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Uneasiness in the Eco Garden                                                  Eco friendly gardens, flower or             ...
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Uneasiness in the_eco_garden


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Uneasiness in the_eco_garden

  1. 1. Uneasiness in the Eco Garden Eco friendly gardens, flower or vegetable, are easily overrun with pests, viruses and other interesting stuff. You probably would not want these things in your eco friendly garden. Using harsh chemical pesticides and fungicides, you can quickly wipe these critters out. However, there is still a backlash to this approach. Plants need organic growth and organic decay in order to produce healthier, more vibrant crops, and in order to break down all the way after they are dead or withered. Organic decay is necessary for new plant growth to beable to feed on the former decay. If the material does not properly break down, then newgrowth will not be able to utilize it as mulch or raw material from which to drawnutrients. Over time, all matter can eventually decay, but preservatives and chemicalsfound in non eco friendly solutions can make a big difference. The differences incompletion of decay can be as much as ten years. If you own a large garden or crop area,that is material which must be hauled away because it will not break down. In addition tothat, the nutrients from broken down materials will not enter the soil. Normally, thesenutrients would build back up in the earth, but clearing away non-decaying organicmaterial can starkly reduce these nutrients, which must then be added. It is labor savingand very cost saving to simply let nature take her course.Envirosafe Solutions has an Extreme Green range of environmentally friendly liquidswhich help in many chemical situations. Eco friendly industrial liquids really can make adifference in these matters. Try our dust suppressor, our fuel conditioner for yourgardening and farming equipment, our diesel bug killer, our mineral deposit remover (thisis good for households), and our mould rid. These are products which are eco friendlyand which can really make a difference with your eco garden. We also provide mineraldeposit remover, and most of these products come in both small size containers and inindustrial bulk amounts. Whether you are a professional landscaper or you own a smallgarden in your front yard, this is the perfect place to find something which is both safeand earth friendly. Call Envirosafe Solutions today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.