Animated Learning Alliance framework


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This framework to understand how Learning Alliances work and are supporting embedding of action research was developed for the WASHTech project let by IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre (by myself)

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Animated Learning Alliance framework

  1. 1. Sector actors, policies & strategies District LA1 District LA2 National LA Int’l LA Network x Network y Project b Project a 1. Essence of LA Institutional changes 5. Evidence 2. Arborescence 4. Resilience 3. Presence The rationale, aspirations, expectations and the principles guiding the learning alliance All proofs of change brought about by the learning alliance, various outcomes and ultimately the impact achieved through the LA. Self-organisation and further development, including the progressive empowerment of LA members to take the learning alliance to another level inputs, activities – particularly interactions within and outside the learning alliance – and outputs of the LA The formal and informal structure of the learning alliance at different levels; groups and individuals involved in it and their relations with other existing platforms, networks, organisations and policies Policy changes Behaviour changes Individual changes Organisational changes