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Shopper marketing understanding the shopper consumer relationship


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Shopper marketing initiatives range quite considerably, from the format and location of displays in-store, product merchandising, packaging and POS, to promotion and even in-store sampling and live demonstrations.

But whilst they do vary quite considerably, they all share the same goal in common – to identify with shoppers, communicate benefits and ultimately to influence their behaviour at the point of purchase – to turn them from shoppers into buyers.

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Shopper marketing understanding the shopper consumer relationship

  1. 1. Shopper marketing: understanding the Evolution Insights explain why understanding the consumer shopper consumer shopper relationship is key to a relationship successful shopper strategy. What is Shopper with some studies “Shopper marketing is in Marketing? estimating that investment essence the use of shopper in shopper marketing is insights to develop Shopper marketing is in increasing faster than marketing campaigns that essence the use of shopper investment in advertising insights to develop online. seek to influence shopper marketing campaigns that behaviour at the point of seek to influence shopper Many recent studies also purchase.” behaviour at the point of claim that a high proportion purchase. of purchase decisions are made in-store at the point “By understanding what Shopper marketing of purchase. Whilst the influences consumers in- initiatives range quite percentages vary, it is clear store as shoppers, you can considerably, from the that in an environment of better attract their format and location of heightened competition, attention and improve displays in-store, product diminishing brand loyalty your sales conversion at merchandising, packaging and an increasingly and POS, to promotion and fragmented media market the point of purchase.” even in-store sampling and that a focus on traditional live demonstrations. TV and print marketing alone is no longer But whilst they do vary sufficient. FMCGs must look quite considerably, they all to better understand their share the same goal in consumers as shoppers to common – to identify with stay ahead of the shoppers, communicate competition. benefits and ultimately to influence their behaviour at By understanding what the point of purchase – to influences consumers in- turn them from shoppers store as shoppers, you can into buyers. better attract their attention and improve your A big growth opportunity sales conversion at the point of purchase. Shopper marketing is a strong growth industry,
  2. 2. Shopper vs. Consumer different things to “It is vital to recognise that consumers. While shoppers have a different So shopper marketing is all consumers are more mindset to consumers.” about how consumers concerned about brand behave as shoppers. and aspiration, shoppers Consumers become seek convenient solutions, shoppers when they value and differentiators “While consumers are embark on their path to in-store. more concerned about purchase - often when they brand and aspiration, enter the retail store. It is Traditional consumer shoppers seek convenient vital to recognise that marketing focuses on shoppers have a different building brand awareness, solutions, value and mindset to consumers; whilst shopper marketing differentiators in-store.” indeed shoppers need not targets the consumer in a necessarily be one in the shopper mindset, aimed at same as consumers. their decision making processes in-store. “Shopper insights relate to Consider the example of a behaviour along the path father conducting a weekly Shopper Insights to purchase, typically in- trolley grocery shop for his store. They capture how family. His needs and This consumer shopper concerns whilst deciding model leads to a clear people behave as which soft drink to distinction between shoppers.” purchase for his children consumer and shopper may be quite different to insights. Shopper insights his children whom are relate to behaviour along actually the ones who will the path to purchase, drink it. The housewife typically in-store. They who purchases beer for capture how people her husband may also have behave as shoppers as they different considerations. search for these While she might seek the convenient solutions, value fastest solution at a good and differentiator’s in- overall price, he might pick store. Consumer insights in the premium beer he contrast capture the knows he likes more, or relationship between spend more time to consumer and brand. decipher the value by pence per litre. To understand the shopper, consider their mindset and And whether the consumer the purpose (mission) of and shopper actually differ their trip. Which channel in person or not, shoppers are they likely to use for still typically care about this trip?
  3. 3. What kind of shopping awareness of your product “Shopper and consumer behaviour (modality) are or brand throughout this insights are two they likely to adopt in- journey. This might begin complementary ends of store? Do they typically use with the aisle, the point the same spectrum. a shopping list with a where the shopper enters Marketing, brand and focused mindset, or are the store, the car park, the they more open to impulse retailer loyalty scheme or insight managers should purchases? Does this vary even the website at home seek both shopper insights by category? that targets the shopper and consumer insights to with specific promotions. complete the picture, with At Evolution Insights these consumer and shopper are just some examples of Opportunities exist marketing initiatives the kind of questions we throughout the path to ask to get underneath the purchase for shopper aligned.” skin of the consumer in marketers to build touch shopping mode, to truly points with shoppers. gain insight into how they Whether it is recipe cards behave in-store. or coupons online, “The key is to understand sampling at the store front what the best methods are Shopper and consumer or promotions on gondola for your product or brand, insights are in summary ends. The key is to and how to build two complementary ends understand what the best complementary consumer of the same spectrum. methods are for your and shopper marketing so Marketing, brand and product or brand, and how insight managers should to build complementary one reinforces the other.” seek both shopper insights consumer and shopper and consumer insights to marketing so one complete the picture, with reinforces the other. consumer and shopper marketing initiatives Not a one size fits all aligned. A final point to note is that Not just in-store different categories and products lend themselves With this in mind it is to a different balance of important also to consider marketing initiatives that shopper marketing through the path to isn’t just about the final purchase. point of purchase, or even just about in-store. It is While some products are about informing and almost entirely defined by influencing shoppers along brands, consumer their entire path to marketing and a pre- purchase and maintaining planned approach
  4. 4. Evolution Insights Ltd to purchasing, others rely Contact Us heavily upon shopper About Evolution Insights marketing in-store - where If you would like to Evolution Insights is a research led the number of alternatives understand more about consultancy specialising in shopper marketing. We deliver original and impulse nature of the shopper marketing and research, analysis and insight into product are the more how we can help you shopper motivations and behaviour important factors. develop your shopper for manufacturers, retailers and strategy, please do not agencies. And with shoppers hesitate to contact us. For more information please visit shopping by mission, not by category, FMCGs and E-mail: retailers should also take enquiries@evolution- care not to overlook how categories relate to each other in-store. Insights into Tel: shopper missions can help 0113 389 1038 identify potential promotional partners and also opportunities to optimise your broader shopper marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd. This might be through adjacencies, considerations such as convenience, sustainability or well being, or even themes such as dining in and indulgence. Evolution Insights Ltd is a private limited company registered in the UK with registered number 07006001. Evolution Insights Ltd, Prospect House, 32 Sovereign Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4BJ. © Evolution Insights Ltd. All rights reserved.