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Why you need a video first marketing strategy


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Video Marketing Presentation by David Wesson of Evolve Social given at the Naturally Good Expo, ICC Sydney June 2017. To download the Brands Guide to create the winning recipe with social video featured in this presentation go to

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Why you need a video first marketing strategy

  1. 1. WHY YOU NEED A VIDEO FIRST MARKETING STRATEGY 2017 Best Practices Presented by David Wesson 5th June 2017
  2. 2. WHAT I’M GOING TO TALK ABOUT TODAY #1 The rise of social video consumption & opportunity. #2 We live in a video first social mobile world that demands new rules. #3 Four pillars to reach your audience in the video-first world. #4 Rethinking your creative approach. #5 Video is now blossoming in the end of the funnel
  3. 3. The Rise of Social Video Consumption & Opportunity#1
  4. 4. • Facebook now receives 8 billion video views per day, A 800% increase from 2015-16 that’s 100 million hours of video. • While Snapchat reportedly goes 2 billion better with 10 billion views. • YouTube states that “people watch hundreds of millions of hours” on the site. • Twitter recently released figures showing that its video views had grown by 220% in the 12 months previous. THE GROWTH OF VIDEO ON SOCIAL NETWORKS
  5. 5. MINUTES PER DAY WATCHED OF VIDEO * Source: Brightcove the science of social video turning views into value. Conducted by Vanson Bourne Feb 2017 “Australians watched 73% more videos via mobile devices in 2016, the highest of any group. Almost half 47% of which said they then made a purchase. “
  7. 7. We now live in a video-first world that demands new rules#2
  9. 9. • 65% of people on Facebook watch videos to 3 seconds will watch to 10 seconds. • 45% of those people who watch to 10 seconds get to 30 seconds • So it is vitally important to hook people in those first 3 seconds if you are to stand a chance of people watching your video past the first 10 seconds. CAPTURE ATTENTION QUICKLY
  10. 10. • 85% of Facebook videos are watched without audio. • Modern media brands such as Vice, Buzzfeed who have quickly built large followings by understanding demand for video without always needing audio to communicate; • Using stylised text overlays, annotations, cards, callouts, and animated gifs to capture consumer's attention. DESIGN FOR SOUND OFF
  11. 11. FRAME YOUR VISUAL STORY • 92% of video on Facebook is now watched on mobile so build for mobile and frame your videos in either the vertical or square format. • Online foodies Taste made designed their studios around the idea of online content. One kitchen set was built so that it would visually fit inside a mobile phone’s vertical video frame
  12. 12. USE A STRONG THUMBNAIL • Great way to grab viewers’ attention and get them excited about your video before it starts playing. • Begins to tell your story and show viewers what’s coming up in the video. • This thumbnail from ‘Tasty’ shows the Korean BBQ finished dish that the video shows you how to make.
  13. 13. LANDSCAPE 16:9 SQUARE 1:1 SQUARE 1:1 Letter box video with without text VERTICAL 9:16 1280 px 720px 1280px 39% 39% 1280px PRO TIP Including captions on your video can include view time on average by 12% BEST MOBILE VIDEO FORMATS
  14. 14. Four pillars to reach your Audience in video-first world.#3
  15. 15. ATTENTION SPAN & THE DEMOCRATISATION OF PUBLISHING • A Microsoft’s ‘goldfish’ study, found that the average person’s attention span has shrunk from 12 to 8 seconds in just the past 10 years! • Anyone can now be a publisher & the volume of content being produced is rising exponentially.
  16. 16. THE THUMBSTOPPER • Facebook has worked out that on average in the mobile newsfeed people spend an average of 1.7 seconds scanning each article as opposed to 2.5 per post on desktop. • “How do we get our prospects & customers to pause and watch our content & cut through the noise?”
  17. 17. THE FOUR PILLARS TO REACH YOUR AUDIENCE IT HAS TO BE SOCIAL IT HAS TO BE PERSONALISED IT HAS TO BE ON DEMAND IT HAS TO BE EMPATHETIC “I prefer content that speaks to my identity not a watered down generalisation “ “I prefer content wherever and whenever I need it “ “I prefer to consume content specifically programmed for me” “I prefer to consume content with others ”“I prefer to consume content with others ”
  18. 18. • Videos need to do more than reach their target audience. • They also need to engage with the audience, and be part of its wider community. • Connecting with people is key to capturing peoples attention. • Tasty’s facebook page was founded upon what was working in the mobile newsfeed SOCIAL 24 million views to date Video link
