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Social ROI. What does it mean to your company? New followers and fans? Clicks and shares? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but when it comes to social media success there isn’t an easy or free answer. With the decline in organic reach, algorithms now rule the social game. As the number of businesses and brands vying for the same audience’s attention continues to grow, no social channel can afford to give you a free ride. The cold fact is that there is a new name of the game – pay to play. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. YouTube. Pinterest. Snapchat. Discover which platforms your target audience is on, and determine where your social ad dollars should be spent for your greatest ROI.

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  1. 1. THE EVOLVING SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE – PAY TO PLAY © 2017 E-volve Creative Group, LLC., All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Todd Bertsch Owner/President Creative and passionate about all things web, Todd Bertsch, Owner/President of Evolve Creative Group, is a leader in web design and digital marketing with over 20 years of experience in these fields. Todd is also an award-winning web designer, author, educator and lecturer. He speaks regularly throughout the region on various web-related topics and serves on several nonprofit marketing committees. Todd holds a BFA from The University of Akron in graphic design and is married with two children. When he’s not busy working, you’ll find Todd challenging his son to a ping pong match, lifting weights, grilling out or enjoying a campfire.
  3. 3. Malinda Shean Lead Digital Marketing Strategist Malinda Shean is a proud alumna of Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts. Malinda holds a Bachelor’s of Business in Marketing from Nichols, as well as an Associate’s of Science in Graphic Design from Springfield Technical Community College. She brings over 19 years of marketing experience to Evolve and over 10 years of digital marketing expertise. As the PPC Queen, Malinda loves the challenge of optimizing conversions and enjoys all things marketing and design, including traditional and digital marketing.
  4. 4. PROBLEM: To Compete, You Must Pay to Play With a dramatic shift in the social media landscape over the last few years, it’s very clear that social media marketing is no longer free. $ $
  5. 5. Facebook - Decline of Organic Reach Facebook has said that the average user has access to more than 1,500 posts per day but only looks at 300. Endless amounts of content and algorithm changes that favor paid social over organic are forcing brands to pay to play.
  6. 6. Social PPC Trends In 2017, social media marketing ad spend is projected to top $41 billion.
  7. 7. SOLUTION: Pay Up and Create a Strategy for Success Squatty Potty’s CEO ignored everyone, made an insane video and boosted sales 600% Whether organic or paid, content must have a purpose, be engaging and measurable. 50 million views on FB/YT, with some 70 percent watching entire three-minutes everyone-made-insane-video-and-boosted-sales-600-168526/
  8. 8. A successful social media PPC marketing campaign is focused on four key points: 1 Get in front of the RIGHT people Define your target audience. At the RIGHT time and place Create a strategy. With the RIGHT message Craft engaging messaging and creative. Data-driven decisions Test. Measure. Learn. Repeat. 2 3 4
  9. 9. Get in front of the RIGHT people Define your target audience • Demographics • Personas
  10. 10. I have demographic data, why do I need persona profiles? Demographics include things like age, gender, race and income bracket – pretty basic stuff. Personas dig into the personality of the buyer, focusing on what makes them who they are, and what drives them to seek out the services or products you offer. Demographics vs. Personas
  11. 11. Summit Metro Parks – Fall Hiking Spree Campaign • 24 to 44+ years old • Young parents/families • Pet owners • Have an interest in hiking and fitness for fun • History of being active based on web browsing activity • Summit County only Define Your Target Audience - Demographics
  12. 12. Define Your Target Audience - Personas Jenny – avid park user (FICTIONAL USER) About Jenny Jenny visits the parks several times a week. She enjoys walking her dog in the morning and hikes with her child on the weekends. Jenny’s Needs - Jenny is very busy and needs constant reminders about events and park closures. Our Goals for Jenny - Make sure Jenny is aware of all events, park closures and remind her to register for hiking spree. Jenny’s Profile - Manager of local hotel - 35 years old - High school diploma - Makes $55k annually - Married with one child - Has a dog named “spot” - Works a typical 40-hour week “I love our Summit Metro Parks and could not survive without them!”
