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Multichannel final sample extract2


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Multichannel final sample extract2

  1. 1. Multi-channel Shopping 2014 Channel Overviews and Shopper Typologies SAMPLE EXTRACT
  2. 2. Disclaimer Please note No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written consent of Evolution Insights Ltd. The content of this report is based on information gathered in good faith from both primary and secondary sources and is believed to be correct at the time of publication. Evolution Insights can however provide no guarantee regarding the accuracy of this content and therefore accepts no liability whatsoever for any actions taken that subsequently prove incorrect. © Evolution Insights Ltd 2014
  3. 3. About Evolution Insights Evolution offer a range of products & services for clients in the field of shopper research: Off-the-shelf research Evolution’s off the shelf research publications deliver affordable insight into shopper motivation and behaviours in UK food, drink and grocery Insight Plus Insight Plus offers your business the opportunity to engage in any of our regular shopper research projects in advance of publication, tailoring the scope to suit your needs Bespoke Consulting As publishers of research, we are able to draw upon a wealth of existing proprietary data for consulting projects – helping to better inform and shape any further research requirements Our research and analysis helps clients develop targeted shopper marketing initiatives designed to influence shoppers at the point of purchase. We use a range of research methodologies to discover genuine insights. Our research incorporates a broad spectrum of robust qualitative and quantitative research techniques. As a leading publisher of shopper research, we are ideally placed to offer your business actionable shopper insight. Evolution is a leading research consultancy specialising in shopper motivation and behaviour. We deliver off-the-shelf, tailored and bespoke research for manufacturers, retailers and agencies. Sign up for Shopper Trend Report, our free monthly newsletter offering analysis and commentary on topical shopper issues.
  4. 4. Contents Executive Summary 6 Online 35 Introduction 36 Key Findings and Summary 9 All Shoppers 37 Gender/Life stage 38 Multi-Channel: Overview 13 Shopping Trips 39 The Channels 14 Penetration 40 Why Multi-Channel? 15 M-commerce 16 Convenience Stores 41 Biggest Growing Channels 17 Introduction 42 All Shoppers 43 Report Key 18 Gender/Life stage 44 Gender 19 Shopping Trips 45 Life Stage 20 Penetration 46 Channels 21 Shopper Missions 22 Discount Supermarket 47 Introduction 48 Introduction 23 All Shoppers 49 Channel Overview 24 Gender/Life stage 50 Channel Penetration 25 Shopping Trips 51 Shopping Trips 26 Penetration 52 Channel 27 Premium Supermarket 53 Big 4 28 Introduction 54 Introduction 29 All Shoppers 55 Multi-channel 30 Gender/Life stage 56 All Shoppers 31 Shopping Trips 57 Gender/Life stage 32 Penetration 58 Shopping Trips 33 Penetration 34
  5. 5. Contents High Street Discounters 59 Introduction 60 All Shoppers 61 Gender/Life stage 62 Shopping Trips 63 Penetration 64 Gender/Life stage 65 Summaries by Gender 66 Males 67 Females 68 Life stage 69 Young, No Children 70 Young Families 71 Empty Nesters 72 Older Families 73 Silver Shoppers 74 Methodology 75
  6. 6. Overview: The Channels Multi- Channel Online* Convenience Supermarket Big4 Premium Supermarket Discount Supermarket High Street Discounters *Inc. Click & Collect
  7. 7. Overview: Why Multi-Channel? Why is Multi-Channel important? We all know how difficult a time retailers have been having in the past few years - many big name companies are disappearing from the high street; Blockbuster, HMV, Focus, Comet, Republic, to name a few. But in spite of the difficulties that these retailers have faced, others are doing better than ever, so why is this? Retailers that are thriving at the moment all seam to have one thing in common – they have a variety of ways in which their customers can interact with their store. With online sales increasing year-on-year, and the increasing penetration of smartphones and tablets, having a seamless multi-channel offering is becoming essential. Food & Grocery retailers are also adapting their services to fit in with new ways of shopping, offering online shopping, mobile and tablet apps, convenience stores, large stores, click & collect etc., in a bid to win over customers with the most seamless shopping experience for every need. In July 2011 Waitrose launched its online grocery service to take on rival Ocado. By October 2012 it had posted its highest ever grocery market share. M&S is building its own multichannel sales platform to succeed the Amazon-run system it currently uses in 2014 In November 2012, ASDA announced its multichannel business had doubled in size in two years — with 16% of online grocery orders made via mobile, from 0% 12 months previously. Source:
  8. 8. Overview: Biggest Growing Channels Online (Click & Collect) With shoppers expectations at an all time high, retailers are rushing to develop new strategies that allow shoppers to shop when, where and how they want. This is leading to an increasing number of multi- channel offerings, such as Click & Collect, which is an amalgamation of the online and in-store channel. Asda have recently launched Click & Collect in tube stations, allowing shoppers to place their order before midday, and pick it up the same day after 4pm in a select few stations. Convenience There are around 47,000 c-stores currently open in the UK. The channel has seen the largest growth of all brick & mortar channels, with almost a 5% year-on-year rise in sales. Appeal of c-stores is increasing with convenient locations, improved ranges and shoppers conducting more top up shops. Discounters Discounters are also increasing their market share year-on-year thanks to the after effects of the recessions and improved product ranges. We are seeing ever more blurred boundaries between the Big4 and discounters, with stores such as Aldi and Lidl increasing their product ranges, and increasing their store portfolio.
