Risk Advisory Services


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EW Consultants India is a Risk Advisory Services Firm offering wide range of services for Business, ERP and IT Risk domains. Our objective is to reduce clients cost of compliance. We offer Audit outsourcing services.

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Risk Advisory Services

  1. 1. Risk Advisory Services EW Consultants IndiaFor Discussion Purposes Only
  2. 2. Contents 1 • Business Risk & Challenges 2 • History of Frauds & Recent Surveys 3 • About EW Consultants India 4 • Our Risk Advisory Services 5 • Our Dual Delivery Model 6 • Benefits to your organization 7 • Annexure For Discussion Purposes Only 2
  3. 3. Business Risk & Challenges For Discussion Purposes Only 3
  4. 4. Risk & ChallengesCorporations across the world are highly concerned about the security of their business fromthreats like fraud, intrusion, theft of customer data, etc. In context of the current needs,companies require to tighten their business policies, procedures and systems. We should have How could How do I Auditor declared considered SoD someone did fraud design controls controls to be while granting even after we in my business ineffective access closely monitor it and IT systems How IFRS will Does my IT systems Is my system affect my has sufficient prone to Our ERP Financial password and user access implementation systems access security intrusions team never controls gave us the controls Why IT team is spending lot of Are we ready unproductive time for IFRS on maintenance Convergence What is the Solution??? For Discussion Purposes Only 4
  5. 5. History of Frauds & Recent Surveys For Discussion Purposes Only 5
  6. 6. History of Financial Frauds Source: www. wikipedia.org For Discussion Purposes Only 6
  7. 7. 2010 Faces of Fraud Survey Source: Information Security Media Group For Discussion Purposes Only 7
  8. 8. 2010/2011 CSI Computer Crime Survey For Discussion Purposes Only 8
  9. 9. 2010 Business Risk Report Source: Ernst & Young For Discussion Purposes Only 9
  10. 10. About EW Consultants India For Discussion Purposes Only 10
  11. 11. About UsEW Consultants India is ‘One-Stop’ Risk Advisory solution provider. We provide solutions for all major Business,Financial and IT risk that your organization might be exposed to, at a very competitive cost. Our wide range ofservices will help you to deal with your specific and everyday challenges. Our Onsite - Offshore (Dual shore)operating model helps us provide our high quality services in the most cost efficient manner, so that our clientscan sustain their compliance initiatives.We have a team of dedicated, experienced and highly qualified risk advisory professionals who have workedfor ‘Fortune 500’ clients across countries including US, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, UAE andIndia. Our team comprises of CA, MBA, CIA, CISA, CFSA, CCNA, MCSE, ISO 9000 Auditor, Engineers and SAPcertified professionals. Our team comes from diverse Big4 backgrounds, bringing extensive delivery and projectmanagement experience for rendering advisory services.EW Consultants India is also supported by specialized partner firms of highly experienced advisory professionals,having a combined experience of over 400 man-years. Collectively, we brings a huge knowledge database tohelp our clients with best possible solution. Our advisory team consisting of CEO’s, CIO’s and CFO’s of largecorporations, who acts as our mentors in guiding us of the latest industry trends.Our Capabilities: Risk Advisory Audit and Assurance Consulting Regulatory Compliance Support Audit Process Outsourcing Corporate Trainings For Discussion Purposes Only 11
  12. 12. Our Team  Basant Bhanuka, Director  Gourav Ladha, Director ERP  Parag Shah, Director Gourav LadhaBasant Bhanuka Parag Shah Business Advisory Services, is Advisory Services, is Technology Advisory responsible for business risk responsible for ERP risk Services, is responsible for solutions at EWC India solutions at EWC India technology risk solutions at  He is a qualified MBA EWC India  He is a qualified Chartered Accountant, CISA, CIA, (Finance), Certified SAP  He is a Master of Information CFSA and M.Com professional, SAP GRC and Technology, PGDIT, BE, Approva Bizright professional Graduate Certificate in ERP  His major work expereinces  His major work expereinces Systems, CISA, CCNA, MCSE