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New Media Business Strategies for Real Estate Professionals


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I spoke at NAR 2008 (National Association of Realtors). It was their national convention, held in Orlando Florida. My topic was \\\"digital business strategies\\\", but the topic was really new media strategies. I tailored the topic specific to the needs of real estate professionals brand new to the ideas and concepts behind new media.

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New Media Business Strategies for Real Estate Professionals

  1. 1. New Media for REAL ESTATE Business profes sionals Strategies Presented by Evo Terra
  2. 2. You want buzz.
  3. 3. You want a magic bullet.
  4. 4. You want it easy.
  5. 5. You want it free.
  6. 6. Time.
  7. 7. What is New Media? What do YO U do with it?
  8. 8. Who is your audience? 1.Potential clients 2.Existing clients 3.Local media 4.Your peers
  9. 9. Making New Media
  10. 10. Making New Media
  11. 11. Making New Media
  12. 12. Four Corners of New Media
  13. 13. Successful Strategies.
  14. 14. Focus here! NOT here!
  15. 15. Focus on YOUR community.
  16. 16. Build rabid fans.
  17. 17. Measure your success!
  18. 18. Homework (if this is new) Watch a video - Watch live - Subscribe to podcast - iTunes Use RSS - Google Reader
  19. 19. Homework (if you are ready) Record audio: this conference Shoot a video: this conference Post it in at least 4 places - including your site.
  20. 20. Evo Terra
  21. 21. Images by: Vibes for Life by Dido Pabst + Hollow Point by nebarnix Treasure Map by Renee May Free, as in beer by Unhindered by Talent Jay thinking by sheiladeeisme Change is Easy by dawn_perry Jump on the social media bandwagon by Matt Hamm Making Media about Media Makers by stevegarfield We sold our house by CC Chapman the view from the stage by radiospike photography Trust by thorinside It's about rules and strategy by pshutterbug Rabid? by CarbonNYC my neighborhood by Ed from Ohio Mobile Phone showing multimedia options by johnmuk Zoom H2 - 09 - Handle by penmachine Anyone Have a Flip Video Camera? by Photog*Phillip