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Packing for Market


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My part of a joint presentation on post-harvest handling and packing of produce for the 2012 Georgia Organics conference.

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Packing for Market

  1. 1. Packing for Market E!c Wagoner
  2. 2. My BiasesAthens Locally Grown vendor 2002-presentAthens Farmers Market vendor 2002-2004Athens Locally Grown manager 2004-presentFor most of the growers I work with, an acre ishuge.
  3. 3. Plastic is EVIL! (not really)
  4. 4. If washing, drycompletelyCool beforebaggingConsiderbreathable bagsProvide recycling!
  5. 5. Washing is EVIL! (Ill #and by $% one)
  6. 6. Why skip washing?Less laborLasts longerLooks fresherLess processing
  7. 7. Temperature Control Wrong temps ruin quickly
  8. 8. Dont chilltomatoes!35 for spring/fallcrops50 for summercropsCover ice with atowel for insulation
  9. 9. Package AppropriatelyClamshells are cheapBags: paper or plastic?Clear labels
  10. 10. Online