"Evolution of life" presentation at MEDEA Awards 2010


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Presentation of "Evolution of life" by Yannick Mahé at the Media & Learning Conference in Brussels on 26th november 2010.

Outline of presentation:
- Patchwork collaboration
- Making-of : « Darwin on the evolution trail »
- Animation movies
- Documentaries
- Simulations
- Communication tools
- Distribution
- Web site www.evolution-of-life.com
- New media in the knowledge society
- Use of resources by teachers
- Audience / Feedback
- Financial details
- Legal matters
- Team

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"Evolution of life" presentation at MEDEA Awards 2010

  1. 1. free movies & simulations explaining evolution
  2. 2. Patchwork collaboration Animation movies O as origin * Darwin on the evolution trail Mutations - selection: the bacteria resist Simulations Water in all its states * The earth changes its appearance Looks all the same – and still is so different The flux of genetic information Documentary movies An evolutionary arms race Evolution before our eyes The case of the shrinking cod Web site www.evolution-of-life.com Teaching material background information, print-outs, excercises * Co-production « O as origin » & « Water in all its states »
  3. 3. Making-of : « Darwin on the evolution trail » 1. Documentation Script : Illustrator : Animator : Actors : Sound designer : Sound editing : Video editing : Scientific expert : Director : Yannick Mahé Gilles Macagno Sandra Lenquette Hester Wilcox & Kester Lovelace Ludovic Sagnier Marie-Odile Dupont Yannick Mahé Jean Gayon Yannick Mahé 3. Casting 2. Script
  4. 4. <ul><li>Storyboard </li></ul><ul><li>- define frames, actions, transitions </li></ul><ul><li>Animatic </li></ul><ul><li>- record voice of dialogues and comments and make a rough video with the storyboard visuals </li></ul>Making-of : « Darwin on the evolution trail »
  5. 5. Making-of : « Darwin on the evolution trail » compositing background illustration sketches of caracters animation & rendering
  6. 6. Making-of : « Darwin on the evolution trail » <ul><li>- voice recording </li></ul><ul><li>- music </li></ul><ul><li>- sound effects </li></ul><ul><li>- sound editing </li></ul><ul><li>- video editing </li></ul>
  7. 7. Animation movies - CNDP - Darwin on the evolution trail O as origin Mutations - selection: the bacteria resist Entertaining educational animation shorts Using animations, we can bring the dead and the inanimate to life and communicate efficiently about science. By telling a scientific story in an original and visually attractive way, complex concepts can easily be understood.
  8. 8. Animation movies - CNDP - Darwin on the evolution trail How did Charles Darwin work out his theory that all species have a common ancestor? www.evolution-of-life.com/en/observe/video/fiche/darwin-on-the-evolution-trail.html > see online
  9. 9. Animation movies - CNDP - www.evolution-of-life.com/en/observe/video/fiche/o-as-origin.html O as origin (coproduction CNDP&CNRS) > see online How could the very first cell emerge by chemical interactions of molecules ?
  10. 10. Animation movies - CNDP - Mutations - selection: the bacteria resist www.evolution-of-life.com/en/observe/video/fiche/mutations-selection-the-bacteria-resist.html > see online Recently in the news we hear a lot about multiresistant bacteria…you should get interested in the evolutionary processes going on!
  11. 11. An evolutionary arms race Evolution before our eyes The case of the shrinking cod Dokumentary movies - LMU Munich - Exciting short documentaries about evolutionary biology Documentary movies give an insight in current research work. The themes show hot topics in evolutionary biology that are relevant to the public and show that evolution is a modern science and research an international activity.
  12. 12. An evolutionary arms race Dokumentary movies - LMU Munich - Coevolution : a matter of equilibrium in the living world www.evolution-of-life.com/en/observe/video/fiche/an-evolutionary-arms-race.html > see online
  13. 13. Dokumentary movies - LMU Munich - www.evolution-of-life.com/en/observe/video/fiche/evolution-before-our-eyes.html Evolution before our eyes Evolution is a fast process: mutations and selection are the driving forces for evolution > see online
