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Social Media for the Travel and Tourism industry


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An abbreviated version of a lecture I gave to the Cochise County Travel & Tourism workshop. The topic: getting involved in social media. In attendance were 100+ business owners from south eastern Arizona, most of which had limited engagement with social media.

This is very much a BEGINNER class. You won't find advanced topics here.

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Social Media for the Travel and Tourism industry

  1. Social for Media Travel & Tourism Triage Providers Presented by Evo Terra at the Cochise County Travel & Tourism Workshop
  2. 1999
  3. Web 2.0 Image: Web 2.0 Daniel F. Pigatto
  4. Itʼs all about them. Where is Paris by Spuz
  5. What are they saying?
  6. Where are they saying it?
  7. Upset About Pending Beach Closure by Vicki & Chuck Rogers
  8. R #1 x
  9. R #2 x
  10. R #3 x
  11. R #4 x
  12. R #5 x
  13. I spy with my little eye by *.zielony
  14. P.O.S.T
  15. P.O.S.T People… who already do business with you
  16. P.O.S.T Objective listening, talking, energizing, supporting and/or embracing
  17. P.O.S.T Strategy why do this, & who do you need to convince?
  18. P.O.S.T Tactics technologies and tools that make sense
  19. Go ahead, make my day by nal from Miami
  20. Evo Terra