration for further investigations in Kirilov, Krassimira Genova, Boris& Supply Chain Management at the the area. We are extremely proud from Staykov;University of Liverpool Management our invited key note speakers because • Hope: a web-based SDSS for urbanSchool, where the EWG-DSS of their time and effort in giving to all management, Joao Coutinho-Workshop took place. We are deeply the participants clear and real insights Rodrigues;grateful to the support received from to their subject aligned with the • Criteria weighting considering theJorge Hernandez and the Management Decision-Making and Decision Support interaction with institution’s goals,School events coordinators, Katie System area. Their presentations were Sheu-Hua Chen, Hong Tau Lee.Neary and Artemis Mermigki, in the extremely motivating for all theLiverpool Workshop. attendances. 3.Knowledge Management & DecisionKey-note speakers: Systems (chair: Shaofeng Liu). We can certainly say that the Presented work: Dr. Paul Drake Liverpool-2012 Workshop was a great • Extending the analysis of the EURO Head of Marketing and Operations Management success! There were 35 registered Working Group on DSS Research Group, Management School participants and 26 presentations. All Collaboration Network (EWG-DSS University of Liverpool, UK. presentations were very interesting and Collab-Net V.2); Pascale Zaraté, there was a high level of information Fatima Dargam, David Dadenne, Prof. Pascale Zarate exchange for further cooperation Universite Toulouse Isabelle Linden, Shaofeng Liu, Rita among the participants. Ribeiro, Wei Sun; 1 Capitole (UT1C). France. EWG-DSS Coordintator. • Applying ontology in the analysis of a Editor -chief Journal IJDSST Details about the Workshop Program, DSS Research Collaboration Special Talks, electronic Proceedings, Network; Fatima Dargam, Antonio C. Mr. Tony Waller Special Issues and photo gallery can S. Branco, Alexandre Rademaker, Lanner Group be found at its Homepage: Renato Rocha Souza; UK. • Ranking the seawater desalination methods by using multi criteria decision making approaches Dr. Steve Childe EURO XXV Vilnius, Lithuania Amin Esmaeeli, Hooman Baghban Senior lecturer School of Engineering, July 8-11th, 2012 Asghari nejad, Mahdi Zarghami. Computing & Mathematics University of Exeter, UK. 4.Applications in Decision Making & Editor in-chief Journal PPC Decision Analysis (Chair: Pascale Production Planning Control Zarate). Presented work: Prof. Peter McBurney Agents-Intelligent • A decision making framework for a Systems Group EWG-DSS Stream: Colombian business group, Julián Department of Informatics Benavides, Felipe henao; Decision Support System King’s College London, UK. • Development of a territorial As usual, the EWG-DSS Coordination vulnerability indicator framework for Dr. Zenon Michaelides Board, under the representation of cross-border risk analysis, Tina Management School Pascale Zaraté; Fátima Dargam; and Comes, Marjorie Vannieuwenhuyse, University of Liverpool Rita Ribeiro, organized in the Frank Schultmann; UK. EUROXXV Conference a Decision • Requirements analysis and Support Systems Stream. The DSS conceptual design of data Stream was composed of four sessions warehouse, Dragana Becejski- In this opportunity the 2012 EWG- and each of them counted with 3 Vujaklija, Milena Panovic.DSS Liverpool’s workshop counted presentations.with six invited key note speakers: DSS Stream Sessions: Photo from the EUROXXV - DSS Stream:• Dr. Paul DrakeTitle: The Management School in the 21st 1.Decision Support Systems (chair:century Pascale Zarate). Presented work:• Prof. Pascale ZaratéTitle: Cooperative Decision Support • Decisions, processes, and decisionSystems. processes for enabling risk sharing• Mr. Tony Waller and performance creation at theTitle: WITNESS Simulation and its role in buyer-supplier interface, KristianDecision Support. Rotaru, Carla Wilkin, Leonid Churilov• Dr. Steve Childe • Modelling to generate alternativesTitle: Decision Support and Operations using biologically-inspired algorithmsManagement – viewpoint from an editor.• Prof. Peter McBurney Julian Scott Yeomans, Raha Imanirad;  Title: What are models for? From left to right: Isabelle Linden, Shaofeng• Dr. Zenon Michaelides • The Role of product factors, sellers Liu, Fatima Dargam, Pascale Zaraté.Title: Using Enterprise Resources Planning factors and attitude toward risk on e-(ERP) systems to support Decision Support store purchasing , Arik Sadeh. Following our Stream on theactivities in Operations & Supply Chain EUROXXV, the edition of a dedicatedManagement: The Introduction of SAP into 2.Web-based Spatial-temporalUniversities taught Curriculum. Special Issue of the IJDSST Collaborative Decision Support Internation Journal of Decision Support Systems (chair: Fatima Dargam). Systems Technology is currently beingThe rich diversity of topics and Presented work: processed. It consists of thoroughlyapproaches of Decision Support • Scalarising methods in DSS revised and extended final papersSystems & Operations Management Weboptim, Vassil Guliashki, Leoneed selected the DSS Stream Sessionspresented by the key note speakers WA-27; WB-27; WC-27; WD-27;were an invaluable source of 9
