Shopper missions: The heart of any successful shopper strategy


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Evolution Insights lead analyst, James Johnson explains why shopper missions sit at the heart of any successful shopper strategy.

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Shopper missions: The heart of any successful shopper strategy

  1. 1. Shopper missions: The heart of any successful shopper Evolution Insights lead analyst James Johnson explains why shopper missions sit at the heart of strategy any successful shopper strategy. With the rise of shopper the shoppers’ motivations “Fundamental to truly marketing, manufacturers for visiting the actual store successful shopper and retailers are and with their associated marketing in-store is the increasingly targeting behaviours. recognition and consumers as shopper’s in- store, tailoring their Fundamental to truly understanding that marketing accordingly with successful shopper shoppers shop the store by a marked increase in below marketing in-store is the mission, not by category”. the line activity in recent recognition and times. understanding that shoppers shop the store by “Shopper missions And in the current mission, not by category. essentially capture the environment of heightened Shoppers visit the store purpose of the shoppers’ competition and wavering with a specific purpose shopping trip.” customer loyalty, (mission) in mind, be it to manufacturers are purchase a specific item, particularly focusing on meal for tonight, to top-up tailored price promotions, fresh food for the week or packaging and incentives to stock-up their cupboards for their brands that seek to with food and groceries. capture the shopper’s attention at the point of Increasingly we see purchase. shoppers tending towards such a diversity of trips, At Evolution we find that each driven by more FMCGs are actually by and specific needs. Shopper large on top of their game missions essentially capture in this respect when it these needs through the comes to their own brands purpose of the shoppers’ and categories. However shopping trip. they are often less au fait with how their category interacts with others in the context of the shopper’s overall shopping trip, with
  2. 2. And it is through are able to identify which “By understanding understanding the categories and store shopper missions, shopper’s mission - why formats drive different manufacturers the shopper is in the store shopper motivations and are able to identify which – that FMCGs and indeed behaviours, and focus on categories and store retailers can gain a better how their categories fit in formats drive different understanding of the key and interact with others. categories shoppers are shopper motivations and likely to shop, their So with shopper mission behaviours, and focus on susceptibility to price and know-how, both FMCGs how their categories fit in promotional activity, and retailers can identify and interact with others.” openness to impulse shopper motivations and purchases, and their likely behaviours, and ultimately route around the store. influence the shopper At Evolution we believe journey and experience that shopper mission These insights can in turn more directly. insight is key to any help fine tune their successful shopper product and merchandising At Evolution we believe strategy. by category adjacency, that shopper mission different store formats, insight is key to any location of display in store successful shopper and promotional partners. strategy. We classify shopper missions broadly By understanding shopper into four main categories. missions, manufacturers Shopper missions On the go Top-up Main trolley Stock-up For Often reactive Main household Planned, consumption based on shops, planned infrequent and immediately, for particular covering most often high example lunch need(s) categories. volume. while out or between the Often at Typically once a takeaways main shop weekend month
  3. 3. Evolution Insights Ltd For each category If you would like to Evolution identifies a understand more about About Evolution Insights number of different shopper missions and how missions. they can help you develop Evolution Insights is a research led your shopper strategy, consultancy specialising in shopper In our recent publication, please take a look at our marketing. We deliver original research, analysis and insight into the UK top-up shopper shopper insight series shopper motivations and behaviour mission 2010, we consider reports and do not hesitate for manufacturers, retailers and top-up missions that relate to call if we can be of agencies. to a need for specific further assistance. For more information please visit items, specific meals, fresh food replenishment and E-mail: specific occasions enquiries@evolution- respectively. Each has a quite different Tel: context, with shoppers’ 0113 389 1038 motivations and associated behaviours differing notably. By researching and analysing shopper motivations and behaviours across these different missions, Evolution presents valuable shopper insight for both retailers and FMCGs. In its forthcoming publication, the UK on the go mission 2010, Evolution identifies a further three key missions – breakfast, lunchtime and snacking. Evolution Insights Ltd is a private Here we present detailed limited company registered in the UK and actionable shopper with registered number 07006001. insight for both Evolution Insights Ltd, Prospect manufacturers and House, 32 Sovereign Street, Leeds, retailers. The report is due West Yorkshire, LS1 4BJ. for publication in March 2010. © Evolution Insights Ltd. All rights reserved.