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Ping Exchange2007 Final


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Microsoft Exchange 2007 Unififed Messaging

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Ping Exchange2007 Final

  1. 1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Customer Solution Case Study PING Golf Expects Productivity Gains with Microsoft Unified-Messaging Solution Overview “Will this technology help us sell more golf clubs? In Country or Region: United States Industry: Durable consumer goods this case, yes, we believe that better communication will help us sell more golf clubs.” Customer Profile Eric Hart, End-User Computing Manager, PING PING provides high-end golf clubs and accessories to golfers of all abilities. The company is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and employs nearly 1,000 workers. Founded in 1967 in Phoenix, Arizona, PING offers high-end golf Business Situation clubs and accessories to golfers of all abilities. PING believes that The company wanted to add unified- applying new technologies is key to building a successful business, messaging capabilities to its existing enterprise messaging and collaboration a philosophy that prompted the company to deploy Microsoft® solution based on the Microsoft® server Exchange Server 2007 (Beta 2 version). The latest version of the product portfolio. software provides a comprehensive enterprise-messaging and Solution unified-messaging solution that gives employees access to voice PING installed and tested a beta version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 mail and faxes from their Exchange Server inboxes and access to running on Windows Server® 2003 their e-mail, calendar, and personal contacts from their telephones. Enterprise x64 Edition. The company’s existing messaging and collaboration system, based Benefits on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Microsoft Office Comprehensive support for unified messaging SharePoint® Portal Server 2003, coexists easily with Exchange Anytime, anywhere access to messages Server 2007 during the migration. The new solution saves time, in- Easy migration from the previous solution creases productivity, and supports the company’s ongoing growth. Efficient IT administration Strategic foundation for ongoing growth
  2. 2. “From a productivity Situation which includes the Microsoft Office Outlook Produced by Karsten Manufacturing 2003 messaging and collaboration client, point of view, all of our Corporation of Phoenix, Arizona, PING is a is installed on individual desktop and people benefit, whether brand of high-end golf clubs and accessories notebook computers. Mobile employees use designed for professional golfers, serious Palm Treo, Nokia, and other mobile devices they’re at work, at amateurs, or anyone who wants a competi- to access their e-mail while they’re on the home, or traveling.” tive edge from high-quality equipment. In road. For additional security, PING uses 1959, the company’s founder, Karsten Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Eric Hart, End-User Computing Manager, PING Solheim, worked in his spare time to create Server 2004, the advanced firewall and Web the first PING golf club, the 1-A putter. By cache solution that maximizes IT investments 1967, creating golf equipment had become by improving network security and perfor- his full-time passion, and he incorporated mance. A third-party vendor provides hosted the PING company—the same year that a filtering services. PING putter helped champion golfer Julius Boros win the Phoenix Open tournament. In its ongoing effort to keep up with emerging PING has been growing in size and reputation technologies, PING is enrolled in the ever since, and it now employs more than Microsoft Technology Adoption Program, 1,000 workers. which gives the company an opportunity to deploy beta versions of Microsoft software in “Our executive management believes that a production environment. PING is very technology is key to our business success,” interested in equipping its employees with says Eric Hart, End-User Computing Manager the latest tools and software to help them at PING. In fact, PING emphasizes using communicate and collaborate as effectively technology throughout its business and as possible. manufacturing processes: It employs advanced product engineering and testing Solution methods, uses high-quality alloyed materials In March 2006, PING was invited to test a in its products, and invests heavily in informa- beta version of Microsoft Exchange Server tion technology. 2007 Enterprise Edition. PING was very impressed with the features that the forth- The company’s IT environment is currently coming version offers and was especially built on the Microsoft® server product excited about the new support for unified portfolio, including the Windows Server® messaging. “It was the idea of getting voice 2003 operating system and the Microsoft mail in an e-mail inbox that sparked our Exchange Server 2003 communication and interest.” says Hart. collaboration server. Microsoft Office SharePoint® Portal Server 2003 provides In June 2006, PING deployed Exchange Web hosting and document storage functions Server 2007 in a test environment running on to further promote employee collaboration. Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition. And with Microsoft Office Outlook® Web Two server computers were used, one for Access, employees can access their e-mail, mailboxes and the other for unified messag- schedules, and other information using only a ing. Minor obstacles—getting remote access Web browser and an Internet connection. to work through the company’s firewall and sending messages to external addresses— PING supports its employee mailboxes on were quickly overcome. Only one phone call one server running Exchange Server. to Microsoft Product Support was required. Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, “Installation was very smooth,” says Hart.
  3. 3. “The new installer package and setup wizards messaging to work with the existing Siemens are well designed. It was easy to choose the HiCom 300E CS PBX system using an Intel different server roles.” PIMG80PBXDNI integration device. “The in- stallation and configuration of the integration Within a few days, the new system was run- device and the unified-messaging role was ning in parallel with the company’s Exchange straightforward,” says Tom Herr, Messaging Server 2003 system, and the two systems Engineer at Enabling Technologies. “Within easily communicated with each other. one day, the system was answering calls, and by the second day, all of the configuration Next, PING worked with a Microsoft Gold had been finalized and tested.” Certified Partner, Enabling Technologies, to begin the process of integrating the unified- Benefits messaging server with the company’s Exchange Server 2007 offers PING a com- Siemens private branch exchange (PBX) plete enterprise messaging and unified- phone system. Enabling Technologies is a messaging solution. Employees are able to global IT consulting practice specializing in improve their productivity by accessing or speech-enabled applications, e-mail, voice sending their messages anytime, anywhere, mail, fax, instant-messaging, and