  10. 10. among other submitted work of - Decision Systems in the Mobilemembers of the EWG-DSS. Guest Era of Web 3.0editors of this issue are: FatimaDargam, Shaofeng Liu, and Isabelle - Decision-making using SocialLinden. Networks  - Spatial-temporal Web-based Decision MakingUpcoming Events: - Technical, Legal & Social Aspects of Web-based DecisionEWG-DSS MakingThessaloniki-2013 - Group Support Systems / Springer Book JDS Distributed / Collaborative Series LNBIP Special Issue Decision Making Further details about the Workshop - Methods, Languages and Tools Program and Publications, Special to support Decision Making Talks, Venue, Registration andWorkshop on Accommodation will be available at: - Web 2.0/ 3.0 Systems for http://ewgdssthessaloniki2013.wordpress.coExploring New Directions for Decision Support & m/Decisions in the Internet Age Globalisation Context The EWG-DSS Coordinators areMay 29th-31st, 2013 - Spatial-temporal Decision looking forward to welcoming you Support Systems in Greece next year! The EWG-DSS Thessaloniki-2013 Workshop on “Exploring New - Knowledge Management &Directions for Decisions in the Internet Decision Support Systems EURO XXVI - 2013Age” will particularly focus on the - Knowledge and Resourceadvances on research in the field of Discovery & Decision Making The 26th EuropeanDecision Sciences, for meeting thechallenges of paradigm shift in decision - Business Intelligence and Data Conference onmaking and decision support brought Warehousingby recent developments of Web 2.0 Operational Research - Negotiation Support Systems EURO-INFORMS Jointand 3.0 technologies. Specifically, the within the paradigm for theworkshop will develop a research Internet Age International Meeting 2013,agenda that identifies the key issues Rome, Italy. July 1-4th, 2013.and challenges, and explores newapproaches and tools for futurecollaborative decision making, Conference Venue: University ofincluding the use of social networks Sapienza, in Rome, Italyand Web resources, dynamic spatial- decision making, andtechnical and social aspects of web-based decision processes. The workshop will develop a The EWG-DSS Coordination Board is EWG-DSS Stream on:research agenda for the new directions very grateful to the support received by “Decision Support System”in decisions in Internet age and will be Dr. Jason Papathanasiou, member ofan enabling platform for decision the EWG-DSS and Lecturer at the Organisers:scientists, computer scientists, applied Dept. of Marketing and Operations Pascale Zaraté,mathematicians, and social scientists Management of the University of Fátima Dargam,to devise a roadmap encouraging Macedonia, in organizing this meeting Rita Ribeiro,interdisciplinary research for the in Thessaloniki, Greece. Jorge Hernández,development of Web-based DSS, as Members of the EWG-DSS working Boris Deliašić,well as architectures and group are expected to participate and Shaofeng Liumethodologies that can specifydynamic and collaborative DSS for the to encourage the participation of otherWeb 2.0 and 3.0. related professionals in this Workshop The DSS Stream Sessions: on “Exploring New Directions for - Applications in Decision Making &Contributions (Call for Papers) Link: Decisions in the Internet Age”, so that Decision Analysishttp://ewgdssthessaloniki2013.files.wordpre further collaboration can be promoted - Knowledge Management & Systems on a larger scale.2013.pdf - DSS supported by simulation and The workshop publications will be optmization approachesWe encourage the submission of composed of the Book of Abstracts; a - Decision Making using Socialpapers addressing topics in research Special Issue on the Journal of Networks and Web Resourcesand application of Decision Systems. Decision Systems and a Springer Book - Collaborative Decision MakingAuthors are requested to submit of Post-Proceedings, Series LNBIP.extended abstracts (~6 A4 pages) in Call for Papers can be found in the The last two editions will be producedelectronic form (MS-Word or PDF) EWG-DSS Blog. Check the link: with selected and revised full papers(template here) up to 30/03/2013. presented in the workshop. may include, amongothers, the following topics: We hope to see you in Rome! ♦ 10
