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Slides from Mozcation Portsmouth - November 7th 2012 - use to get links to advanced segments and custom reports.

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Analytics For SEOs - Mozcation Portsmouth 11/7/12

  2. Dan Shure Owner/consultant at Evolving SEO SEOmoz Associate @dan_shure
  3. Analytics is like…
  4. Gardening. Cute.
  5. A two-way mirror.
  6. An X-Ray. Clever.
  7. Ahhh sports.
  8. Huh?
  9. What?!A… Drag Queen?!
  10. Let’s start over.
  11. Analytics…
  12. Analytics Provides Data
  13. (Should) Help Make Decisions vs. ?
  14. (Should) Measure Effectiveness
  15. Justifies Decisions Budgets Stock Photo Warning
  16. Justifies Decisions Budgets “Here’s your budget.” - Cheesy stock photo guy
  17. But It’s Hard Work.
  18. Why is it hard work?
  19. Because analytics is like…
  20. Analytics Is Like Buying Furniture At Ikea.
  21. Useless Until Assembled
  22. We’ve Made Progress
  23. Analytics Used To Be Like THIS. Confusing.
  24. Analytics Used To Be THIS. Poor data.
  25. Then Came This…
  26. We Can Still Do Better…Default reports not actionable.
  27. Analytics For SEO
  28. Verify Analytics CodeUse Screaming Frog Custom Filters To Check For Code - @rachaelgerson
  29. Verify Analytics CodeUse Browser PluginsAnalytics Debugger -
  30. Verify Analytics CodeUse Browser PluginsAnalytics Helper -
  31. Use Three Profiles
  32. Filter Internal TrafficRange Of IP Address Tool
  33. Filter Internal TrafficUsing RegEx from the tool, paste into a custom filter.
  34. Increase Sample Size – Site Speed Data10 is 10% sample rate. Can go up to 100% (although notrecommended for very large sites).
  35. Sharing Customizations Is HardDo you want to cut and paste all of these segments just to share them?
  36. Managing Accounts With Chrome LoginsCreate Chrome Login for each client. Access analytics, WMT, G Docs all fromone account/Chrome Login.
  37. Managing Accounts With Chrome Logins
  38. Set Up Site SearchFinding the query parameter – perform a search on the site andlook at URL.
  39. Set Up Site SearchGo to admin->Profile Settings->Scroll Down
  40. Set Up Site Search Go to content->site search->search terms
  41. Lame.
  42. Custom Report!Internal Search Performance Custom Report
  43. Custom Report – Top LevelFirst Level – Visits With/Without Site Search
  44. Custom Report = Super Action-ability Find high bounce / exit search terms. CREATE that content.
  45. Segment Branded Keywords Default segment: not totally worthless but close.
  46. Segment Brand KeywordsBrand Name:VacuumSpot Create advanced segment (this brand name is a simple example).
  47. Segment Non-Brand KeywordsBrand Name:VacuumSpot EXCLUDE brand names segment – to measure only generic keywords.
  48. Organic Search NEW Non-Brand Acquisition From GoogleBrand Name:VacuumSpot
  49. Measure Social Media Traffic(?) Default GA Social Traffic View How many of these are actually “social networks”?
  50. Measure Social Media Traffic(?)Would you call this “social media”?
  51. Segment Social Media Traffic Build your own social media segment. Don’t forget short URLs (ie: Use this segment as a starting point.
  52. Segment # of Keywords In Search RegEx for one word searches - ^s*[^s]+(s+[^s]+){0}s*$1 Word Searches Word Searches Word Searches Word Searches More on Avinash’s post - tail/
  53. Site Section Performance – Case Study
  54. Site Section Performance – Case StudyWhich of these should they do more of? Less of?
  55. Site Section Performance – Case StudyWhat’s bringing the most traffic for the least effort?
  56. Site Section Performance – Case StudyData Needed:1. Site sections – Screaming Frog2. Number of pages indexed each section – Googlequeries3. Number of Google visits each section – analytics
  57. Site Section Performance – Case Study Desired End Metric -> Visits From Google Per Pages In Section
  58. Site Section Performance – Case StudyFirst crawl the site with Screaming Frog. Export HTML to csv.
  59. Site Section Performance – Case StudyIn Excel, tag each section (and sub-sections if you want) of the site.
  60. Site Section Performance – Case StudyHopefully you’ll have about 8-12 main sections.
  61. Site Section Performance – Case StudyFind out how many are indexed for each section with advanced queries. (Might betricky if site doesn’t have good URL structure)
  62. Site Section Performance – Case StudyPut in spreadsheet – site sections and how many pages indexed per section.
  63. Site Section Performance – Case StudyCreate segments for EACH section in analytics. Organic Google traffic only.
  64. Site Section Performance – Case StudyApply segment to get number of visits from Google.
  65. Site Section Performance – Case StudyAdd number of visits to spreadsheet.Divide Visits by Pages Indexed =(C2/D2)
  66. Site Section Performance – Case StudyGraph It. Long form evergreen articles perform amazingly well compared to blogging.
  67. Case Study - SaaS– WPMU Premium
  68. Problem: Four User States1. Not logged in / not paying2. Logged in / not paying3. Logged in / paid4. Admin
  69. Use Custom Variables - User States ckingCustomVariables
  70. Use Custom Variables - User StatesOriginal setup – not ideal.
  71. Use Custom Variables - User StatesImproved setupReference:
  72. Use An End To End Report Acquisition Behavior Outcome How they found What they did What happened you Bounces Transactions Source Pages/visit Per visit value Keyword
  73. Use An End To End Custom Report
  74. Use An End To End Custom Report(Note: yes, I meant acquisition – whoops!)
  75. So Let’s Review
  76. Analytics is could be like…
  77. …assembled Ikeafurniture.
  78. Q&A@dan_shure Owner/consultant at Evolving SEO SEOmoz Associate @dan_shure