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Evolve 19 | Benjie Wheeler | Intro to Adobe Experience Manager 6.5


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In this session, attendees will learn about the newly released AEM 6.5 including new features and improvements.

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Evolve 19 | Benjie Wheeler | Intro to Adobe Experience Manager 6.5

  1. 1. #evolve19 INTRO TO AEM 6.5 Benjie Wheeler Adobe August 6, 2019
  3. 3. #evolve19 3 UI UPDATES List View has column for workflow status List View + open Sidebar Content Tree = same info as Classic UI Site Admin ColumnView - Lazy Loading – Loads only entries that are visible on the screen – Loads more only when the user is starting to scroll
  4. 4. #evolve19 4 SELECT ALL The Select All action attempts to perform the action to all pages/assets, not just what has been loaded. Note: A warning dialog will be shown if the action has not been upgraded to handle Bulk Actions.
  6. 6. #evolve19 6 PAGE THUMBNAIL
  8. 8. #evolve19 8 ASSIGNING CONTENT PERMISSIONS – PAGE PROPERTIES > PERMISSIONS Roughly equivalent to CRUD Permissions Page Properties tab accessible to Application Administrators with permission to edit ACLs in specified path
  9. 9. #evolve19 9 ASSIGNING PERMISSIONS - TOOLS > SECURITY > PERMISSIONS JCR Actions and Permissions
  10. 10. #evolve19 10 CONFIGURATION BROWSER Application Administrators can now perform configuration tasks that used to require developers or administrators  Access to CRXDE no longer necessary to modify context-sensitive configurations
  11. 11. #evolve19 11 MASTER PROJECT Groups and Roles are reused when Projects are created from the Master Project
  12. 12. #evolve19 12 TRANSLATION ENHANCEMENTS • Simplify creation of Translation Projects by using Project Masters • Simplify executing Translation Projects by setting translation jobs to approved status by default • Update translated pages with changes in 3rd-party Translation Memory • Export translation jobs in JSON format • Update Microsoft Translation integration to use V3 API
  13. 13. #evolve19 13 AEM ASSETS
  14. 14. #evolve19 14 ASSET LINK • Search across AEM Assets and Creative Cloud Assets • Enable new assets to be uploaded to AEM Assets • Easily access through Single Sign On (SSO) with Creative Cloud account credentials Check-out/in content stored in AEM Assets to prevent duplicate work by team members and maintain a single source of truth  Keep work-in-progress assets and final production assets in separate locations
  15. 15. #evolve19 15 ADOBE STOCK INTEGRATION Preview Adobe Stock image from AEM Assets Search and filter licensed Adobe Stock images using AEM Assets
  16. 16. #evolve19 16 CASCADING METADATA • Metadata Schema tool is used to define cascading metadata rules – Define chains of dependencies and value mappings between metadata fields – Define context in which metadata form fields are displayed/hidden • Display only relevant fields, depending on values in other fields
  17. 17. #evolve19 17 CONNECTED ASSETS Targeted at larger deployments with a number of distributed AEM Sites instance deployments – Leverage assets from a central AEM Assets DAM – Improve assets governance for centrally managed assets – Enable efficient delivery of assets to the various Sites deployments Drag and drop from a remote DAM
  18. 18. #evolve19 18 COMPOUND ASSETS / DYNAMIC ASSET REFERENCES • AEM Assets can identify if an uploaded file contains references to assets that already exist in the repository • AEM Assets supports bidirectional referencing • AEM Assets used in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop files are dynamic – References based on path to asset – References update automatically if the referenced assets moves in the JCR hierarchy
  19. 19. #evolve19 19 COMPOUND ASSETS - DEPENDENCIES Other AEM Assets that this file is DEPENDENT on
  20. 20. #evolve19 20 COMPOUND ASSETS – REFERENCED BY Pages, assets, files that REFERENCE this asset