  13. 13. Choose the RIGHT Time and place Create a strategy for success • Choose platforms • Types of marketing/sales funnel • User flow and goals
  14. 14. Create a Strategy – Choose Platforms Are you reaching the right people? Knowing your target audience and which platforms they are most likely engaging with allows you to: target effectively and use ad dollars wisely.
  15. 15. Create a Strategy – Choose Platforms
  16. 16. Create a Strategy – Timing/Sales Funnel Where are your customers at in the sales funnel? Jenny “I love our Summit Metro Parks and could not survive without them!” Awareness Interest Decision Action
  17. 17. Create a Strategy – Timing/Sales Funnel Should you implement Front End Advertising, Retargeting or Both? • Engage with people who have already visited your site and shown interest • Deliver a message to visitors based on content they did or didn’t view to re- engage them and encourage a conversion
  18. 18. Traditional Media Remarketing PPC If no registration form is submitted Create a Strategy – User Flow/Goals
  19. 19. Remarketing Placement Samples
  20. 20. Choose the RIGHT Message/Creative Messaging and Creative • Banner creative/messaging • Landing pages • Testing • Tracking
  21. 21. Promoted content must lead back to content that converts. Creative – Engaging Content 1.Do you have engaging content? 2.Do you have a measurable conversion and a clear call-to-action (CTA)? • Form • Download • Purchase • Video view 3. Does your message/creative match your landing page? 4. Is your landing page mobile friendly?
  22. 22. Creative – If Content is King, then…
  23. 23. Test different creative and messaging. Provide a clear CTA. Creative – Banners and Testing
  24. 24. Matching landing page. Clear CTA. Mobile-first approach. Creative – Landing Page/Tracking Event conversion tracking
  25. 25. Creative – Testing Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is good. It’s the best way to learn. Failure is the byproduct of good testing.
  26. 26. Test. Measure. Learn. Repeat. Track the performance of your paid advertising and make data-driven decisions. Test. Test. And then test again. Always be testing! • Image – Unsure of which image may resonate or convert the highest? Test them. This is your opportunity to evaluate which images garner the highest click-through rate in each platform. • Message – Minor copy changes can produce big results. Just changing your headline may help increase your CTR, giving you a better opportunity to convert. • Landing page – A/B split testing. Creative – Testing and Tracking
  27. 27. Make data-driven decisions • Measure performance/KPIs • Learn about your consumers • Repeat and test again
  28. 28. Making Data-Driven Decisions Consistently measure the results of your advertising campaigns and track the changes. This will help your team make data-driven decisions. • Each platform has metrics • Utilize an analytics platform, such as Google Analytics • Use tracking URLS to track performance • Use tools such as Crazy Egg and Mouseflow
  29. 29. User Behavior Tracking Making Data-Driven Decisions
  30. 30. User Behavior Tracking Making Data-Driven Decisions
  31. 31. Making Data-Driven Decisions Conversions by Source/Medium: 8/15/16 – 11/30/16
  32. 32. Google Analytics Microsite Results Making Data-Driven Decisions
  33. 33. Making Data-Driven Decisions Facebook PPC Total Goals Sign Ups: 217 Total Downloaded Forms: 113
  34. 34. Making Data-Driven Decisions After reviewing and analyzing the data from the 2015 Fall Hiking Spree, we determined our strategy for the 2016 Fall Hiking Spree. We used the data to set our digital placements and ad spends. We were able to decrease the cost per sign up for all digital placements by over 78%.
  35. 35. Test. Measure. Learn. Repeat.
  36. 36. FINAL SUMMARY Marketing efforts today need to be sophisticated and much more creative than ever before. You can’t afford to simply create your ad based on trends and forget about it.
  37. 37. Say Hello • • • • • • •