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Uc123 pal presentation deck


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Microsoft Lync Mobility

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Uc123 pal presentation deck

  1. 1. Partner Academy Lync Mobile – Clients, Server & Deployment Planning (UC123PAL) December 9, 2011 Brian Crum Product Manager Caroline Chung Girija Bhagavatula Product Manager Senior Program Manager
  2. 2. Lync Works Platforms and DevicesPC Mac Browser Mobile Desk Phones
  3. 3. Release Timeline – Mobility Service & Lync Mobile Clients Week of December 12th December 9th Lync 2010 for other Lync Server 2010 Mobility Service & mobile platformsclient/server/deployment documentation available available December 12th Lync 2010 for Windows Phone Available in the WP Marketplace
  4. 4. Lync mobile clients enable you to stayconnected, communicate and conference on-the-go• Stay connected, while controlling your availability• Communicate with a single, consistent identity• Join audio conferences with a single touch• Familiar and intuitive design iOS
  5. 5. Key Mobile Scenarios and Features Stay connected to your network StayConnected, Communicate and Control your availabilityConference on the go Communicate from virtually anywhere
  6. 6. I can stay connected to my network Lync mobile clients allow you to communication in new ways, from virtually anywhere▪ Signature Scenarios ▪ I can quickly & easily see the status of the contacts I care about most ▪ I can find and contact colleagues based on relationships ▪ I can remain connected while protecting “off-work” time▪ Supporting Features ▪ Lync 2010 and Office 365 support ▪ View and expand contact groups ▪ View contacts presence and personal note ▪ Search the corporate address book ▪ Offline contact caching
  7. 7. I control my availability Lync mobile clients allow me control how and when people contact me▪ Signature Scenarios ▪ I have control over how others see me ▪ I am confident Lync Mobile will protect my personal life ▪ I can use a single device for both work and personal communication▪ Supporting Features ▪ Edit and publish presence, and note ▪ Control push notification settings ▪ Update call forwarding and simultaneous ring settings ▪ Virtual work line – Single Number Reach
  8. 8. I can communicate from virtually anywhere Lync mobile clients allow me communicate quickly and easily▪ Signature Scenarios ▪ I can easily see missed communications at a glance ▪ I can start multiple modes of communication with a single touch ▪ I can manage multiple conversations at once▪ Supporting Features ▪ Join conferences with a single touch ▪ IM, multi-party IM ▪ One touch calling (Call via Work) ▪ Device notification integration ▪ Conversation window management
  9. 9. IM/P and Contact Management▪ Contacts: Photo, Contact list, Contact card, Enterprise search▪ Presence: My status, Contact presence▪ Instant Messaging: IM, Multi-party IM, send location Windows Nokia iPhone iPad Android Feature Phone (7.5 Symbian 3 (iOS 4+) (iOS 4+) (2.3+) “Mango”) (SR2 1.11+) Presence and Instant Messaging Lync and Lync Online connectivity      New UI, Photo, status, Presence      View Lync Contact List      Search in Corporate Directory and view     contact card IM, Multi-party Conversation      Distribution List expansion      Manage contact list 
  10. 10. Audio Conferencing ▪ Single touch to join a scheduled Lync online meeting ▪ Lync callback to the configured phone number with Lync Mobile ▪ Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” & Nokia Symbian utilize Exchange/Outlook so that the join conference feature is integrated in the calendar ▪ Meeting pane is used on iPhone/iPad to provide the join button ▪ Android has only URL based join launcher ▪ On iPad, callback is made to another device (no 3G voice channel on an iPad) Windows Nokia iPhone iPad Android Feature Phone (7.5 Symbian 3 (iOS 4+) (iOS 4+) (2.3+) “Mango”) (SR2 1.11+) Join Lync Conference from Calendar (PSTN Callback)      Calendar Integration   Meeting Pane Integration  10
