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Assessment Assignment

  1. 1. Emily WardLIS 590SMLAssessment Assignment Women’s Suffrage Poster/Pamphlet: Activity with Riding FreedomTopic: _______________________________________________________________________________Name:_______________________________________________________________________________ Assessing My Poster/PamphletDid I Complete All The Parts of the Project? Yes No Comments ResearchDid I choose a narrow topic related to thewomens suffrage movement to research?Did I find information from at least 3 high-quality sources?Did I cite my sources fully and correctly?While researching, did I take notes in myown words? WritingDid I present the most importantinformation about my topic?Did I organize my information into sectionsthat make sense?Did I use words that will convince myaudience?Did I carefully check my spelling, grammar,and punctuation? Overall PresentationDid I use an authoring software (like MSWord) to type my information?Did I use formatting tools in that software,such as font, headings, word art, orcolumns, to arrange my information in away that will attract my audience?Did I include images from the internet orartwork to enhance my project?Did I include a bibliography on the back ofmy poster or final section of my pamphlet?Is my poster or pamphlet attractive?
  2. 2. Rating System for Checklist:ResearchExceeds My research meets all four of the criteria.Meets My research meets three of the criteria.Approaches My research meets two of the criteria.Not met My research meets one or none of the criteria.WritingExceeds My writing meets all four of the criteria.Meets My writing meets three of the criteria.Approaches My writing meets two of the criteria.Not met My writing meets one or none of the criteria.Overall PresentationExceeds My presentation meets all five of the criteria.Meets My presentation meets four of the criteria.Approaches My presentation meets three of the criteria.Not met My presentation meets two or fewer of the criteria.Justification: I chose to create an assessment for the project for which I will be writing my lesson plan. For thisproject, students will research a specific topic (important person, event, legislation, etc.) related to thewomen’s suffrage movement and create a poster or a pamphlet (like those popular in the day)advertising for that person/event/legislation. Since this is a lengthy, multi-part project, I thought thebest and most clear way to assess the entire process would be to use a checklist. The above checklist allows for multiple sections, representing each of the major parts of theproject process. I like this because it shows that each part—research, writing, and overall presentation—are equally important for a successful project. Additionally, the checklist includes assessment of bothqualitative criteria (such as attractiveness of presentation, persuasiveness of wording, and importanceof information), as well as more nitty-gritty details (such as number of sources referenced, correctnessof spelling/grammar, and type of authoring software used). Again, both types of qualities are critical fora successful project. To ensure students are aware of the implications of the checklist, I’ve also includeda rating system that shows whether they are exceeding, meeting, approaching, or not meeting theexpectations for the project. While this checklist will definitely be administered at the end of the project, it can be usedthroughout the project as well, following each section of the process. This gives a chance for students togauge their progress and receive feedback from teachers while they still have the opportunity to makeadjustments and improvements. With this type of formative assessment, students have a greater chanceof being successful, which is, of course, the goal of our job.