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EWG-DSS Newsletter 2009


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EWG-DSS Newsletter Nr.8 Year:2009

Published in: Education, Technology
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EWG-DSS Newsletter 2009

  1. 1. EWG-DSS Newsletter Nr. 8, Year 2009 Editorial EWG-DSS Newsletter by Pascale Zaraté, Fátima Dargam & Rita Ribeiro (Coordination Board of the EURO Working Group on DSS since 2007) Newsletter of the EURO Working Group on Decision Support System Dear Euro Working Group members! Dear Friends! In this issue The 2009 edition of our newsletter was published later than usual. Time seems to fly these days! Nevertheless, this issue Editorial........................................ 1 includes a couple of interesting information concerning our EWG-DSS Online......................... 2 Working Group (see the EWG-DSS Online, for instance), as well as a new session of Interview, which was inaugurated with our Recent Publications.................... 2 Madeira founding member and EURO President-elected: Grazia Interview ...................................... 4 Speranza. Moreover, we also find in this issue a list of recent publications and some research projects being developed by some Research Review ........................ 5 of our group, apart from the usual sessions about the EWG-DSS Meetings and Call for Papers. We are very grateful to all the Call for Papers............................. 8 members, who have contributed to the contents of this issue. DSS Stream EURO XXIV ............. 9 In 2009 our group completed 20 years of existence! This round anniversary was commemorated with a warm get-together in July EWG-DSS Meetings .................... 9 2009, in Bonn, by the occasion of the 23rd EURO Conference. It Upcoming Events...................... 10 was great to meet some of our founding group members again, as well as to have a chance to get to know the new ones who also Group News............................... 10 took part at the EURO XXIII in Germany. More about this meeting Contacting & Joining the EWG-DSS can be found in the sub-session “EWG-DSS Meeting 2009” of ...................................................... 10 “EWG-DSS Meetings”. EWG-DSS Members .................. 10 The year of 2009 was not only the year of our 20th anniversary, but also a year of many efforts towards making the the EWG-DSS Contributing to this Newsletter 10 members interact via various different initiatives. The study about a “Collaboration Academic Social Network” for the group was one of them, followed by the new online fronts now available for the EWG- DSS in LinkedIn and in the EWG-DSS Wordpress Blog. This Newsletter briefly describes about all these initiatives. We hope Editorial Board you enjoy reading about them here and, most important, giving The Newsletter of the EURO-WG them a go online as well! Interact within EWG-DSS! Participate! on Decision Support Systems is currently edited by: Yours Sincerely, Fátima Dargam, Pascale Zaraté Pascale Zaraté Fátima Dargam Rita Ribeiro & Rita Ribeiro Comments and announcements to next issues of the EWG-DSS Newsletter should be sent to or with the subject: “EWG-DSS Newsletter”. 1
  2. 2. researchers involved with the published. We hope you like it EWG-DSS online Decision Making research area. It and use it! ♦ serves as another platform for all EWG-DSS Web-Links: the members of the group to better Recent Publication interact as well as have a better • EWG-DSS – EURO Homepage reach of our academic production From members of the EWG- and network links. Currently the DSS: Linked-In EWG-DSS Group has 53 members. This group is also open to Linked-In members, who would o A Special Issue on like to interact with the EWG-DSS “Technologies for group without being a member. Collaborative Decision Making “, in the International Journal of • EWG-DSS – Slideshare Decision Support Systems ( Technology IJDSST, including Working Groups EURO selected papers of the Working Groups EWG Decision Decision Analysis & DSS support systems Stream of the EURO XXIII Conference in Bonn, Germany, In the EWG-DSS page of the The EWG-DSS Slideshare account July 2009. Guest Editors: EURO-Homepage you find the <> is F.C.C. Dargam; P. Zaraté (to updated information about the open to any visitor and allows one appear). group activities in terms of past to view the documents (pdf files, and future meetings, our means of power-point files, etc…) that are o Towards a Collaboration communications and on-line placed there available by the Network for the EURO networks, as well as some EWG-DSS Coordination Board. Working Group on DSS (EWG- selected publications of the group. Since 2008, the Newsletters are DSS). F. Dargam; R. Ribeiro; placed in this Slideshare account. P. Zaraté. Jan.2010. Invited • EWG-DSS – IRIT Server It is our intention to publish also Review of the EJOR European presentations of the group. If you Journal of Operation Research would like to share one of your (to appear). power-point presentations (within our research area) with others, you o A Special Issue in the Journal can also send them to us so, that of Decision Support Systems A server hosted by IRIT, which they can be placed