comes from companies such comes from companies such and a Certified ISO 9000 as EXL Services, PWC and as EXL Services, E&Y and Internal Auditor midsize accounting firm SAPient Consulting  His major work expereinces  His strength lies in Statutory comes from companies such  His strength lies in ERP and Internal Audit, Business as KPMG, ANZ bank, IBM, Business process controls, Process Controls, Internal National Bank, TRU Energy, ERP Audit procedure control mapping, Debt AC&T documentation, User access finance, Project report, IFRS and SOD, SAP GRC access  His strength lies in Network Convergence, Taxation controls, SOX and Clause 49 security, Infrastructure advisory, SOX compliance, Complaince, Application security, Application security, User access and SOD, Policy controls, ERP Benchmarking, Information security, Data & Procedures and Training Project management and centre security, Forensics,  Some of the major clients SAP Training BCP & DRP, SOX worked for includes Fortune compliance, Project  Some of the major clients 500 companies across Management and training worked for DPSG, Diageo, various industry verticals in Chartis, Volt, Duane Reade,  Some of the major clients US, UK, Europe, Hong Kong Covansys, Centrica, worked for Westpac, ING, and India. Enercon, etc Telstra, SingTel, AGL For Discussion Purposes Only 12
  13. 13. Our Services For Discussion Purposes Only 13
  14. 14. Our Risk Advisory Services Business Advisory ERP Advisory Technology Advisory Business Process Controls Audit  ERP Business Process Controls  Network and Cloud Security Audit Internal Audit and Compliance  Infrastructure Security  ERP Configurable Controls Audit Statutory Audit and Compliance  Application Security  ERP User access and Segregation  Information Security Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Financial of duties Controls Audit Controls testing  Data Center Security  ERP Security Controls Audit Spreadsheet Controls Audit  Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) IT General  ERP Audit Procedure Controls testing Business Policy and Procedure Documentation Documentation  ITIL / COBIT Framework  SAP GRC Rule-set designing AS-IS and TO-BE Process  SAS 70 / SSAE 16  ERP Pre Go-live Assessment Documentation  Forensics  ERP TO-BE Process Document Business Process Mapping Review  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery advisory Process Improvement  Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Compliance assistance  EUT / Software Testing Project report preparation  Statutory Audit Support for ERP  Network Penetration Testing IFRS Convergence Systems  IT Policy and Procedure Debt Financing Support  ERP Selection and Benchmarking Documentation Project Quality Assurance, Compliance Support, Remediation Support, Corporate Trainings For Discussion Purposes Only 14
  15. 15. How we can help! Regulation & Compliance, Financial reporting controls & analytics, Financial Fraud controls, IFRS readiness, Financial Process restructuring, Business process improvement Network & Infrastructure Security, Data Center Security, ERP & Application security, SAP GRC rule-set designing assistance, BCP & DRP, IT policy & procedures Statutory audit support, Internal audit, special audits, ERP audit, IT general control audit, fraud audits, data center audit, EUT & spreadsheet controls audit Reducing Cost of Compliance, SOX Compliance support, Risk management, SAS 70 / SSAE 16 support, Business controls, Business policy & procedure, Project assurance For Discussion Purposes Only 15
  16. 16. Our Solution Map Cloud / ERP and Financial Application Risk Solution (SAP, Oracle Apps, Data Center Intranet / PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Microsoft Risk Solution Extranet Risk Great Plains, JDA MMS) Solution Solution for every aspect of your business… Business Network Continuity and Business Process, Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Compliance, EUT and Risk Solution Risk Services Fraud Risk Solution For Discussion Purposes Only 16
  17. 17. Our Value Chain Approach Understand business process Identify Assist in potential remediation risks Audit Business Outsourcing Advisory Report gaps Develop & suggest Technology ERP control solutions Advisory Advisory framework Conduct Document test of audit controls program For Discussion Purposes Only 17
  18. 18. Our Dual Delivery Model For Discussion Purposes Only 18