  21. 21. #evolve19 21 ‘SMART’ ASSET ENHANCEMENTS • Visual Search – powered by Adobe Sensei, helps marketers using AEM Assets find similar images to a specific asset in a matter of seconds • Smart Tags – extends to video, using Adobe Sensei to automate the process of video discovery with intelligent tags that correspond to actions, attributes, and objects in videos • Smart Crop for video – powered by Adobe Sensei, automatically identifies and crops the most important parts of a video in AEM Assets to ensure a great video experience for users no matter which direction they hold their phones
  23. 23. #evolve19 23 AEM CONTENT SERVICES • AEM Content Services generalize the description and delivery of content in/from AEM beyond a focus on webpages. (Enhanced in 6.5) – For example, headless CMS • Standardized delivery methods that can be consumed by any client – JSON Format – Channels can include: • Single Page Applications (SPAs) • Native Mobile Applications • Other channels and touchpoints external to AEM
  24. 24. #evolve19 24 CONTENT SERVICES • AEM stores content in a media-neutral way • Export AEM content to alternate destinations – In chunks smaller than a page – In multiple formats • For example: HTML and JSON AEM Page Page content exported as JSON
  25. 25. #evolve19 25 CONTENT FRAGMENTS (CF) • Reusable, page-independent content • Pure content, stored as Asset in AEM – No layout or design beyond rich text formats • Variations optimized for editorial or channel purposes • Requires Content Fragment Component for JSON export
  26. 26. #evolve19 26 CF ENHANCEMENTS, 6.5 • Comments and Annotations – New comment rail in Content Fragment Editor to make general comments and see comments made within the text (also show up in Timeline rail) – Add comment/annotations by selecting text in the RTE (full-screen view) • Set the default content type of a multiline text element in a content fragment model to simple text, rich text or markdown • Compare versions of a Content Fragment side-by-side via Reference rail • Assets Download Report now shows Content Fragments
  27. 27. #evolve19 27 CF ENHANCEMENTS, 6.5 • Content Fragment support in Assets HTTP API via /api.json. – APIs for create, update, read and delete of Content Fragments. • Use Adobe Sensei’s natural language processing technology to summarize text automatically for smaller screens, so you can easily create text once and reuse it within your cross-channel experiences.
  28. 28. #evolve19 28 CONTENT FRAGMENTS & SERVICES - TECHNOLOGY Built from a ’Content Fragment Model’ CF template Built from ’Simple Fragment’ CF template
  29. 29. #evolve19 29 EXPERIENCE FRAGMENTS (XF) Content + Layout that forms an experience. Makes sense on its own Variations for specific use- cases Reuse across channels – whether owned or 3rd party.
  30. 30. #evolve19 30 EXPERIENCE FRAGMENTS VS. CONTENT FRAGMENTS• While Content Fragments must be wrapped in a component on a Page or wrapped in an Experience Fragment in order to be exported in JSON format… … Experience Fragments can be exported directly into JSON format using the Sling Model Exporter
  31. 31. #evolve19 31 XF ENHANCEMENTS, 6.5 • Send Experience Fragments to Adobe Target to create offers – Export to Target option now allows to send the Experience Fragment as JSON (default is HTML), or both • Faceted search improvements – Published/not published – Exported • Improved the indexing of Experience Fragments, so their content is found in search for pages where they are being used
  32. 32. #evolve19 32 TECHNICAL / MISC.
  33. 33. #evolve19 33 ADOBE JAVA SUPPORT Oracle Java support • Java 11 is the recommended version for AEM 6.5 – Java 8 is supported, but Adobe recommends that the latest supported Java version be used – Java 11 results in performance enhancements, as compared to Java 8 • Java 8 is the recommended version for AEM 6.4, 6.3, and 6.2 • Java 9 and 10 are not supported for AEM, because they are non-Long- Term Support (LTS) releases by Oracle • Check for latest download on (will redirect to
  34. 34. #evolve19 34 CLASSIC UI - DEPRECATED • Deprecated starting with 6.4 • Shipped as part of AEM in versions 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, and 6.5 • Supported for versions 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5 Recommendation: Customers should upgrade to the newest available AEM version first, and then make the switch away from the Classic UI. **Direct in-place upgrade to AEM 6.5 is supported for customers running AEM 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4.