messaging- and from a variety of devices. IT managers compliance applications. will also have a reliable foundation that supports future improvements, in keeping The unified-messaging server provides a path with the company’s strategy of using for data from the phone system (including technology to promote success. internal phone lines and trunks that connect to the external telephone network) to enter Comprehensive Support for Unified the Exchange Server infrastructure. In this Messaging way, the server stores voice mail and fax Exchange Server 2007 provides integrated messages itself rather than requiring unified messaging and supports it through separate systems for these services. comprehensive, interoperable, server-based features that work with individual computers The unified-messaging server also provides and mobile clients. These features give a customizable, speech-enabled Automated employees access to voice mail, faxes, and Attendant, which verbally responds to internal e-mail messages, no matter where the callers. The Automated Attendant also employees are. That means workers can integrates with the organization’s global listen to voice mail and read faxes through address list to provide voice-guided their Exchange Server inboxes, and they can automated dialing. Additionally, the server manage their e-mail, calendar, and personal runs Outlook Voice Access, which provides contacts using a telephone. telephone-based access to mailbox data and accepts both speech and touch-tone inputs. With the Unified Messaging server role in And the unified-messaging server’s text-to- Exchange Server 2007, PING can use its speech functionality makes it possible for existing voice infrastructure to get the callers to have their e-mail, calendar, benefits of unified messaging, without a personal contacts, and directory information major system upgrade. read to them in multiple languages. Anytime, Anywhere Access to Messages With the help of Enabling Technologies, PING The rich support for unified messaging in was able to deploy Exchange Server unified Exchange Server 2007 will bring faster, more
  4. 4. “We demonstrated to a flexible communications to employees, result- ment and record keeping. Hart says, “We ing in greater productivity. “Employees in want to carefully manage our message vice president how voice corporate or home offices won’t have to stores. I think the built-in compliance features access to e-mail works check two different systems anymore,” says will prove to be very helpful for that.” Hart. “They can read e-mail and hear voice using a telephone, and mail in Office Outlook, or have e-mail read to Strategic Foundation for Ongoing Growth he was amazed by this them over their phones. From a productivity PING is already looking ahead and developing point of view, all of our people benefit, plans to enhance its Exchange Server 2007 feature.” whether they’re at work, at home, or infrastructure using other Microsoft tech- Eric Hart, End-User Computing Manager, PING traveling. We demonstrated to a vice nologies. For example, the company is president how voice access to e-mail works considering deploying Microsoft Operations using a telephone, and he was amazed by Manager 2005, the event and performance this feature.” management tool for Windows Server environments that provides comprehensive Easy Migration from the Previous event management, proactive monitoring and Solution alerting, and reporting and trend analysis. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 easily coexists with the company’s Exchange Server The company is also examining ways to 2003 environment. As a result, PING can expand collaboration through document transition to the new solution as gradually as sharing. “Our hope is to publish documents it wants, with plenty of time for careful testing on SharePoint sites and make those docu- and without any interruption in service. ments available to remote employees using Outlook Web Access or mobile devices,” says “During the migration process, some of our Hart. “As soon as we work through and under- users will be using Exchange Server 2007,” stand the new security options, such as how Hart explains. “The rest will still be using Exchange Server translates attachments into Exchange Server 2003. The coexistence that HTML for display on kiosk computers, we Exchange Server 2007 offers is making the definitely want to see what’s prudent for us. migration possible.” It’s exciting to investigate features and possibilities that we haven’t been able to Efficient IT Administration consider before. Exchange Server 2007 includes new deployment, management, and monitoring “With Exchange Server 2007, we look tools to make IT management easier, and it forward to being able to communicate better. supports a reliable, scalable IT environment. That’s the goal,” concludes Hart. “We have “Reliability has been good with Exchange participated in beta software evaluation Server 2007—we haven’t had a problem with programs before, and our management any mailboxes so far,” says Hart. typically responds by saying, ‘We love using new technology as long as it makes good “The Exchange Management Console has a business sense.’ That’s the measure we use lot of good functionality, is easy to use once when a company like Microsoft approaches you learn where the tools are, and is aestheti- us: Will this technology help us sell more golf cally well presented,” he adds. “Its design is clubs? In this case, yes, we believe that definitely headed in the right direction.” better communication will help us sell more golf clubs.” Built-in compliance tools will also contribute to the company’s high standards in manage-
  5. 5. For More Information Microsoft Server Product Portfolio For more information about Microsoft For more information about the Microsoft products and services, call the Microsoft server product portfolio, go to: Sales Information Center at (800) 426- 9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft Canada Information Centre at (877) 568- For more information about Microsoft Exchange Server, go to: 2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of- hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in the United States or (905) 568-9641 in Canada. Outside the 50 United States and Canada, please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access information using the World Wide Web, go to: For more information about Enabling Technologies products and services, call (800) 923-4310 or visit the Web site at: For more information about PING products and services, call (800) 474-6434 or visit the Web site at: Software and Services Microsoft Office Microsoft Server Product Portfolio − Microsoft Office Professional Edition − Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 2003 Edition − Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal − Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Server 2003 Edition Technologies − Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 − Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access Enterprise Edition − Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Partners Enterprise Edition Enabling Technologies − Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published October 2006