available for Technologies, edited by A. contains all the EWG-DSS viewing (with credits to you) under Respicio and P. Zaraté, on Newsletters’ pdf files; Call for this environment. Technologies for Collaborative Papers relevant for the group as Decision Making; IGI Global, well as project descriptions of • EWG-DSS – Blog Hershey - USA, Vol. 1 N. 4, group members (in “Shared October 2009. Documents”). This web-site is devoted to the members of the o A Special issue in EJOR on EWG-DSS. It is possible that every Formal Tools and member sends a message to the Since May 2009, our EURO Methodologies for DSS, edited group mailing-list, ewg- Working Group on Decision by P. Zaraté; Elsevier, Vol. 195 Support Systems EWG-DSS has a, either using the facility N. 3, June 2009. A selection of Blog! <> “Post” of the IRIT Server or by papers presented during the This blog opens another platform directly using the e-mail address of CIDMDS Conference 2006 are for all of us, members of the group, the list in his/her e-mail published: 4 papers are edited to better interact. The posts in this environment. Also via the option on 17 submitted. blog are supposed to range from “Review Members”, one is able to reports of group meetings and their check the individual e-mail o Collaborative Decision Making: papers presented, as well as call addresses of each member. All the Perspectives and Challenges; for papers and conferences, EWG-DSS members are allowed (Eds) P. Zaraté, J.P. Belaud, interviews with group members to have access to this server. G. Camilleri, F. Ravat; July and other informal information of 2008; N°ISSN: 0922-6389; • EWG-DSS – LinkedIn Group the members. The blog is IOSPress Publisher; available maintained by the Coordination at Board of the group. You should take as much advantage as o Integration of decision support possible of this fantastic interactive systems to improve decision means, commenting the posts, support performance (Survey - suggesting new ones and sending The EWG-DSS Group in LinkedIn, Review Paper). Shaofeng Liu, to the us your own posts to be was created in May 2009 aiming to Alex H. B. Duffy, Robert Ian encourage the cooperation of all Whitfield, Iain M. Boyle. 2
  3. 3. Knowledge and Information ‘08), Jinan, China, pp. 652– European Society for Fuzzy Systems - An International 656. logic and technology Journal, DOI 10.1007/s10115- Conference (IFSA-EUSFLAT 009-0192-4. Abstract available o Vasant, P., Bhattacharya, A. 2009) , Lisbon, Portugal, July online at the link: and Abraham, A., October 2009 : 719-724. ISBN: 978- 2008, “Measurement of Level- 989-95079-6-8 ntent/jm7k56n631252761/ of-Satisfaction of Decision o L. F. Simoes; T. C. Pais; R. Maker in Intelligent Fuzzy- A. Ribeiro; G. Jonniaux; S. o Bhattacharya, A., Vasant, P., MCDM theory: A Generalised Reynaud, Search Sarkar, B. and Mukherjee, Approach” (Chapter 9). In: methodologies for efficient S.K., 2008, “A Fully Fuzzified, (Ed.: Kahraman, Cengiz) planetary site selection. In: Intelligent Theory-of- “Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision- IEEE Congress on Constraints Product-Mix Making Theory and Evolutionary Computation Decision”. International Journal Applications with Recent (CEC 2009), Norway, May of Production Research, Developments”; Series: 2009 :1981-1987. Volume 46, Issue 3, pp. 789- Springer Optimization and Its 815. Applications, Vol. 16, pp. 235– o R. A. Marques Pereira, R.A. 261, Springer-Verlag: Berlin, Ribeiro, P. Serra. Rule o Bhattacharya, A., Geraghty, J. ISBN: 978-0-387-76812-0. correlation and integration in and Young, P. “On the [ fuzzy inference systems. analytical framework of 78-0-387-76812-0] International Journal of resilient supply chain network Uncertainty, Fuzziness and assessing excursion events”, o Bhattacharya, A., Abraham, A. Knowledge-Based Systems The 3rd Asia International and Vasant, P., October 2008, Vol. 16, No. 5 (2008) 601–626 Conference on Modelling & “FMS Selection under Simulation, Bandung & Bali, Disparate Level-of-Satisfaction o S.H. Alavi, J. Jassbi, P.J. A. Indonesia, 25, 26 & 29 May of Decision Maker using Serra, R. A. Ribeiro. Defining 2009, 392–397. Intelligent Fuzzy-MCDM fuzzy measures: A Model” (Chapter 10). In: (Ed.: comparative study with genetic o Bhattacharya, A., Geraghty, J. Kahraman, Cengiz) “Fuzzy and gradient descent and Young, P., 2009. Multi-Criteria Decision-Making algorithms. In: Intelligent “Optimised planning, ranking & Theory and Applications with Engineering Systems and selection of suppliers: An Recent Developments”; Series: Computational Cybernetics, integrated QFD-AHP-LGP Springer Optimization and Its Edited by J. Tenreiro methodology”, Proceedings of Applications, Vol. 16, pp. 263– Machado, B. Patkai, J. Rudas, the “Advances in Production 280, Springer-Verlag: Berlin, Springer, e-ISBN 978-1-4020- Management Systems” ISBN: 978-0-387-76812-0. 