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A review of Office AutoPilot


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Our review on Office AutoPilot based from our own experiences. If you'd like a trial, please visit:

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A review of Office AutoPilot

  1. 1. A few months ago, we startedusing OfficeAutoPilot andI thought it would begood to share ourexperience with you.
  2. 2. Going back a few months, we hadway too many systems happening.
  3. 3. Whenever we wanted tocommunicate with our list, wehad no option but to sendeveryone the same thing.
  4. 4. This sucked because we’dwant to do certain promotionsto new clients but not annoyour existing clients.
  5. 5. With the disparate systemswe had, there was no easyway to do this.
  6. 6. We’d have to remember toMANUALLY go into ourCRM and autoresponder andmove them to a different list
  7. 7. and a lot of thetime we just plainforgot to do that.
  8. 8. We were also setting up amembership site TOGIVE PEOPLE ACCESSto certain training materials
  9. 9. and this meant anotherDISPARATE SYSTEM
  10. 10. How would we track whohad access to what modules,and how to do up-sells andcross sells?
  11. 11. IMPOSSIBLE.
  12. 12. So we went on the huntfor SOLUTIONS
  13. 13. We first thought we would need tohire a development team to dowhat we needed our systems to do
  14. 14. I was getting nervousthinking about how longthis would take and howmuch it would cost.
  15. 15. Then we came across officeAUTOPILOT, which was abreath of fresh air.
  16. 16. The automation isPHENOMENAL
  17. 17. We’re getting on AVERAGE ABOUT 50% OFPEOPLE to actually attend our free webinars,and the more people in a webinar, the better.
  18. 18. Office AutoPilot can do a millionother things as well, I think we’re onlyusing 20% of what it can actually do.
  19. 19. The best thing about Office AutoPilotis THE PRICE.
  20. 20. You are getting almostevery task automationfor only a few hundredbucks a month –UNBELIEVABLE VALUE
  21. 21. WHAT NEXT?
  22. 22. We’re throwing in a COMPLEMENTARY TICKETto our full day Email Marketing Bootcampcourse (valued at $1997) for anyone whotries out Office AutoPilot for a month usingour link.
  23. 23. Once you’ve signed up with OAP using ourlink, just forward your welcome email and we’llgive you INSTANT ACCESS to watch ourEmail Marketing bootcamp.