  11. 11. th th 8 -11 , 2012. More information aboutEURO Mini-Conference it can be found the Conference EURO Mini-ConferenceGraz – 2013 Homepage: EURO Mini-ConferenceOctober 17th – 19th, 2012 DSS Stream Graz-2013 onJoint-Streams of the EWGs: As usual, the EWG-DSS Coordination Board will organize in this Conference “Collaborative DecisionDSS; E-CUBE; MCSP & Systems in Economics and in a Decision Support Systems Stream,ORAFM to which you are all welcome to Complex Societal andLocal Organising Committee participate and submit your research Environmental Applications” work.Prof.  Ulrike  Leopold‐Wildburger  /  Graz, Austria.Univ. Graz ‐ Austria  The DSS Stream at EURO XXV isDr.  Fatima  Dargam  /  ILTC  –  Brazil  /  composed of five sessions: October 17th to 19th, 2013.SimTech – Austria  - Applications in Decision Making & This EURO Mini Conference is jointly Decision Analysis: 88d4c0bcMag.  Arleta  Ramußen  /  Univ.  Graz  ‐  organised by the EURO Working - Knowledge Management & DecisionAustria  Systems: cea335f9 Groups on Decision Support Systems - DSS supported by simulation and (EWG-DSS); Experimental Economics optmization approaches: 09dc289d (EWG E-CUBE), the EURO WorkingThe interdisciplinary flavour of this Group on Methodology for Complexevent joins the interests of the Working - Decision Making using Social Networks and Web Resources: Societal Problems (MCSP) and theGroups on Decision Support Systems EURO Working Group on OR in c1c11a66(EWG-DSS); Experimental Economics Agriculture and Forest Management(EWG E-CUBE), the EURO Working - Collaborative Decision Making: (ORAFM). Each group will run andGroup on Methodology for Complex 2366ccc0 chair its Stream in parallel.Societal Problems (MCSP) and the In order to submit your abstract to oneEURO Working Group on OR in It will take place in the Institute of of those sessions, you need to login inAgriculture and Forest Management Statistics and Operations Research of the conference site, select the(ORAFM). Particular focus will be given the Karl-Franzens Universität Graz, “Abstract submission” menu option andto recent developments in all related Austria, from October 17th to 19th, then enter the session code (seefields, their methodologies, concepts 2013. above) to which you wish to place yourand implementation details. Members submission. Contributors areof the working groups are expected to Due to its interdisciplinary flavour, this requested to submit their Abstracts (noparticipate and to encourage the conference brings together more than 600 characters) in English.participation of other related researchers of the areas of Decision The Call for Papers for the EURO XXVprofessionals, so that further Sciences, Operations Research, – DSS Stream can be downloaded viacollaboration can be promoted on a Economics, Societal Complexity, the link:larger scale. This EURO Mini Environmental Management and theirConference promises to offer a respective fields of applications.pleasant working environment for all euro-xxv-vilnius2012-dss-stream.pdf Collaborative Decision Systems in theparticipants, within the beautiful fall areas of Economics, Societal andtime of Graz. Important Dates Environmental Applications are very much encouraged to be submitted to Deadlines for Abstracts: March 1st, 2012Information about the on-line this EURO Mini-Conference.registration will be available on the Acceptance Deadline for earlyweb-page of the Mini-Conference, as notification registration Papers addressing topics inwell as on March 31st, 2012 April 1st, 2012 research and application areas of theand on the EWG-DSS site Deadline for author EURO XXV EURO Working Groups on DSS; E- registration Conference dates CUBE; MSC and ORAFM are currently Participation is open to all May1st, 2012 July 8th-11th, 2012 being invited for this Joint Mini-researchers within the related areas! Conference. Contributors are requested to submit either Abstracts (1 In order to ease the organisation of the page) or Short Papers (4/6 pages) in DSS Stream sessions, please keep us electronic form (MS-Word or PDF) byCall for Papers informed about your contributions to 30/06/2013. Presentations of Projects, the DSS Stream, by sending a copy of Software Tools and Demos are also your submitted papers to ewg-EURO XXVI, Rome, Italy. Thanks! welcome. More details about the Mini- Conference Programme will beJuly 1st - 4th, 2013. available at the Conference site. There A dedicated Special Issue of the JDS will be parallel sessions for EWG-DSS, Journal of Decision Systems will be EWG E-CUBE, EWG-MSC and EWG- EWG-DSS Stream organized after the EUROXXVI with a ORAFM. at the EUROXXVI selection of presented papers in the in Rome, DSS Stream. Guest editors of this The 2013 EURO Mini-Conference Italy in 2013. issue will be: Shaofeng Liu, Pascale will publish a book of Abstracts with the Zaraté and Rita Ribeiro. presented work. Full Papers acceptedThe 26th European Conference on for the conference can be submittedOperational Research "EURO XXVi", (refereed separately) for publication inwith the special subject "OR - We thank you in advance for your special issues of the Journals: CEJORConnecting Sciences" will take place participation and dissemination! Central European Journal ofin Vilnius, organized by the Lithuanian Operations Research (Physica-Verlag/OR Society, during the period of July 11