8678-6 (2008) 427-438. (APMS2009) conference, held [ during 19-23 September 2009 78-0-387-76812-0] o P. Serra, R. A. Ribeiro, R. A. at Bordeaux, France. Marques Pereira, R. Steel, M. o Abraham, A., Vasant, P. and Niezette, A. Donati Fuzzy o Susanto, S., Al-Dabass, D. and Bhattacharya, A., October Thermal Alarm System for Bhattacharya, A., 2009, 2008, “Neuro-fuzzy Venus Express. In: “Optimised cell formation Approximation to Multi-Criteria Encyclopedia of Decision algorithm considering Decision Making QFD Making and Decision Support sequence of operations, Methodology” (Chapter 12). In: Technologies. Editors: alternative routing and part- (Ed.: Kahraman, Cengiz) Frederic Adam and Patrick volume”, The 3rd Asia “Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision- Humphreys. Publisher: International Conference on Making Theory and Information Science Modelling & Simulation, Applications with Recent Reference, Vol I (2008) 391- Bandung & Bali, Indonesia, 25, Developments”; Series: 401. 26 & 29 May 2009, 79–84. Springer Optimization and Its Applications, Vol. 16, pp. 301– o R. A. Ribeiro, I. L. Nunes. o Susanto, S., Suharto, I., 321, Springer-Verlag: Berlin, Interfaces Usability for Rosmiyanti, N.T. and ISBN: 978-0-387-76812-0. Monitoring Systems In: Bhattacharya, A., 25–27, 2008, [+ Encyclopedia of Decision “Fuzzy Multi-objective Linear /978-0-387-76812-0] Making and Decision Support Programming having Technologies. Editors: Probabilistic Constraints: Frederic Adam and Patrick o T. Pais; R. A. Ribeiro, Humphreys. Publisher: Application in Product-Mix Contributions to Dynamic Decision-Making”. The 5th Information Science Multicriteria Decision Making Reference, Vol II. (2008). International Conference on Models. In: Proceedings of the Fuzzy Systems and International Fuzzy Systems o B.R. Santos, T. Fonseca, M. Knowledge Discovery (FSKD Association World Congress & Barata, R. A. Ribeiro, P. 3
  4. 4. Sousa. A method for automatic o T. C. Pais, R.A. Ribeiro,Y. giving us the opportunity of fuzzy set generation using Devouassoux, S. Reynaud producing this interview for our sensor data. Autosoft- Dynamic ranking algorithm for Newsletter. We hope you enjoy Intelligent Automation and Soft landing site selection. In: reading it! Computing International Proceedings of the Int. Journal Vol 14, No 3 (2008), Conference on Information EWG-DSS: Tell us about your 279-292. Processing and Management research / working experiences of Uncertainty (IPMU´08), with EURO o C. Coelho, P. Serra, R. A. Malaga, June 2008. Ribeiro, R. A. Marques- GS: Since the beginning of 2008 I Pereira, A. Dietz, A. Donati. have actively worked inside EURO, Fuzzy alarm system for laser Thanks to all members who as Vice-President of IFORS (the gyroscopes degradation. contributed to this session. ♦ International Federation of Autosoft- Intelligent Operational Research Societies) Automation and Soft representing EURO. EURO is one Computing International Interview of the regional groupings of Journal, Vol 14, No 3 (2008) IFORS. The position of Vice- pp. 351-365. President of IFORS has offered me the opportunity to get to know o T. Simas, G. Silva, B. Miranda, IFORS and its organization and, A. Moitinho, and R. Ribeiro. through IFORS, the other regional Knowledge Discovery in Large groupings. In the last couple of Data Sets. In: Classification years I have also regularly met the and Discovery in Large Executive Committee of EURO Astronomical Surveys, C.A.L. and got in touch with the several Bailer-Jones (ed.), AIP issues and challenges EURO is Conference Proceedings vol. meeting nowadays. 1082, AIP (Melville, New York), 2008:196-201. EWG-DSS: What do you think you ISBN978-0-7354-0613-1. could contribute during your mandate as President? o M. M. Gomes, B. R. Santos, T. Simas, P. Sousa, R. A. GS: EURO is a grouping of 30 Ribeiro. Reducing the number national societies. Many of the of membership functions in national societies have a long and linguistic variables: Application Grazia Speranza consolidated history, numerous to a fuzzy monitoring system. “My view of EURO is that individual and institutional 8Th Internatinal Conference on EURO is at the service of OR members, high quality journals. Application of Fuzzy Systems researchers in Europe.” EURO is a strong grouping and Soft Computing (ICAFS- because the member societies are 08), Helsinki, Finland, Sept., On behalf of the EWG-DSS, strong. The role of EURO with 2008: 198-206. Fátima Dargam had the pleasure respect to the national societies o T. C. Pais, R.A. Ribeiro,Y. to interview our colleague: Grazia can be seen as similar to the role Devouassoux, S. Reynaud. Speranza, also a founding of Europe with respect to the Regions rating for selecting member of the EWG-DSS since European countries. EURO can spacecraft landing sites. In: 1989 in Madeira. Grazia Speranza add value to the national societies Proceedings of The 8th is Professor of Operations and contribute to make the International FLINS Research of the University of European OR researchers more Conference on Computational Brescia since 1990, where she has visible and more successful in a Intelligence in Decision and also actively promoted research globalized scientific world. Control, Madrid, Spain, via assuming different positions. September, 2008 : 1039-1044. From 1998 to 2000, she was Over the years EURO has created President of the Research Council, a number of tools to promote o Y. Devouassoux, S. Reynaud, and from 2000 to 2002 she was Operations Research in Europe, G. Jonniaux, R. A. Ribeiro, T. Vice-President of that University has a successful journal, the C. Pais. Hazard avoidance and from 2002 to 2008 Grazia European Journal of Operational developments for planetary Speranza also worked as the Dean Research (EJOR), successful exploration. In: Proceedings of of the Faculty of Economics and conferences, awards, meetings, the 7th International ESA Business of the University of working groups, workshops, Conference on Guidance, Brescia. In 2009, EURO has summer and winter institutes,…. Navigation & Control Systems, elected Grazia Speranza to be its The role of EURO has become Tralee, Ireland, June 2008. President for the next mandate. more and more important. At the We congratulate Grazia for this EURO conference that was held in achievement and thank her for Prague in 2007 the number of 4