  11. 11. Outside Voice▪ Lync is my single phone identity ▪ One phone number on my business card, no need to broadcast your mobile number to your colleagues ▪ People can reach me virtually anywhere ▪ Lync can ring my PC and mobile so that I never miss a call Windows Nokia iPhone iPad Android Feature Phone (7.5 Symbian 3 (iOS 4+) (iOS 4+) (2.3+) “Mango”) (SR2 1.11+) Single Number Reach     Call via work (PSTN Callback)     Call forwarding      Calling From Contact Card     Calling from Conversation Window    
  12. 12. Lync Server 2010 Mobility Service▪ Optimized web interface ▪ Optimizes battery/bandwidth usage between client & server ▪ Improves start up time for the client ▪ Caches state during network glitches for client re-sync ▪ Delivers push notifications to Lync mobile apps on iPhone/ iPad / Windows Phone ▪ Deploys as part of the consolidated topology as a web component on FE serversWave Goal W14 CU4 • Multi-platform Lync Mobile ClientsQ4 CY 2011 • On premise and service deployments • Deliver core Lync features (Contacts, Presence, IM, Outside Voice, Conference) • Integrate with standard Lync Manageability tools (management shell cmdlets, Auto-Discovery)
  13. 13. Lync Server 2010 Mobility Service - Architecture GSM Media Gateway Reverse Proxy InternetMediation Microsoft Push Server Lync Server with Notification Service Mobility Service Lync Push Notification Clearing Apple Push House Services Notification Service Edge Server
  14. 14. Deployment▪ On-prem ▪ Install CU4 on all roles ▪ Upgrade Directors and FEs ▪ Update Lync Certificates to include LyncDiscover.Domain1. ▪ Configure Reverse Proxy rules to Mobility web services ▪ Configure DNS CName to allow Lync Mobile clients to discover Mobility service web end-point ▪ Enable Mobility, Outside voice policy for users ▪ Enable push-notification for on-prem deployments ▪ Admin controls for supported mobile client/ OS/ Device version▪ Online ▪ Vanity domains require DNS CName configuration ▪ No other deployment steps needed ▪ Support for Outside Voice will be available in a later update1 Deployments with multiple sip domains could connect over http and use secure connection once redirected
  15. 15. Push Notifications Clearing House
  16. 16. Mobility Capacity Planning- Deployed as part of consolidated topology as web component on Front Ends- No additional server roles required- More info available in mobility docs on TechNet and Download center Estimate Measure Capacity Monitor KHIs mobility usage current Planning capacity metrics
  17. 17. Monitoring▪ Mobility Performance Counters ▪ Push Notifications counters ▪ Voice calls e.g. inbound/ outbound failures ▪ Requests succeeded/ failed ▪ Session related counters e.g. concurrent active sessions, active poll count etc.▪ Other Performance counters ▪ Available Memory ▪ Request Queue Limit ▪ Maximum Concurrent Threads/ Requests▪ Alerts ▪ Push notification connectivity failure
  18. 18. Calls to Action Understand theclients, server capacity Leverage Thru Partner Talk to your customers planning and Materials deployment Leverage Thru Partner Materials
  19. 19. Resources▪ Thru-partner Marketing Materials will be made available during the week of December 12th – stay tuned!▪ TechNet Documentation ▪ Planning for Mobility: ▪ Deploying Mobility: ▪ Monitoring Mobility for Performance:▪ Microsoft Download Center ▪ Mobility Guide: ▪ Release Notes:
  20. 20. Q&AUse Q&A to submit your questions and comments.
  21. 21. Partner Academy Backup
  22. 22. Capacity Planning – Contoso Scenario Walkthrough Capacity Plan • Current capacity: • 2500 mobile users/ FE Mobility • 967 MB (minimum requirement memory for mobility/ FE) • Mobility for 30,000 Lync Current capacity users • On FE Failover: • 75,000 Lync users • Users either iPhone or WP • 2727 mobile users/ FE • 3 pools with 4 FE servers • User Model similar to Lync • Additional load of 74 MB/ Server 2010 capacity user FE • Per FE model • Conclusion: • 6250 users • Per FE • No additional capacity • 3 GB Available memory required per FE • 2500 Background devices • CPU <60%
  23. 23. Auto Discovery