  12. 12. Springer-Verlag Co. Call for Papers ‐ Link:; IJDSST International Journal of 13_Holistic_Decision_Support.pdfDecision Support Systems Technology;and the IJDSS International Journal of • Efficient Planning and DecisionDecision Support Systems. Authors will Support for Robust Criticalbe requested to hand-in their final full Infrastructure Systemspapers in electronic media to their Call for Papers ‐ Link: respective Conference Contact Person to 15/11/2013. Proposals for panels 13_CI_Decision_Support.pdfor demo presentations in specialsessions are very welcome. This EURO Mini Conference GDN2013promises to offer a pleasant working Special Sessionsenvironment for all participants, withinthe beautiful fall time of Graz. Automated Facilitation in • Decision-Making using Social Participation is open to all Networks and Web Resources Group Support Systemsresearchers within the related areas! • Spatial-temporal Web-based Organizers: Guy Camilleri & Decision-Making Pascale Zaraté • Technical, Legal & Social Aspects The purpose of this session is to of Web-based Decision-Making investigate recent advances about • Group Support Systems / automated facilitation of meetings in Distributed / Collaborative which Group Support Systems (GSS) Decision-Making or Group Decision Support systems • Methods, Languages and Tools to (GDSS) are used. Facilitation was for a support Collaborative Decision long time recognized as a key success Making factor for meetings. When GDSS tools • Web 2.0 Systems for Decision are used or when e-meetings take Support & Globalisation Context place, the need to facilitate meetings is even more visible. Unfortunately, due • Spatial-temporal Decision Support The members of the to their specific skills, professional SystemsCoordination Boards of the joint- facilitators are expensive and scarce. • Knowledge Management &organising EURO Working Groups of The automated facilitation appears as Decision Support SystemsDSS, E-CUBE, MCSP and ORAFM are a promising way of supporting the • Knowledge and Resource facilitation activity, in order to make itvery grateful to the support received by Discovery & Decision makingthe Karl-Franzens University of Graz, more accessible to facilitators with less • Business Intelligence and Data expertise; and therefore for improvingspecially to Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike WarehousingLeopold-Wildburger, from the Institute the meetings efficiency and the • Negotiation Support Systems promotion of GSS in organization.of Statistics and Operations Research,for the opportunity of organising this Submissions details can be found viaConference in Graz, Austria. Issues for e-Governance. the link: Details about the Participation, Organizers: Pascale Zaraté &Program and Registration for this academic-production/ Guy CamilleriConference will be soon available in: Nowadays, virtually every industry orhttp://eurominiconferencegraz2013.wordpre business, as well as any political Other Calls personal activity has to deal with vast amount of data and information that We hope to see you in Graz! travel via the Internet. The internet has ISCRAM 2013 substantial impact on our decisions, Integrative and Analytical affecting e.g. consumers through theJournal Call for Papers Approaches to Crisis way it informs and connects them. Response and Emergency There is an increasing prospect of theIJDSST - Special Issue of the Management Information Internet influencing multi-actorEWG-DSS decision-making and particularly in the Systems e-Governance area. E-governance This Special Issue is organised offers new opportunities for Groupby the EURO Working Group on Decision Making, which might even goDecision Support Systems. as far as changing its nature. NewGuest Editors: concepts emerge from this application Fatima Dargam like for example e-Democracy and the Shaofeng Liu concept of Netizens which is a Baden-Baden, Germany contraction between Internet and Isabelle Linden May 12th-15th, 2013 Citizens. The idea of this session is to ISCRAM 2013 Homepage: measure the new issues of the E-It will consist of thoroughly revisedpapers devoted to the development of approaches to decision-making Minitracks:and decision support. Submissions GDN2013 website: • Decision Support Methods and include, among others, the Tools for Holistic Emergency papers/following topics: Management 12