  5. 5. participants exceeded for the first EWG-DSS: How important is the the EJOR to submit to it an “Invited time the threshold of 2000. The duty of EURO President for you? Review” concerning the area of EURO conference in Prague was Decision Support Systems. Since considered an extraordinarily GS: I will take this duty extremely then, the members of the board (F. successful conference. Within the seriously. I am currently on Dargam, R. Ribeiro and P. Zaraté) EURO Executive Committee sabbatical, after two terms as dean have been working on a social nobody believed the next EURO of the Faculty of Economics and networks approach, aiming at conference, held in Bonn in 2009 Business at the University of representing and analyzing the could be more successful. And Brescia. I feel I am ready to use academic interactions of the instead it was, with approximately my experience to contribute to the members of the EWG-DSS group, 2300 participants! This is a clear success of EURO and, through with respect to our activities on the sign of an increasing interest EURO, of OR research in Europe. area of Decision Making. towards conferences of European size and scope. I believe that one EWG-DSS: How do you see the of the challenges EURO has to situation of the Euro Working face is, while keeping the present Groups within EURO? Could it level of effectiveness and quality of possibly be better promoted? the national societies, to increase at the same time the European GS: I have attended in 1989 the level of aggregation. EURO Summer Institute on Decision Support Systems in The previous Presidents of EURO I Madeira (Portugal), an exciting had the opportunity to work with, opportunity to learn and interact Martine Labbé and Valerie Belton, with young researchers. The have done excellent work for EURO working group on DSS was EURO and I intend to continue created in Madeira and has their work along the same lines. I remained active over the years To carry on this study, the authors intend to cooperate with the with initiatives, workshops, this counted with research information national societies to understand newsletter. I learned from that input (mainly recent publications), what EURO can offer to them and experience the relevance of a provided by 70 group members. how we can make EURO more European dimension of the groups Their participation was of vital useful to their members. One of my of interest. I believe the working importance for the success of this goals is to interact with the groups are extremely important project, which already in its 1st. Presidents of the national societies and EURO should promote them at version (link) allows us to obtain and to work with them to identify best. I am open to suggestions on useful feedback for further the best balance between the possible ways to better promote academic collaboration in joint- fundamental role of the national the working groups. The research projects and publications. societies and the role of EURO. coordinators may play a key role in One of the main challenges of the process and I intend to interact EURO I see is the ‘editorial with them and carefully listen to challenge’. Most European their suggestions. We may use the governments already identified or EURO web site, the EURO mailing intend to identify objective lists and the EURO conferences measures to evaluate the quality of more effectively to promote the scientific publications. It is not easy working groups. We may also to measure ‘quality’ and there create new awards for best papers would be a number of interesting or careers in specific areas. issue to be discussed here. However, as a matter of fact, My view of EURO is that EURO is European universities tend to at the service of OR researchers in This work was presented several evaluate the quality of papers of Europe. ♦ times during its 1st version their faculties through the quality of development phase, for instance at the journals where the papers are the International Symposium on published. I think we need to the Management of Industrial and understand whether the best Research Review Corporate Knowledge (ISMICK) in papers by European OR Description from Research Projects Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in Nov. researchers are published at from EWG-DSS Members 2008; at the the Decision Analysis present in the best journals, if the & DSS Stream of the EURO XXIII present editorial situation is An Academic Social Network Conference in Bonn, Germany, in satisfactory to the European OR for the EWG-DSS (1st.Version) July 2009; and as an invited talk at researchers and, in case, to F.Dargam, P.Zaraté & R.Ribeiro the Statistics and Operations understand what the role of EURO Research Department of the can be in improving the situation. As already reported in the previous University of Graz in Austria, in EWG-DSS Newsletter, the Nov.2009. The presentation used Coordination Board was invited by 5