  9. 9. Report Key: Channels Premium Big 4 Convenience Online Discounters High Street Discounters Big 4 Supermarket Any of the Big 4 supermarkets Premium Supermarket Waitrose, Marks & Spencer Convenience Stores Stores under 3000sqft Online Big 4, Waitrose and Ocado Discount Supermarket Retailers with a price based proposition High street Discounters Typically pound shops found on the high street, limited grocery offer
  10. 10. Introduction: Channel Penetration 89 51 76 62 21 67 0 20 40 60 80 100 % Channel penetration for Primary Shoppers (Average for period February-April 2014)
  11. 11. Introduction: Shopping Trips Number of shopping trips per month: 101 98 90 137 83 107 97 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110 115 120 125 130 135 140 Males Females Young Young Families Empty Nesters Older Families Silver Shoppers Indexed at 15.8 shops per month 15.9 15.5 14.1 21.6 13.2 16.2 15.3 Number on top of chart = Actual number of shops per month Number inside the bar = Index
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Premium Supermarket: All Shoppers Quality Range Quality Location Meat/fish Chilled Bread Meat/fish Cakes/buns Fruit/veg Meat/fish Chilled Fruit/veg Meat/fish Chilled Fruit/veg Meat/fish Chilled food Fruit/veg Meat/fish Chilled Bread Meat/fish Fruit/veg Bread Quality Range Quality Location Quality Range Quality Range Quality Range Gender Life Stage Most Common Mission Top 2 Drivers Top 3 Categories Male Female Young single Young family Empty nesters Older families Silver shoppers
  14. 14. Methodology 14
  15. 15. Secondary and desk research Preliminary qualitative and quantitative research Main quantitative surveysInsights • Evolution carries out a preliminary survey of around 100 shoppers, to test questions for the main survey. • Detailed secondary and desk research is conducted to define the topic area, macro drivers and trends, scope and examples of within the research topic. • Initial insights gained are used to help further design the main survey. • A main survey is completed by at least 1,000 UK adults who are the primary household shopper for food & grocery. • Comprehensive and detailed assessment of all the data received was then used to discover insights. • Throughout this process, primary research was supported by secondary research drawing on Evolution’s proprietary databases, national statistics, news and industry resources. Methodology Evolution’s methodology
  16. 16. Methodology: Quantitative Research – Survey Drivers, by channel Categories, by channel Mission, by channel Frequency of channel usage Channel usage Demographic profiling • Detailed shopper insights were gained from 1,000 UK adults who are Primary shoppers. The questionnaire was fully representative of the online grocery shopper population in the UK. • The survey contained questions relating to topics outlined to the left – in addition to standard demographic profiling questions. • The questions were designed to give maximum insight into shopper’s motivation and behaviour before, during and after online grocery shopping. Topics of questions in quantitative survey
  17. 17. Contact us Evolution Insights Ltd Prospect House 32 Sovereign Street Leeds LS1 4BJ Telephone: 0113 336 6035 e-mail: Web: Company No. 07006001 Country of Incorporation: United Kingdom