  35. 35. #evolve19 35 CLASSIC UI – DEPRECATED PATHS • /libs/cq/core/content/welcome.html • /siteadmin • /damadmin • /miscadmin • /useradmin • /mcmadmin • /inbox • /tagging • /cf# (Page Editor) • /libs/launches/content/admin.html • /libs/cq/workflow/content/console.html
  36. 36. #evolve19 36 FOUNDATION COMPONENTS - DEPRECATED Adobe does not plan to make further enhancements to the “Foundation Components” The following foundation components are NOT deprecated: – Basic Page – Layout Container, (Inherited) Paragraph System, and Column Control – Experience Fragments Recommendation: Customers are advised to use the Core Components for future projects.
  37. 37. #evolve19 37 REPOSITORY RESTRUCTURE - EASIER UPGRADE • AEM 6.3 and earlier versions a good deal of ambiguity existed over the ownership of /etc and it sometimes resulted in this: AEM 6.4/6.5 • Moves content, specifically configuration content, out of /etc • Provides guidelines on who owns what and how to extend the OOTB features
  38. 38. #evolve19 38 REPOSITORY RESTRUCTURE – WHAT GOES WHERE • Starting with AEM 6.4, content is being restructured out of /etc to other folders • Rules: – AEM product code will always be placed in /libs – Customer application should be placed in /apps (code and clientlibs), /content (content), /conf (configuration information) Note: In most cases, backwards compatibility to the old locations is maintained after upgrade to AEM 6.4/6.5. Customers are encouraged to remove old locations, so content in the new locations is used.
  39. 39. #evolve19 39 REPOSITORY CONTENT CLASSIFICATION Public (granite:PublicArea mixin) – Can be • Overlaid • Inherited (sling:resourceSuperType) • Used directly (sling:resourceType) – Nodes marked as Public under /libs will be upgrade-safe – Customer apps should only leverage nodes marked as Public Final (granite:FinalArea mixin) – Cannot be overlaid or inherited – Can use directly (sling:resourceType) – Children of Final nodes are considered Internal by default
  40. 40. #evolve19 40 REPOSITORY CLASSIFICATION (CONT.) Abstract (granite:AbstractArea mixin) – Can be overlaid or inherited – Must not be used directly Internal (granite:InternalArea mixin) – Cannot be overlaid, inherited, or used directly – Internal functionality of AEM No annotation – Inherit classification base on the tree hierarchy – Notes with parent classified as Internal or Final are treated as Internal
  41. 41. #evolve19 41 AEM SINGLE PAGE APPLICATION (SPA) EDITOR • Developers build sites using SPA frameworks • Authors seamlessly edit content within AEM for a site built using such frameworks AEM instance and React/Angular Development Server render the same content AEM instance and React/Angular Development Server render the same content
  42. 42. #evolve19 42 SPA IS AEM-AGNOSTIC React JS Component mapped to an AEM component React JS Component mapped to an AEM component
  43. 43. #evolve19 43 HTL ENHANCEMENTS Current release: HTL version 1.4  “in” operator for strings, arrays and objects: ${'a' in 'abc’} ${100 in myArray} ${‘a’ in myObject} ‘in’ operator  Variable declarations with data-sly-set element : <sly data-sly- set.title="${currentPage.title}"/>${title} variable declarationvariable declaration
  44. 44. #evolve19 44 HTL ENHANCEMENTS • List and repeat control parameters: begin, step, end: <h2 data-sly-list="${currentPage.listChildren @ begin = 0, step=3, end=9}">${item.title}</h2> <h2 data-sly-repeat="${currentPage.listChildren @ begin = 1, end=7}">${item.title}</h2> Iteration begins at item at index 0 Process every third item End at item 9
  45. 45. #evolve19 45 HTL ENHANCEMENTS • Identifiers for data-sly-unwrap: <div data-sly-unwrap.isUnwrapped="${myCondition || myOtherCondition}"> text <span data-sly-test="${isUnwrapped}>is unwrapped</span> </div> • Support for negative numbers Assign identifier to access the result of the test 1,000.00 (3.14) -3.14 -.314E01
  46. 46. #evolve19 46 CORE COMPONENTS New version 2.X Components: • Carousel • Tabs • Separator • Teaser
  48. 48. #evolve19 THANK YOU!