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Drupal 7 for Government Case Study: Presentation at DrupalCamp Montreal 2012


Published on is the Government of Canada's procurement information portal. It includes information for businesses and government employees about doing business with government departments. In 2012, we undertook a project to upgrade the site to Drupal 7. The site has yet to be publicly launched.

This case study will include topics such as

Migrating content from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7
Using entities to model data
Customing Search API
Setting up a testing framework
Using base themes, Features, and distributions

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Drupal 7 for Government Case Study: Presentation at DrupalCamp Montreal 2012

  2. 2. Alex DergachevCo-founder@evolvingweb
  3. 3. Business Problem:• Apply the new government look and feel• Add open data features (search!)• Make the site more accessible (WCAG)
  4. 4. Before / After
  5. 5. Who is the Site For?• Businesses who want to do business with the government• Government employees who need to buy goods + services
  6. 6. What did we Do?• Upgrade the site to Drupal 7• Migrate the content from D6 to D7• Set up custom entities to store contract data• Search API customizations• Set up a testing framework• Extended the government base theme
  7. 7. Site Upgrade• Reduced the number of modules in use• Content migration (meta tags, taxonomy, special fields)• Testing suite to find any content change in the site upgrade
  8. 8. Testing FrameworkGoogle Refine Jenkins &
  9. 9. SearchIntegration of Search API with custom entity types
  10. 10. Custom Offer Entity
  11. 11. Custom Contract Entity
  12. 12. Custom Import Script• Import contract data from CSV into custom entity types• Re-index of site for search
  13. 13. Events Calendar
  14. 14. Responsive Design
  15. 15. Common Look + Feel
  16. 16. Accessibility Requirements• WCAG Compliance• Colour contrast• Keyboard control of drop down menus/ slideshow• Adjustments to calendar HTML
  17. 17. Light Editor
  18. 18. Moderation• Used the Workbench module for content moderation
  19. 19. Development Environment• Jenkins to run testing suite• Separate environment to run multisite search• ApacheSolr
  20. 20. Modules We Used• Features• Panels• Context• Custom Breadcrumbs• Calendar/Date• i18n• Apache Solr• Entity API
  21. 21. Alex Dergachev@dergachev or @evolvingwebon TwitterQUESTIONS?