  19. 19. Our Dual Delivery Model  Requirement  Based on the  Based on our  Based on the  For last phaseRequirement Gathering Discussion and Reporting Process Understanding Information Access Project Management and Execution gathering will understanding understanding data received, of the project, be performed gained from gained from we will perform we will come from our the provided the discussions comprehensiv onshore to Offshore documents we we would e review to client office for Service will conduct request the analyze the discussions Delivery Center specific specific data & identify (OSDC) discussions information for the gap areas  Last phase of (conference conducting and the project will  Based on our calls) our audit improvement be utilized for understanding opportunities discussing and of client  All our  Client may be finalizing the expectations discussions will required to  During the observations we draft a be provide us duration of the document and documented ‘Remote project, a  After obtaining system access in our Minutes access’ to their dedicated agreement on requirement list of meeting information Project the issues from (MoM) and will system Manager will the  Client is be shared with organize management, required to the key  Data received weekly status a draft/final arrange for stakeholders to from the client update report along these items confirm our will be stored meetings to with our before we can understanding at a secured discuss the recommended set-up calls before database progress and solutions will be with the key initiating escalations (if shared with the users for project  If required, an required) management, process execution NDA may be as a closure of understanding provided the project Offshore Onsite For Discussion Purposes Only 19
  20. 20. Benefits to your Organization For Discussion Purposes Only 20
  21. 21. Benefits to your organizationFew of the benefits that your organization will derive from our services: Reduction in cost Our smart Offshore / Onshore dual delivery model helps you save of compliance over 40% on cost of your compliance activities We can help you leverage the existing control features, which can Maximizing ROI reduce the manual efforts and will help in increasing your return on investments (ROI) Secured and robust Business and IT environment from both internal Secured business and external threats such as unauthorized usage, fraud, intrusion, etc Compliance Controls ready Business and IT system to meet any existing or support upcoming regulatory compliance requirement Our services not only provide appropriate assurance but also Value beyond focuses on adding value to your business operation, processes and assurance TT systems Increasing you market competitiveness by benchmarking your Best practices current business practices to the industry best practices For Discussion Purposes Only 21
  22. 22. Annexure For Discussion Purposes Only 22
  23. 23. Sample Deliverables - Dashboard For Discussion Purposes Only 23
  24. 24. Sample Deliverables - Report For Discussion Purposes Only 24
  25. 25. Sample Deliverables - Deliverables SOD Conflict Matrix for Record to Report Process Voucher Entry/Batch Creation Maintain Accounting Period Approve Journal Entry Create Journal Entry Change GL Account Create GL Account Change Document Post Journal Entry SOD Conflict Matrix - Record to Report Payment Entry LHS/ RHS Activity Group A B C D E F G H I Create GL Account A X X X X X X Change GL Account B X X X X Create Journal Entry C X X X Approve Journal Entry D X X X Post Journal Entry E X X X X Change Document F X X Maintain Accounting Period G X X X Payment Entry H X X Voucher Entry/Batch Creation I X For Discussion Purposes Only 25
  26. 26. Sample Deliverables - Deliverables For Discussion Purposes Only 26
  27. 27. End of Presentation. Thanks.For enquires and more please contact:Basant Bhanuka Gourav Ladha Parag ShahDirector, EW Consultants India Director, EW Consultants India Director, EW Consultants IndiaACA, CISA, CIA, CFSA, M.Com MBA, SAP Certified, SAP GRC MIT, BE, CISA, CCNA, MCSEMobile : +91-974-800-6957 Mobile : +91-971-295-2955 Mobile #: +91-942-841-2189Website: www.ewcindia.co.in Website: www.ewcindia.co.in Website: www.ewcindia.co.inEmail: basant.bhanuka@ewcindia.co.in Email: gourav.ladha@ewcindia.co.in Email: parag.shah@ewcindia.co.in For Discussion Purposes Only 27