  6. 6. in this last talk can be found in the What is TESS about? is to list and analyse government EWG-DSS Blog (link) and also in information requirements at For 50 years, subsidies at the EWG-DSS Slideshare account national and intermediate levels continental and state level have (link). and to identify the local information successfully driven cultivation of a needs. It will then create a data- The full paper (link) about this work few species in Europe. Intensive base of models suitable for bio- submitted to EJOR as an Invited monocultures, replacing the former socio-economic predictions and Review can be found in the diverse local land-use, continue to see where there are gaps in the EWG-DSS Slideshare account degrade ecosystem services that supply of models and data, sustained Europeans for centuries. compared with the demand for Species have disappeared locally A comprehensive research report information. through habitat loss, fragmentation about this project, including all the and chemical inputs, so that Case studies of local communities publications considered, as well as biodiversity has declined at an will test how best to meet local all the authors’ network graphics unprecedented rate. Animals and decision support needs in showing their interaction with the plants that once fascinated or fed exchange for local monitoring that others, is planned to be placed people have vanished from many meets central policy requirements. available soon at the IRIT Server communities. They will also examine whether within “Shared Documents”. local monitoring (based on Governments now require As coordinators of the EURO schools, NGOs, local community Strategic Environmental Working Group on DSS, we also groups or individuals motivated by Assessment (SEA) for land-use encourage other EURO Working use of wild resources) can supply plans and programmes and Groups to follow our example and the extra environmental data that Environmental Impact Assessment try to identify the cooperation of are needed. (EIA) for specific projects, their groups in order to encourage sometimes now also with To identify current best practice for more participation and research sustainability assessments. SEA incorporating biodiversity and production in joint-work. ♦ and EIA depend on experts to wider environmental information collect data and make predictions, into decision-making on land-use and are therefore used for only a across the EU, there will be a minority of the myriad decisions survey of government and local TESS Project that affect our environment. practices in all 27 EU member states plus some candidate states. However, the ability to predict It will assess how the use of change and present options has biodiversity and environmental now increased through the use of information in EIA, SEA and sophisticated computer modelling. sustainability assessment has Such models may incorporate affected ecosystem services and behavioural mechanisms of key biodiversity in both protected and species and can be spatially- cultivated areas. This survey will specific through linkage to habitat Transactional Environmental also identify priority areas for and socio-economic data. TESS Support System internet-based decision support argues that by making the and local monitoring to benefit Project description submitted by computer models work for anyone, livelihoods and biodiversity. Jason Papathanasiou. with environmental information gathered by local people, the principles of environmental TESS Partners: TESS is an international research assessment can assist decisions project supported by the 7th affecting development and • Aristotle University of Framework Programme of the Thessaloniki – coordinator management of land at all relevant European Commission. It aims to (Greece, levels right across the countryside. assist the integration of information • Bournemouth University (United about biodiversity and related What does TESS do? Kingdom, environmental matters from the TESS aims to design a decision local level into planning and land- support system related to use decisions, while at the same • NERC-Centre for Ecology and environment and land- use that will time encouraging local people to Hydrology (United Kingdom, make it easy for policy makers to collect such information in order to integrate local knowledge into their maintain and restore biodiversity decision making, while also guiding • Anatrack Ltd (United Kingdom, and ecosystem services. To and encouraging local activities in achieve this, a decision support ways that restore and/or maintain system will be designed to • ERENA, Ordenamento e Gestão biodiversity and ecosystem exchange information required in de Recursos Naturais Ltd. services. environmental assessments at all (Portugal, levels for information that benefits The project runs from October • Tero Ltd (Greece, local recreation and livelihoods. 2008 to March 2011. Its first phase 6
