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Library Stations Pretest


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Library Stations Pretest

  1. 1. NAME: _________________ CLASS: ________________ HOUR: _________________On the library website, where would you go to find: a. Information about your class projects or handouts? ______________________________ b. The title of the fourth book in a series? ________________________________________ c. If our library has a certain book? _____________________________________________ d. A book in your favorite genre (mystery, war stories, fantasy)? ______________________ ________________________________________________________________________ e. Information for this year’s Rebecca Caudills (including summary, AR points, videos)? ________________________________________________________________________On the map of our library below, which types of books belong in each of the labeled areas? 1. _______________________________________ 2. _______________________________________ 3. _______________________________________ Caudills 1 2 2 1 2 Circulation desk 2 3