Using Social Data to Identify Consumer-Driven Trends in Agriculture


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evolve24's Jay Harrison and Heather Rueschhoff explore how companies can go beyond social media monitoring with social intelligence to help companies get ahead of issues that will affect their business.

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Using Social Data to Identify Consumer-Driven Trends in Agriculture

  1. 1. Using Social Data to Identify Consumer-Driven Trends in Agriculture Heather Rueschhoff & Jay Harrison September 17, 2013
  2. 2. •  So many channels •  So many “cool, new” tools and gadgets •  So what? Exciting time for marketers
  3. 3. We can ask consumers what they want … AND listen to the things that they feel compelled to say. How can we most effectively market our products?
  4. 4. Survey Social Media Provides insight on… Known issues Unanticipated and emerging issues Opinions are … Restricted by a scale and limited in scope Unfiltered, uncensored, and unrestricted Provides interpretations of … The population as a whole People who are active, passionate, and motivated
  5. 5. People will tell you what they want in social media by discussing the things that matter most to them. In agriculture, companies need to be aware of: •  their customers •  their competitors •  and activists Listening to the conversations
  6. 6. evolve24 accumulates data from a variety of sources, including: 38 languages 200 countries Twitter YouTube Facebook Press releases Forums Newspapers Message boards Television Blogs Professional journals Listening to the conversations
  7. 7. PRECISE™ is a patent-pending predictive analytics technology derived within evolve24’s Innovation Lab.   What it means to be PRECISE™
  8. 8. PRE = Predictive issue ranking We identify the most common topics of discussion, then rank them by their potential impact on an industry, as indicated by Core message, Influence, Speed, and Emotion. PRECISE™ methodology
  9. 9. C = Core message PRECISE™ methodology
  10. 10. I = Influencers PRECISE™ methodology
  11. 11. S = Speed PRECISE™ methodology Jun            Jul            Aug            Sept  
  12. 12. E = Emotion PRECISE™ methodology Dread Catastrophic Communication Certainty Fairness Familiarity Responsiveness Trustworthy Control Vulnerable Morality Involuntary Understanding
  13. 13. evolve24 researched the agribusiness industry in March 2013. •  Over 2.1 million articles from traditional and social media •  Articles covered a six-month span from September 2012 through February 2013 Applying PRECISE™ in agribusiness
  14. 14. 1. Food safety 2. GMO labeling 3. Food access and scarcity Top agribusiness issues (March 2013)
  15. 15. The analyses were repeated with 2.2 million articles in August 2013. 1.  Food safety (stays #1) 2. Food access and scarcity (previously #3) 3. Farmer Assurance Provision (previously unranked) UPDATE: Top agribusiness issues
  16. 16. How does your company compare to its competitors?
  17. 17. evolve24 also researched packaged foods for a one-month period in July 2013. Analyses identified important topics from both communications and marketing perspectives. Downstream: A look at consumer packaged goods
  18. 18. 1. Poor health from processed foods 2. Affordability of healthy foods 3. Perceived dangers of GMOs in foods Top 3 communications issues Food industry
  19. 19. 1. Provide weight loss support with social media 2. Convenient and healthy breakfast options 3. Avoid artificial ingredients Top 3 marketing opportunities Food Industry
  20. 20. 1.  Fear of pit bulls 2. ratings 3.  Food stamps for pet food Top 3 communications issues Pet Food
  21. 21. Communications issues (cont) Pet Food 1.  Fear of pit bulls 2.  Dog Food Advisor Ratings 3.  Food Stamps for Pet Food 4.  AAFCO Nutrition Standards 5.  Dairy Content in Cat Food 6.  Pet Food Recalls 7.  FDA Pet Food Regulations 8.  Corn Content in Pet Food 9.  Expense of Healthy Pet Food  
  22. 22. 1.  Litter box training 2.  Rescue pet adoptions 3.  Asthma symptoms in cats Top 3 marketing opportunities Pet Food
  23. 23. Understand what your customers are discussing Emphasize your brand’s virtues Gain competitive advantages Be prepared What could my company gain from this information?
  24. 24. evolve24 is developing the next generation of metrics to quantify the positive feelings that people are expressing in social media. What’s next?
  25. 25. Learn more about social intelligence
  26. 26. Heather Rueschhoff Jay Harrison @HeatherSTL @GoAntelopes