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Rebel Sport Brazil 2014 World Cup Campaign


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Rebel Sport Brazil 2014 World Cup Social Mmedia Campaign. for more information

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Rebel Sport Brazil 2014 World Cup Campaign

  1. 1. Rebel Sport ‘Show your Colours’ Brazil 2014 World Cup Campaign
  2. 2. The Brief Our brief was to drive social engagement around the rebel brand as the home of football for the Brazil 2014 World Cup and help promote their range of merchandise.
  3. 3. Our strategy focussed on helping the brands audience join the fun and excitement of the world cup and positioning the brand as part of the conversation. Our Strategy
  4. 4. 1 2 3 4 Positioning the brand as the home of football & part of the conversation . Driving product awareness and reach of our campaign through a series coordinated activities. Igniting our fans passion to get them to take part in the experience themselves. Providing the opportunity for our fans to express their feelings. Our Approach TELLING OUR STORY DRIVING AWARENESS ENGAGE & EXCITE PROMOTING ADVOCACY
  6. 6. We did this by providing a 24/7 stream of relevant and timely content with the latest news from Brazil, the Socceroos team camp and trade promotions on the brands social channels as the events unfolded supported by the rebel Soccer bug microsite.
  8. 8. To promote awareness of the rebel merchandise range we ran a 25 words or less Facebook Daily Prize Draw via our Map Kats platform where our fans could go into the draw to win piece of authentic official merchandise every day for the first two weeks of the World Cup.
  9. 9. The campaign was supported by a Facebook advertising campaign targeted mainly at a 13-39 male audience to drive reach and engagement of the campaign as well as regular weekly eDM’s to the rebel database and In-store POS signage.
  10. 10. 3. ENGAGE & EXCITE
  11. 11. To play on our audience’s passion to support their team and promote merchandise sales we asked them to post a selfie on Instagram and ‘Show their Teams Colours’ for their chance to go into a weekly draw to win a $1,000 gift card every week of the world cup.
  12. 12. All the photos were published via our Map Kats platform to Facebook gallery where our community could vote on their favourites and the four photos with the most likes each week were chosen as our finalists and a winner selected.
  13. 13. As our campaign reached fever pitch we launched a World Cup Final ‘Show your Colours Instagram contest’ to win a $2,500 Gift card where our audience had to post a selfie within 10 minutes of a goal being scored.
  15. 15. The winners of our Daily Prize Draw and Show your Colours contest became brand advocates and took to social media to show their delight to their own social networks with a deluge of User generated content and product conversation driving further reach of our campaign and awareness of Rebel merchandise.
  16. 16. Sharing their love for the Rebel brand! Toni Faint -Contest winner Facebook “I wanted to say now that the comp is over…Thank you. I have shared the comp and enjoyed voting. All the winners you chose were awesome. I even made friends with 2 other winners. I am stoked. I have been able get my Mum a voucher as well. So from me…A HUGE THANKS!!!!!” Sophie Matthews Thankyou Rebel! Very excited cause now I can finally get a new Socceroos jersey! There were really good entries this week so I was worried! Terry Diomis-Facebook “I just want to congratulate Rebel Football Season & Rebel Sport on their Awesome competitions run over the WC2014. As a football fanatic & sports Footwear & Apparel buyer your continued updates & competitions on both sites were fantastic & were great to follow. I enjoyed participating in all of them & am looking forward to your next big thing. I encourage everyone to experience the Rebel Sport difference when purchasing their sporting products. For all your sporting needs all under one roof, Rebel Sport is the place to GO! 'Rebel the best Footwear, Apparel, Equipment & Accessories store on the planet!' thnx” Louise Mary-Contest winner Instagram “I'm so excited @rebelsport chose my soccer pic as the winner of the second $1,000 gift card! Thank you so much Rebel, big family shopping spree coming up! Huge thanks to my dear friends who voted for my pic on FB Toni Faint Well done Cat. You never gave up. I am happy for you. Awesome comp Rebel Football Broas_03 Contest entrant Instagram “I always go to rebel sport that place is awesome. I got all geared up to go to the last game for soccer roos but we lost DAMM Next Time ! Louise Mary-Contest winner Instagram Thank you so much @rebelsport - I'm so excited! Thanks to all my friends for liking and voting  Toni Faint Omg thanks so much Rebel Football Season and rebel sports. I am so flippin happy!!!!! Thanks to my beautiful friends and family ......... Oh my
  17. 17. THE RESULTS
  18. 18. Over both our contests we had over 1,300 entries and added over 18.5K Fans and followers to the Rebel social community.
  19. 19. Our campaign saw a social engagement uplift of 519% across all the rebel social channels reaching over 3 million people and in the process delivering the Rebel brand record levels of merchandise sales across it’s 200+ retail stores.