  7. 7. • European Sustainable Use remediation/revitalization stand-alone software. For Specialist Group (Belgium, measures, models for assessing example, GIS functions and kriging risk values, results of remediation methods may be used for spatial g/sub/europe.htm) measures implementation, etc.); data analysis only; MCDA tools may be implemented for non- • Federation of Associations for - WP3 on elaboration of the case spatial multi-criteria problem Hunting and Conservation of the studies and implementation of investigation. However, the full EU (Belgium, DECERNS SDSS for realization of power of DECERNS is utilized multicriteria decision analysis on • Pro-Biodiversity Service (Poland) when GIS and MCDA subsystems land-use management and and the models provider are used • Centre for Cartography of Fauna remediation of contaminated in an integrated problem analysis. and Flora (Slovenia, territories. • Szent Istvan University, Institute DECERNS users have access to for Wildlife Conservation (Hungary, DECERNS WebSDSS handy tools for the analysis of uncertainty in the recommended Environmental risk analysis and • Institute of Sustainable sustainable land-use planning decision. These include the Technology at Tallinn University of require implementation of tools for opportunity to use several different Technology (Estonia, spatial information analysis, MCDA models to analyze a multi- problem-oriented models for criteria problem and the ability to • Danube Delta National Institute address the robustness of the for R&D (Romania, assessment of risk values, and corresponding methods for decision to variations in the relative • WWF Turkey (Turkey, DecernsSDSS Models Provider Presentation tier More details about this project can Models GUI Models Manager be found in the web-page: ♦ - Provides GUI to manage tasks MP Core - Models output visualization (tables, graphs, map layers) - Request handling HTTP - Models initialization DECERNS - Task management - Input/Output data storing Project & WebSDSS Project description submitted by Model Adapters Boris I. Yatsalo. Application tier The objective of the DECERNS MP Connector project (Nov 2006 – Jan 2010) is creation of methods and software - Communication with Models DB Providers (N >= 1) tools that provide decision support - Information layers loading into SDSS on multicriteria analysis of [spatial] - Table/Graph data preparation for Models Manager alternatives, including land use planning/management, Models environmental protection, location problems, etc. decision-making support. As a rule, importance and value of each Three organizations participate in land-use management problems decision criteria. For this, the the DECERNS project realization: are complex and involve multiple sensitivity of the decision to - Obninsk State Technical and often competing changes in weights and/or value University (IATE), Obninsk, objectives/criteria. functions can be used. An Russia; DECERNS (Decision alternative approach to uncertainty Evaluation in Complex Risk analysis implemented in - Khlopin Radium Institute, St.- Network Systems) is a Web-based DECERNS is the use of distributed Petersburg, Russia (KRI); and SDSS that aims to provide a /random or fuzzy weights and/or methodology and software tools criterion values. - Brookhaven National Laboratory, which will facilitate decision- Upton, NY, USA. making support in the field of multi- More about DECERNS Project and The three main Work Packages (WP) criteria analysis of (spatial) WebSDSS, as well as some demo- within the DECERNS project are: alternatives, including land-use files can be found at the project’s planning and environmental web-site: - WP1 on development of web- management. based Spatial Decision Support For further information, send your System (WebSDSS) DECERNS; requests to Boris I. Yatsalo: DECERNS offers the possibility to - WP2 on models and databases access the GIS and MCDA ♦ development (database on subsystems independently as 7
  8. 8. case studies will be especially Support Models" that was held in Call for Papers welcomed. Manuscripts will be 2004. Conferences peer-reviewed. The acceptance of Organizing Committee: the contributions will be based on EURO XXIV: the originality of the work, the Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Ana relevance for the conference Rosa Borges, Carla Oliveira, Luís theme and its overall quality. Cândido Dias, Maria João Alves. Conference Chair: The accepted papers will be Ana Respicio published in a CD-ROM The 24th European Faculty of Sciences Conference Proceedings. Full University of Lisbon, Portugal versions of the papers presented Conference on Operational at the Conference may be later Research will take place in the submitted for publication in the period of July 11th to 14th, 2010, IMPORTANT DATES: International Journal of Systems in Lisbon, Portugal. • Paper submission due: Science, Journal of Mathematical The Programme and Organising January 30th, 2010 (extended) Modelling or in the Algorithms, Committee are preparing a high International Journal of Intelligent • Notification to authors: March Decision Technologies. quality academic programme of the 1st, 2010 Conference. More details about the IMPORTANT DATES: Conference and the venue can be • Final version of accepted found in the Conference Web-site: papers: March 26th, 2010 o March 22, 2010: Registration . deadline (for authors to • Workshop proposal guarantee inclusion in the final DSS2010: submission due: February 15th, program and proceedings 2010 volume). • Poster submission due: April o April 15-17, 2010: Conference. 