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Scroll - Online Marketing Application


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Introducing the next generation of Email campaigning that combines the best of Interactive emails and the reach of Social Media websites to drive your product promotion. With Scroll, serve your target audience emails that are appealing and eye-grabbing, filled with product specs, well sorted image galleries, enquiry form, Google map and even video galleries. It’s all about getting more for less.

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Scroll - Online Marketing Application

  1. 1. Scroll Features
  2. 2. Internet Marketing Internet Marketing utilizes the Internet to reach potential customers and deliver your marketing message. What can Internet Marketing do for my business? •Reach thousands of local, national & global clients •Conduct large scale promotions at a nominal cost •Collect instant feedbacks •Reach only those clients who will buy
  3. 3. Email Marketing • Email Marketing uses emails as a method of communicating with your potential clients. • Attractive, informational emails are used • Additional HTML page gives more details • Easy ‘Contact Form’ for quick feedback • Track your campaign- Reports & Analysis • 0% Spam- 100% Assurance of Inbox delivery
  4. 4. Email Marketing
  5. 5. SMS Marketing- within India Short message service (SMS) marketing is a technique that utilizes text messaging to spread a marketing message. • Almost everybody has a Cell phone!! •Everyone checks SMS-even marketing messages •Best to promote local events & quick intimation •Everything is Software based- reduced operational costs
  6. 6. Social Media- Twitter Facebook & Google+ Social Media Marketing is the process of marketing through social media websites like Twitter Facebook & Google+ Big connectivity- over 900 million users You post- your friends share- your circle grows Customers can be directed to your website from your Facebook or Twitter or Google+ page
  7. 7. Email Samples
  8. 8. Email via conventional mailers (New Year ‘s Greeting via Gmail) 6/15
  9. 9. Email via Scroll (New Year’s Greetings × 4500 nos. test run) 7/15
  10. 10. Sample : Christmas Greetings sent via Scroll 8/15
  11. 11. Sample : Template for Job Consultancies 9/15
  12. 12. Sample : Template as sent by a Travel Company via Scroll 10/15
  13. 13. Sample : Template as sent via Scroll 11/15
  14. 14. Sample : Christmas Greetings sent via Scroll 12/15
  15. 15. Application developed and presented by, Evol Technologies 3rd Floor , Rameshwar Arcade, Kuloor Ferry Road, Kottara , Mangalore-575006 Karnataka, India.Phone: 0824 4253865 email: