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An updated version of my Campaign strategy for the digital world presentation. As aired at ad:tech on 23rd September 2009. Links to examples are included in the notes.

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  • Campaign Strategy in the digital world is no longer about developing digital campaign strategies. That makes the assumption that digital is yet another channel to apply traditional marketing strategies in. Instead we should understand that it is the world that is becoming digital, not advertising. And our role is to adapt our marketing strategies to be relevant in a digital world.  Presented by: Nick Emmel, Planning Director, Dare
  • When digital first came on the scene, everyone kind of assumed that you could just apply all the marketing techniques developed for the offline world in an analogous way online. Stick your telly ad in YouTube. Recreate your posters as banners. Send spam email instead of DM. That is to assume that people exist in the digital space in the same way that they did previously. And we all know that is not true.
  • Then Web 2.0 came along. And we all got overexcited about Myspace, Second Life, Virals, Twitter and so on. Brands were leaping on Web 2.0 bandwagons without ever fully appreciating the marketing role for their actions. People neglected solid marketing planning in order to have a digital bag of tricks to show off about. This again, is not the role of digital.
  • Perhaps the best way to explain this misuse of digital is to consider where it is seen to sit in the food chain. Big advertising ideas sit up top. Traditionally with a TV script attached. This telly idea then percolates down through the chain via outdoor, press, PR, DM and POS. Then the bottom-feeder that is digital is asked to create a wacky microsite to support a TV thought. Or a bag of Web 2.0 tricks are appended to a campaign just because you can.
  • But actually, digital isn’t even in the food chain. Digital is in fact the environment in which all other things exist now.
  • So in fact, this new “digital” world, is just the same as the original world. People still want to shop. They just have new means to do that. They still want to chat. They have a variety of ways to do it. They still want to fall in love, and now they don’t just have to rely on walking into a bar. And with every day that passes people take these new digital ways of achieving their aims as standard. They aren’t thinking “hey, I’m going to do this digitally” they are just thinking “I’m going to do this”.
  • It is the World that is now digital, not marketing. We have to adapt the way that we fundamentally approach marketing to make it work in this digital world. Not just stick a bit of digital on top of the old way of doing things.
  • These are all brilliant examples of marketing for the digital world.
  • We collate all these types of examples and more on After all, it isn’t just the traditional ads that we shove at people that change their perceptions of a brand. Everything is advertising now.
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  • If you are to produce marketing for the digital world, we have to move from creating advertising ideas, to ideas that can be advertised.
  • Ad:Tech Campaign strategy in the digital world

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