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Greenwashing and Money Laundering                                  Isn’t it funny how the laundry is always               ...
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Greenwashing and money_laundering


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Greenwashing and money_laundering

  1. 1. Greenwashing and Money Laundering Isn’t it funny how the laundry is always mentioned when referring to dirty business? One hardly ever hears dirty business referred with talks of gardening or vacuuming, but always of laundry. Money laundering, airing our dirty laundry, greenwashing, and so on and so forth, are all part of this. It is interesting that things which we wear, not just come in contact with, are what give businesses the reputation which they have. It is as if someone is wearing dirty clothes and therefore just doesn’t care about how they act or how they will be seen by others who are able to see them wearing their dirty clothes. Isn’t that interesting?Greenwashing is synonymous with screwing people over by sticking an“eco friendly” label on a product which is either eco friendly butineffectual, or effective but not at all safe for the environment. This termis used loosely, because it has such a bad reputation among discerningcustomers, and is there any other kind of customers but the discerningones? Products and design can be stupid, but people are never stupid.They realize when something does or does not work. They know whenthey’ve been duped, and they know exactly what to do about it when thishappens. They stop buying the product, they scream bloody murder, andthey get on their social media sites and rave on and on about howineffective a certain business or product is.That’s a dangerous way of doing business, so many businesses whichhave done greenwashing in the past can no longer pull off the scam.They are reported and the whole thing goes under.Envirosafe Solutions understands how important it is to maintain yourvaluable reputation, as well as our own valuable reputation. We sell ecofriendly liquid products, and we do it in such a way that you cannot getscrewed over. Our 30 day money back guarantee protects your assetswhile you decide what to do. Try our antibacterial hand wash, our rubberremover, our multi purpose lubricant, and our soil wetta. We would loveto hear from you. Call us today: (+61) 1300 88 90 70.