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Mildura intro pp


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Mildura intro pp

  1. 1. MILDURA
  2. 2. LOCATIONLocated 500km NW of Melbourne, Victoria
  3. 3. Current Marketing Bodies Mildura Tourism Board Mildura Rural City Council Individual Businesses Tourism Victoria Tourism Australia
  4. 4. Traditional Physical Methods Marketing has always been a very paper based process Lots of pamphlets, brochures, newspaper/magazine advertisements, travel guides & other generic tourism marketing media. In addition to TV, radio, WOM & P.R. events
  5. 5. Today’s Generation Digital Media is the new age Much better at reaching wider audience To keep up to date, Mildura must continue its use of social media but make it an effective and cost efficient process. Existing social media attempts – not making the cut.
  6. 6. What’s on Offer Historical & heritage sites Murray River Indigenous sacred sites Extensive local food produce Excellent wine producing area Outback region
  7. 7. Target Tourist Market Families Older couples Water sporting enthusiast Outback explorers Wine & food connoisseurs