Understanding digital creative


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A framework to help judge digital creative work objectively. 7 questions to ask of a creative idea that won't annoy your agency.

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Understanding digital creative

  1. 1. Tools for understanding great digital creativeNick Emmel@ewarwoowar
  2. 2. Understanding traditional concepts is easy
  3. 3. Knowing whether a digital idea is a good one isfar harder… Which media will it involve? How do people participate? What technologies? What conversation does it start? What is the user journey? How does it get shared? How is it personalised? How is it activated?
  4. 4. Can you articulate the strategy? Your audience, who you define by need, Get mindset, context, or whatever. Do something in response to your marketing To that actually does something that has a positive effect on a business challenge By Using your cunning strategy
  5. 5. Can you articulate the strategy? People who don’t swim as much as they think Get they should Associate Speedos with great swimming To experiences By Getting them nostalgic about past swims
  6. 6. Maybe the strategy should have been Men who are put off Speedos because of their Get association with gay culture To Feel that they are a sportsman’s choice Emphasising the cutting edge streamlined By technology of the swimwear
  7. 7. Some flimsy maths Magical Total Sales Profit per Campaign Campaign Incremental = x Conversion x - sale (£) Reach Cost (£) Profits (£) Ratio (%) ALRIGHT BLOOMIN’ WOAH I S’PPOSE TINY TINY ASTRONOMICAL
  8. 8. SE PTI
  9. 9. 7 questions to ask of a digital concept IDEA EXECUTION