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Keep your eco roofing fresh


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Envirosafe Solutions in Australia is excited because we are already producing environmentally friendly liquids, including many chemicals which are probably already using in your own business, like porta-loo treatment, radiator cleaner, disinfectant, and rust remover.

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Keep your eco roofing fresh

  1. 1. Keep Your Eco Roofing Fresh We have all seen pictures of the supposedly eco friendly earth houses or green-designed buildings which have earth and grass for their roofing. This is supposed to help regulate temperatures, be made out of environmentally safe and eco friendly renewable resources, and it is of course supposed to give off the air of being planet safe. However, this is not always the case. If you do a search for grass roofing on Google Images, you will see that many homes and buildings have yellowed or browned grass roofing, and that some of the grass seed is no longer there, exposing the roof to wind and rain erosion. The truth is, eco roofing can be great and look and feel great, but it still must be maintained. If you see the grass around your house a lot, then you will be more likely to water it and keep it up, but if you only go out on your roof a little bit throughout the year, then you are unaware when it needs to be replenished with grass seed, especially to hold down the soil, when it needs to be freshened up and watered, when it needs to be cut and mowed, and when it needs some direct sunlight. This is a hint to not plant trees blocking the sun during any time of the year from your grass roofing. Other techniques involve using dust suppressor, like our soil wetta product, on your eco roofing. Some people feel that just mud will do the trick, but like body hair which helps to regulate temperatures between the inside and outside of the skin, grass roofing is much better and it also holds the soil in place. If you would like to know more about eco friendly industrial liquid we offer or our Extreme Green range of products, visit our website. There you will find rust converter, dishwasher powder and antibacterial hand wash available for purchase and all of which are planet safe. This is a great way to green up your image, or to just do your own part to keep our planet happy and healthy. Call us today for more info: (+61) 1300 88 90 70. This Article has been taken from: