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Evolve 19 | Giancarlo Berner | JECIS 2 - The Beginning of a New Era in Building E-Commerce Experiences with AEM


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AEM is content-centric, so is the future of building commerce experiences. In this session, you will be shown how to build modern commerce experiences with AEM. The demo will explain how authors create/configure multiple (industry-independent) stores, configure the commerce environment for each store and manage all the commerce content and features, without writing a line of code. The second part will demonstrate how developers create templates, components, and functionality to build a compelling Web/User/Commerce Experience.

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Evolve 19 | Giancarlo Berner | JECIS 2 - The Beginning of a New Era in Building E-Commerce Experiences with AEM

  1. 1. #evolve19 JECIS 2 - THE BEGINNING OF A NEW E-COMMERCE ERA Giancarlo F. Berner August 7 - 2019
  2. 2. #evolve19 2 TITLE ONLY
  3. 3. #evolve19 3 1998 – Day Software launches “ContentBus”, predecessor of the Content Repository JCR 2006 – My first CMS/Commerce Integration with Magnolia CMS and Konakart 2010 – Adobe acquires Day Software 2011 – Abode works on an integration of AEM with Hybris 2017 – Analyst Forrester boots AEM due to the lack of Commerce Capabilities 2018 – Adobe acquires Magento 2018 – Kleiber Digital launches the JCR E-Commerce Framework JECIS 2019 – AEM is perhaps the most advanced CMS for Commerce Experiences! SOME BACKGROUND HISTORY – FROM CMS ONLY TO A COMMERCE CMS
  4. 4. #evolve19 4 AEM – THE FIRST CMS FOR E-COMMERCE • AEM / CIF • AEM / Magento • AEM / JECIS
  5. 5. #evolve19 5 • Commerce Content not in AEM • Commerce Functionality not in AEM • Synchronize Commerce Content • Compromise on use of CMS and Commerce Features • Integration requires Software Development and administration of two systems THE AEM/E-COMMERCE INTEGRATION CHALLENGE
  6. 6. #evolve19 6 • Commerce Content within AEM • Commerce Functionality managed by OSGi Framework • All CMS Features (Analytics, S&P, Sensei) also work for Commerce Content • Authors/Administrators control/configure Commerce Environment • No integration with Commerce required AEM/JECIS – THE JCR – COMMERCE FRAMEWORK
  7. 7. #evolve19 7 • Today E-Commerce sites are Experiences Brands engage with Viewers and Customers, Commerce Tools with Products • E-Commerce solutions are Application Centric – AEM & JECIS are Content Centric No SP/Views to read DB, no Micro Services to retrieve Content needed • All Industries have monetary Requirements Differentiator is Content, not Applications or physical Products • Commerce Content fully configurable and managed by Marketers (Authors) Commerce Environment is configured in AEM, Content is created with AEM • Shorter and cost-saving Development Cycles Focus on Templates and Components, not Micro Services • Fully Scalable Add Commerce Features and Properties, but also add new Industries ADVANTAGES OF A JCR COMMERCE FRAMEWORK
  8. 8. #evolve19 8 DEMO OF JECIS 2 • Demo Site with TWO different Industries • Excursion through JIM • Product Profiles – the End of Catalogs • The Video Promise – Add Hotel Amenities
  9. 9. #evolve19 9 • Two industries - Resort with Rooms and Boutique • JIM Commerce Content Management Tool to manage Commerce Environment • Product Profiles • Configured Commerce Environment – added Amenities Tab DEMO SUMMARY SUBHEAD
  10. 10. #evolve19 10 Stores Product/Product Profiles Full Product Features Clients/Client Profiles Orders/Order Mgmt Shopping Carts Suppliers Promotions/Actions Commenting/Rating Categories JECIS COMMERCE FEATURES Locations (Warehouse) Event Gifting (Wedding) Wishlist Watchlist (Event Listener) Download Newsletter Markets Configuration Types Manual Sales Tax Manual Currencies Sales Tax Module (API) Payment Module (API) Shipping Module (API) Currency Module (API) Checkout (API) Image Connector (DAM) Headless (JSON/XML) Model Classes External Content Provider Unlimited Industries
  11. 11. #evolve19 11 • JECIS 2 availability in Q4 2019 • Information/Demo: • Web: • Giancarlo Berner: ANNOUNCEMENTS If you start a commerce project in 2019 contact us for free subscriptions!
  12. 12. #evolve19 THANK YOU!