1st, 2010 The 15th IFIP WG 8.3 • Doctoral Consortium Conference Secretariat: International Conference on submission due: April 1st, 2010 Decision Support Systems, More details about Call for Papers under the theme "Bridging the • Main Conference: July 8th- for the URPDM2010 Conference socio-technical gap in DSS - 10th, 2010 and the venue can be found in the Challenges for the next decade", • Doctoral Consortium: July 7th, Conference Web-site: will take place in the period of 2010 ♦ July 7th to 10th, 2010, at the Faculty of Sciences, University of • Workshops: July 7th, 2010 Journal Announcement Lisbon, in Lisbon, Portugal. More details about Call for Papers Special Issue in IJDSST In recent years, bridging the socio- for the DSS2010 Conference and technical gap has been a “Technologies for the venue can be found in the challenge in many areas of Collaborative Decision Conference Web-site: research. The socio-technical gap Making” is the great divide between the social aspects aimed to be edited by F.Dargam & P. Zaraté supported and those that are actually supported, due in part to URPDM2010: The proposed feature issue will technical limitations and in part to publish in the International Journal the complexity of the contexts of Decision Support Systems where decision support must be Technology IJDSST, a selection of provided. In Decision Support the best papers presented at the Systems, this challenge has raised Decision Analysis & DSS Stream several important questions of the the EURO XXIII Conference concerned with the account and in Bonn, Germany, in July 2009. In encapsulation of social aspects of The 25th Mini-EURO Conference that DSS Stream 14 interesting managerial decision making as on Uncertainty and Robustness papers have been presented. well as with the representation of in Planning and Decision Making Among them, only 4 papers will be certain human cognitive aspects, will take in Coimbra, Portugal, in selected for this Special Issue. such as intuition or insights within the period of April 15th to 17th, computational systems. 2010. Schedule for publication: Submissions to DSS2010 The URPDM2010 follows up from academics and practitioners the successful conference on - Acceptation / Rejection: 26 are invited and showcases of real "Managing Uncertainty in Decision Feb. 2010. 8
  9. 9. - Revised papers submission: Making EWG-DSS Meeting 2009 2 April 2010. . Knowledge Management as a In 2009, the EWG-DSS annual - Final decision: 30 April 2010. Collaboration Model meeting took place in Bonn, - Expected publication: End of . Applications in Decision Making Germany, on July 7th, within the June 2010. and Decision Analysis EURO XXIII, The 23rd European Contributors are requested to Conference on Operational For further information, please submit their Abstracts (no more Research. In this EURO contact the guest editors via e- than 600 characters) in English (no conference, the EWG-DSS group mail: formulas or mathematical notations organized a DSS Stream, where a or ♦ are allowed), via the Abstract total of 14 papers were presented Submission web-page of the within the stream’s three sessions: Conference site, where the “Social Collaboration & Network- information about the submission based Decision Systems”; DSS Stream at the procedure can be found. Link: “Knowledge Management and EURO XXIV DSS”; and “Methodologies for DSS and Distributed DSS”. IMPORTANT DATES: Deadline for Abstracts: The research projects presented EWG-DSS Stream February 28th, 2010 on the DSS Stream are listed at the EUROXXIV below: Acceptance notification Lisbon, July 2010 March 15th, 2010 1.Group memory support to Deadline for early registration collaborative decision making. March 31st, 2010 AbdelKader Adla. 2. Consistency in ahp- Call for Papers Deadline for author registration collaborative decision making. April 30th, 2010 María Teresa Escobar, José María EURO XXIV Lisbon, Portugal. Moreno-jimenez, Juan Aguarón. Conference dates July 11-14th, 2010 3. Towards a collaboration network July 11th-14th, 2010 for the euro working group on We hope to see you all in DSS. Fatima Dargam, Rita Lisbon! Ribeiro, Pascale Zaraté. 4.Knowledge extraction in e- Stream: EWG-DSS Meetings cognocracy. José María Moreno- “Decision Support System “ jimenez, Jesús Cardeñosa, List of all past EWG-DSS Carolina, Gallardo, Juan Aguarón, Organizers: Meetings,/ Workshops & Mini- Pascale Zaraté & Fátima Dargam María Teresa Escobar, Adrian Conferences: Toncovich, Alberto Turón. 