  14. 14. Dokumentary movies - LMU Munich - www.evolution-of-life.com/en/observe/video/fiche/the-case-of-the-shrinking-cod.html The case of the shrinking cod Do humans influence evolution ? > see online
  15. 15. Simulations - CNDP - Water in all its states Interactive documents for virtual experiments Evolutionary biology is not a very practical topic in school. One way to allow interactive learning is by using simulations which allow users to change parameters and observe the results like a researcher. The earth changes its appearance Tree of life Genetic flux
  16. 16. Simulations - CNDP - Water in all its states (coproduction CNDP&CNRS) www.evolution-of-life.com/en/explore/simulation/fiche/water-in-all-its-states.html <ul><li>the solar system </li></ul><ul><li>temperature and pressure: </li></ul><ul><li>the parameters determining the state of water </li></ul>> explore online
  17. 17. Simulations - CNDP - - earthquakes and volcanoes - plate tectonics and distribution of fossils www.evolution-of-life.com/en/explore/simulation/fiche/the-earth-changes-its-appearance.html > explore online The earth changes its appearance
  18. 18. Communication tools evolution-of-life.blogspot.com DVD, posters, flyers, post cards, blog…
  19. 19. Distribution <ul><li>Le monde de Darwin, des clés pour comprendre l’évolution in Rouen </li></ul><ul><li>Evolution... Révolution, de Darwin à nos jours in Lyon </li></ul><ul><li>Les sciences de l’évolution in Poitiers </li></ul><ul><li>Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum in Germany </li></ul><ul><li>Pôle international de la Préhistoire in France </li></ul><ul><li>Palais de la découverte in Paris </li></ul>Festivals Expositions Schools Events Pariscience 2009 in France Science Film Festival 2009 in Thailand Scinema 2009 in Australia A Nous de Voir 2009 in France ImagéSanté 2010 in Belgium European Science TV and New Media Festival 2010 in London ImagineScienceFilmFestival 2010 in New York Vedere la Scienza 2010 in Italy Festival du film d’animation pour la Jeunesse in France International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2009 MEDEA Awards 2010 ParisMontagne [R]évolutions in France Educatec-Educatice in France Inter@ktiv im ZKMax in Munich Fête de la Science in France Setmana de la Ciència in Spain Internet competitions www.evolution-of-life.com
  20. 21. french, english & german subtitles Video: streaming & download Scientific expertise
  21. 22. New media in the knowledge society zz source of information school internet
  22. 23. Use of resources by teachers 1. movie 3. excercise 2. simulation Get the students curious and catch their attention Let the students experiment and study autonomously Make a test and check for knowledge & understanding
  23. 24. Audience / Feedback <ul><li>Hello! I'm a student from a high school of Seville. In Biology class, we are talking about evolution, so the teacher has showed us the video &quot;Evolution before our eyes&quot;. I consider the video very useful because we can see evolution really occurs, really happens… </li></ul>teenagers teachers students Comme j'enseigne en section européenne, j'apprécie vraiment que les animations soient accessibles en anglais et en français… Ce que vous faites est remarquable!    merci pour cette aide précieuse... mes cours peuvent être plus attrayant , j'ai de nouvelles ressources pour faire travailler mes élèves en autonomie ... bravo!
  24. 25. Youtube « Evolution-of-life » on youtube > Non-formal collaborations Sorina Andriev (PhD), high-school teacher & Daniel Andriev, translator subtitled the movies to make them accessible to romanian students
  25. 26. Youtube > Feedback / exchange …
  26. 27. How was it financed ? Project proposal submitted by Pleuni Pennings (LMU Munich) & Yannick Mahé (CNDP) Project call OPV 2008 Project proposal submitted by Christian Sardet (CNRS) & Yannick Mahé (CNDP) Project call Evolution heute
  27. 28. Financial details 17 000 Euros 100 000 Euros 65 000 Euros 105 000 Euros 3 documentary movies 2 animation movies 3 thematic simulations web site Teaching material Question/answer Print-outs… 1 animation movie 1 thematic simulation Equipment & man days
  28. 29. Legal matters Creative commons licences do not work in France: the french law about intellectual property rights requires to detail each use, support, duration, etc