Creating Corporate Relationships That Fit


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Presentation by Elizabeth Engel and Laura Feldman for the 2012 Bridge Conference.

Say NO to financial support?! In association fundraising, sometimes saying no to corporate funders is as important as saying yes to new revenue. But knowing how to determine when to say No is difficult when a company is offering your organization money, free stuff or both. Expert association fundraisers from the Children's Hospitals Association will share their guidelines, processes, and criteria for vetting corporate suitors to help you get to the happily ever after of corporate partnerships.

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Creating Corporate Relationships That Fit

  1. 1. Laura S. Feldman, Children’s Hospital AssociationElizabeth Weaver Engel, M.A., CAE, Spark Consulting, LLC #bridgeconf
  2. 2. Director, Corporate Alliances, CEO & Chief StrategistGrants and Development Spark Consulting, LLCChildren’s Hospital Association @ewengel@feldman1 #bridgeconf
  3. 3. The Children’s Hospital Associationadvances child health through innovationsin the quality, cost and delivery of care.Founded 1968Over 220 member children’s hospitalsOver 20,000 active individual records #bridgeconf
  4. 4. 3%#bridgeconf
  5. 5. 5.4% #bridgeconf
  6. 6.  Tailored relationships with national companies Mission driven and philanthropic Doing good while doing well #bridgeconf
  7. 7.  Child and family centered Promote a child’s positive experience Enhance value for Association members #bridgeconf
  8. 8. Sponsorship Corporate Alliances Meetings  Mission oriented Sales to hospitals  Child centered Vendors  Play and fun #bridgeconf
  9. 9. Corporation Association Access  New resources Brand image  Awareness CSR  Brand development #bridgeconf
  10. 10.  Guidelines Checklist Potential for growth Added value to association members #bridgeconf
  11. 11.  In-Kind Product Donation Cash Grants Cause Marketing Opportunities Joint Product Development Licensing #bridgeconf
  12. 12. #bridgeconf
  13. 13.  Company looking to go national with philanthropy Revived Foundation 2004 Introduction by Mattel Children’s Hospital/ UCLA Mattel and Association crafted programs together #bridgeconf
  14. 14.  Perfect fit with PLAY and JOY Good metrics Value to members Value to Mattel #bridgeconf
  15. 15.  Expand type and amount of support Work with funder on matching priorities Next great idea? #bridgeconf
  16. 16.  Leverage Relationships Build Trust Ensure Good Fit Measure Impact #bridgeconf
  17. 17.  Mattel facilitated Shine on Now Campaign (2010) Public Relations $300K + doll donations #bridgeconf
  18. 18. #bridgeconf
  19. 19.  Recognize Good Brand Creative Stewardship Grow Relationship Be Patient #bridgeconf
  20. 20.  Facilitated by Good 360 HR/ Employee Communications Video game donation Employee visits in operating locations #bridgeconf
  21. 21.  Manage expectations Time commitment? Involve corporate side Maintain contacts #bridgeconf
  22. 22.  In the beginning, there was In 2004, we got help from In 2006, we created guidelines, thanks to What’s the model? #bridgeconf
  23. 23. Annual Revenue Growth$700,000 60%$600,000$500,000$400,000$300,000$200,000$100,000 $0 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 2011.5 2012 #bridgeconf
  24. 24. Partnership Sponsorship Exhibiting Attendance Advertising Free optionsLead generation #bridgeconf
  25. 25. #bridgeconf
  26. 26. #bridgeconf
  27. 27.  Leverage your relationships Build trust Be patient Manage expectations Treat it like what it is: a relationship (not a transaction) ◦ Ask for a date before you ask them to marry you ◦ Has to meet the needs of both partners ◦ Communication is key ◦ Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone! #bridgeconf
  28. 28. Don’t forget to visit the Solutions Showcase!Many of the ideas discussed today areon display at the Solutions Showcase! #bridgeconf
  29. 29. Laura S. Feldman Elizabeth Weaver Engel, M.A., CAEDirector, Corporate CEO & Chief StrategistAlliances, Grants & Spark Consulting, LLCDevelopmentChildren’s Hospital Association e: w: getmespark.come: t: @ewengel li: feldman1 p: 202.468.3478p: 703.797.6015 #bridgeconf