  19. 19. PERSONAL “It is now possible to distribute on a mix of data not just demographics” Buzzfeed’s Puppyhood Series Distribution Behaviours: Dog products, owners Saw previous episode Buzzfeed’s Parents custom audienceBuzzfeed’s Parents custom audience Interest: Dog food, Puppies ,dog lovers
  20. 20. • Our content needs to be where our audiences are do that they can consume it when and wherever they want. • Whilst different social channels present challenges they also presents opportunities • it’s all about how people are going to act and feel when they consume your content that matters. ON DEMAND
  21. 21. • Create video content that gets your prospects & customers and helps get your shared • Sharing is about identity because you often see that content is a means for saying something better than you can say it yourself and video. EMPATHETIC “SO ME” “SO YOU”
  22. 22. Resetting Your Creative Approach#4
  23. 23. TELLING YOUR VIDEO STORY “Your video ad shouldn’t be longer or shorter than it takes to tell your story well, so create a storytelling arc from the first frame to the last that keeps your audience interested along the way.” “ “
  24. 24. 4 COMPONENTS OF THE MINUTE VIDEO HOOK (FROM 0-3 SECONDS) IGNITE PAIN/PLEASURE (FROM 3-15 SECONDS) DESCRIBE SOLUTION (FROM 15-50 SECONDS) CALL TO ACTION (FROM 50-60 SECONDS) 1 2 3 4 What are you offering? What is the prdoct or service? Users must identify with the problem ask a question, show success or failure, make the benefit clear. Capture their attention immediately so no intro saying your name What do you want them to do? Source: Blitzmetrics
  25. 25. NEW STORY ARCS
  26. 26. HEARTBEAT
  27. 27. ZIG & ZAG
  29. 29. Video is now blossoming in the funnel#5
  30. 30. • Take your longer videos,, and repurpose them into 15 & 30- second segments or highlight reels that you can utilize in paid content. • These short videos can be used in both Facebook and Instagram ads. • Remember, testing is key; see how your audience responds. LEVERAGE SHORTER CONTENT 419615/
  31. 31. SOCIAL VIDEO AD FORMATS Instagram Stories Facebook Live video Pinterest Promoted Video Twitter Promoted Video Snapchat Snap Ads
  32. 32. • This Simple Ad for Privacy Pop's cool little bed tents is simple and colourful • Note the clever call to action in the bottom right corner. FACEBOOK
  33. 33. • J Crew launched this clever Ad to help drive sales of its new sunglasses • With a special offer to its Instagram followers for one day only. • Made up of a series of stop motion photos with some simple copy to let viewers know of the offer. INSTAGRAM STORIES
  34. 34. • This clever little stop-motion ad by Lowes Home Improvement in their Instagram account has been viewed 27 thousand times. INSTAGRAM VIDEO
  35. 35. So what’s your approach to video?
  36. 36. GOING VIRAL ISN’T EVERYTHING! “What matters now is whether or not a piece of video, or a video campaign, goes viral but that it’s linked to a brands broader marketing strategy, by converting views and audience engagement into sales through content produced for specific audiences.” “ “
  37. 37. INSPIRE ENTERTAIN EDUCATE PROVIDE UTILITY EVEREGREEN Always-on “pull” content designed for your core target segments. FRESH Regularly scheduled “push” content designed for your prime prospects i.e. video of the week. HERO Large-scale, tent-pole events or “go big” moments designed for broad awareness. 1. Video content that answers questions about your product or services your asked regularly? 2. Meet one of our ambassadors. 3. Take a tour behind the scenes 1. Monthly Events 2. Festival highlights 3. Product Reviews 1. Welcome to the world of brand X with our founder/CEO 2. New Products/Ambassador Influencer videos /Collaborations. 3. Special Events /Causes WHAT’S YOUR VIDEO CONTENT APPROACH?
  39. 39. The future of video is more active#6
  40. 40. 360 VR VIDEO • According to eMarketer more than half of users find 360 video engaging, • more than one-third say they’re more likely to engage with 360 video than with other, more traditional social media video formats.
  41. 41. LIVE • We now live and work in a world where the consumer choses what information they consume, when, where and via what device. • The question is not whether to make video a core component of your overall marketing mix. Rather, the question is how.
  42. 42. 1. Write down the top questions your customers ask you about your business and products 2. Storyboard the answers to those questions using the pro tips we’ve talked about today 3. Brief your agency/videographer on producing & run a trial campaign. HOMEWORK
  44. 44. QUESTIONS Contact: Tel: 0409-320 242 @davidwesson @wess @evolvesocialau