What the Tech Is Going on with Your Online Communications


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Slides from a presentation given by Andrew Hanelly, Polly Karpowicz, Maggie McGary and Elizabeth Weaver Engel at the ASAE Technology Conference, December 2011

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  • Thanks for joining us today. If you’re in this room, you’re likely trying to get a better grasp on measuring the performance of your online communications. We’ve got some smart people from different associations who will walk you through how they solve what can be a very challenging problem for every organization (or something along these lines …)
  • But before we get into it, I’d like to introduce you to our panel …
  • And if you want to get involved, just Tweet questions at us during the presentation (or save them for our open Q&A later) You’ll see the hashtag on the bottom right of each slide.
  • So, here’s what we want to tackle today. Exploring metrics can be murky and misleading. Answering questions like “what should I be measuring” and “how can I tell if XYZ is working” is often more complicated than it may seem. Depending on your association’s goals, resources, and most importantly – communications platform – the answer could be different. We plan on walking you through how to measure web performance, email performance, and social media performance today in three unique association settings. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have along the way.
  • The problem is not accessto data, it’s what to do with that data once you’ve got it – especially with limited resources …
  • Because of all of these situational factors, a lot of people are lead to the conclusion Joe Pulizzi put on his recent issue of CCO magazine.
  • Metrics can be a double-edged sword: if we don’t align what we’re doing online with association goals, we might end up chasing vanity metrics and ignore the metrics that will help our associations succeed. Which is why we hope the following case studies can show you how smart people at associations like yours handled the challenge of turning data into actionable insights that help propel their associations forward.
  • The problem is not accessto data, it’s what to do with that data once you’ve got it – especially with limited resources …
  • The problem is not accessto data, it’s what to do with that data once you’ve got it – especially with limited resources …
  • There are a lot of things to measure in social media. It can be very distracting. Most of them don’t matter. What I’m going to share with you is a simplified list of what does.
  • Too much focus on size of list obscures our view of health of list.
  • Dig a little deeper to learn what these things are telling you. Find a way to identify where your list data comes from. Harvesting of any kind track it.
  • What the Tech Is Going on with Your Online Communications

    1. 1. What the Tech Is GoingOn with Your OnlineCommunications?Dec. 7th | 1:30 -2:45 PMHub Tag: #Tech11 LM3
    2. 2. About UsElizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE Pauline S. Karpowicz, CAEPresenter – Web and Ads Presenter – Email@ewengel @polly_at_apsaMaggie McGary Andrew HanellyPresenter – Social Media Moderator@maggielmcg @hanelly
    3. 3. About You #tech11 LM3
    4. 4. Agenda• The Problem• Solution(s)• Q&A• Tools & Takeaways #tech11 LM3
    5. 5. The Problem• Data overload• Resource underload• Differing tools and opinions• Lack of applicability• Each platform is unique #tech11 LM3
    6. 6. The Problem #tech11 LM3
    7. 7. The Problem #tech11 LM3
    8. 8. So, how do we solve it? #tech11 LM3
    9. 9. So, how do we solve it? It depends. #tech11 LM3
    10. 10. Social media metrics #tech11 LM3
    11. 11. Metric overload #tech11 LM3
    12. 12. What metrics matter?• Web traffic• CTR• ConversionsMetrics should align withorganizational goals. #tech11 LM3
    13. 13. Web and ad metrics #tech11 LM3
    14. 14. Solving web analytics• What should I measure?• Special cases – Bounce rates – Site search – Online forms – the “Mom” test – A/B testing – Private communities – “Slashdotting” #tech11 LM3
    15. 15. Solving web analytics #tech11 LM3
    16. 16. Solving ad metrics• What should I measure?• What do your advertisers care about?• How do you demonstrate that? #tech11 LM3
    17. 17. What advertisers want Awareness Interest Conversion #tech11 LM3
    18. 18. What we can give them Impressions Click-thrus URL tracking #tech11 LM3
    19. 19. Email metrics #tech11 LM3
    20. 20. Where we’ve been •Templates •5min - 10hr •WYSIWYG editor •Variable messaging, A/B •Manual HTML testing •20-30hrs •Image and Ad management •Web staff created all •Full suite of metrics •Personalization •ISP Monitoring •Basic Delivery •Bounce resolution •Manual Click thrus •Dedicated advisors and help #tech11 LM3
    21. 21. We were very excited! •KISS •Ease into new capacity •Training •Largely the same content •Still HUGE step forward #tech11 LM3
    22. 22. Gathering eyeballs• List size versus list quality – Open rate – Delivery rate – Subscriber ratioCollecting eyeballs is the easy part, reachingengagement is more challenging. #tech11 LM3
    23. 23. Getting engagement• Open rate• Click thru rate• Conversions• Viral leads• A/B test results• Relation to other communications/outposts You can learn just as much from what people don’t do. #tech11 LM3
    24. 24. Monitoring #tech11 LM3
    25. 25. Finding Value in Metrics No longer chair of department Member says: “total waste of time” Overwhelmed with daily email deluge I didn’t sign up for this. Interesting, but what do I do with this information? What’s next? #tech11 LM3
    26. 26. MOST important metric• Drumroll, please…• It depends! Really.• Three MOST important things: 1. Define your goal. 2. Clear call to action. 3. Have hooks to measure the outcome…did you meet your goal and did your audience do what you wanted them to do. #tech11 LM3
    27. 27. Takeaways #tech11 LM3
    28. 28. Takeaways #tech11 LM3
    29. 29. Takeaways #tech11 LM3
    30. 30. Takeaways #tech11 LM3
    31. 31. Takeaways #tech11 LM3
    32. 32. Takeaways #tech11 LM3
    33. 33. Takeaways #tech11 LM3
    34. 34. Takeaways #tech11 LM3
    35. 35. Tools of the tradeFrom Google:• Analytics• Webmaster Tools• SEO Starter Guide #tech11 LM3
    36. 36. Tools of the tradeFrom others:• TweetReach.com• Facebook Insights• Double Click• Your AMS• Your bottom line (most important!) #tech11 LM3
    37. 37. Ask us anything!Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE Pauline S. Karpowicz, CAENACHRI APSA@ewengel @polly_at_apsaewengel@nachri.org pkarpowicz@apsanet.org703.797.6041Maggie McGary Andrew HanellyASHA TMG@maggielmcg @hanellymmcgary@asha.org ahanelly@tmgcustommedia.com