5. A multi-agent framework for a The 24th European web dss applied to manufacturing Conference on Operational . Fontainebleau (France) – 1990; system. Taghezout Noria. Research, EURO XXIV, will take . Bruges (Belgium) – 1991; 6.Academic decisions support place in Lisbon from July 11th to . Hungary – 1992; systems: a methodology. José G. 14th, 2010. . Sintra (Portugal) – 1993; Hernández R., María J. García. Within this Conference, the . Turku (Finland) – 1994; 7. E-government: a comparative Stream of Decision Support . Samos (Greece) – 1995; study of the g2c online services Systems, expects the participation . Ispra (Italy) – 1996; progress using multi-criteria of researchers, practitioners, as . Bruges (Belgium) – 1997; analysis. Yannis Yannacopoulos, well as students working in the . Granada (Spain) – 1998; Panagiotis Manolitzas, Athanasios areas of decision making, analysis . Turku (Finland) – 1999; Spyridakos. and decision support. The Call for . Toulouse (France) – 2000; 8. Applicability of simple additive Papers document for the DSS . Caiscas (Portugal) – 2001; weighting method with grey Stream, in pdf format, can be . Bruges (Belgium) – 2002; relations and comparison with downloaded here. . Luxembourg – 2003; other grey theory techniques. . Istanbul, (Turkey) – 2003; Edmundas Zavadskas, Arturas Topics concerning the areas . Prato, (Italy) – 2004; Kaklauskas, Tatjana Vilutiene. listed below are of particular . Graz (Austria) – 2005; 9. An evidence-adaptive belief interest in this stream: . London (UK) – 2006; rule-based decision support . Models for Decision Making and . Reykavik (Iceland) – 2006; system for clinical risk assessment Decision Analysis . Montreal (Canada) – 2007; in emergency care. Guilan Kong, . Network-based Collaboration . Prague (Czech Republic) – 2007; Dong-Ling Xu, Jian-Bo Yang. Decision Systems . Toulouse (France) – 2008; 10. Patterns as building blocks in . New Methodologies and . Bonn (Germany) – 2009. decision-tree algorithms. Boris Technology in Group Decision 9
  10. 10. Delibasic, Milija Suknovic, Milos Jovanovic. EWG-DSS Members 11. Web-based decision support The EWG-DSS group has now 105 through kernel density estimation registered members. The updated and combination. Antonio list of all members of the group is Rodrigues. available upon request to Pascale 12. A new way of classifying and Zaraté. Changes to this list should comparing systemic also be reported to Pascale Zaraté methodologies. Kalliopi Peponi, via e-mail: Argyris Arnellos, Thomas Spyrou, John Darzentas. Via the EWG-DSS – IRIT Server the 13. Participating in competitive This reencounter of the group was registered group members of the online games: analyzing registered by a series of informal EWG-DSS are able to contact competitive and hedonic decision pictures. Some of them can be directly each other by using the e- elements. Thomas Weiss, Claudia seen in the post “EWG-DSS – 20 mail address list available in this Loebbecke. Years!” (link) of the EWG-DSS environment (option “Review 14. Distributed decision making Blog. Go there and enjoy the Members”). goes multiscale. Christian Wernz photos! ♦ By using our mailing-list addressed as:, the EWG-DSS The abstracts of the work listed members are able to send above can be found in the messages to all other members, proceedings of the EURO XXIII Contacting the EWG-DSS allowing this way a one-to-one conference. ♦ distribution of information about The EURO-WG on Decision research events and calls for Support Systems is currently publications. Upcoming Events head by the Coordination Board: EWG-DSS Meeting in 2010 Pascale Zaraté, Fátima Dargam If you need more information In 2010, the EWG-DSS & Rita Ribeiro about the group, please contact us annual meeting will take place in (Coordination Board of the or visit our web-site: Lisbon, Portugal, during the period EURO Working Group on DSS or our of July 11th - 14th, within the since 2007) EWG-DSS Blog: EUROXXIV, The 24th European ♦ Conference on Operational For updates or for joining EWG- Research, in which our EWG-DSS DSS, please contact: group will as usual organize a Pascale Zarate DSS stream devoted to the topic of E-mail: “Applied and Distributed Decision IRIT – Equipe CSC Making”. The Call for Papers INPT – ENSIACET – GI document in pdf format can be 118 route de Narbonne Contributing to this Newsletter downloaded here. 31062 Toulouse cedex 4 Every member of the EWG-DSS is FRANCE very welcome to contribute to this For more details about the Newsletter. EURO XXIV, please visit the conference website: Subjects can be related to: EWG-DSS Online Links: • Recent Publications ♦ EURO Web: • PhD Dissertations EWG-DSS Blog: • Book Presentations / Reviews Group News • Research Group Presentations 20 Years of the EWG-DSS EWG-DSS LinkedIn Group: • Research Views and Perspectives In 2009 our group completed 20 &gid=1961459&trk=anet_ug_hm years of existence! This round • Forthcoming Events anniversary was commemorated EWG-DSS Slideshare: with a warm get-together in July • General Announcements 2009, in Bonn, by the occasion of EWG-DSS IRIT Server: Contributions to the EWG-DSS the 23rd EURO Conference. It was Newsletter should be sent to one of great to meet some of our founding g-dss the email addresses below with the group members again, as well as subject: “EWG-DSS Newsletter”. to have a chance to get to know EWG-DSS Mailing List: the new ones who also took part at the EURO XXIII in Germany. 10