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Georgia Tech Um Final


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Microsoft Exchange 2007 Unififed Messaging

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Georgia Tech Um Final

  1. 1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Customer Solution Case Study Institute Cuts Costs, Boosts Efficiency with Exchange Server Unified Messaging Overview “We’ll save 25 percent in up-front costs by not having Country or Region: United States Industry: Education licensing fees, and yearly maintenance costs will go down $10,000 a year.” Customer Profile Jeff Jenkins, Director of Information Systems, Georgia Tech Research Institute Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) in Atlanta is the applied research arm of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Its 1,200 Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), the nonprofit applied employees conduct U.S.$100 million in research annually for industry and research arm of Georgia Institute of Technology, was using a government. unified-messaging system that was expensive to license and Business Situation maintain. The institute sought a better solution that would provide a GTRI wanted a unified-messaging solution foundation for integrated communication and collaboration that was less expensive and offered more functionality than its existing solution. It processes. In May 2007, with help from Microsoft® Gold Certified also sought to lay the foundation for unified Partner Enabling Technologies, GTRI deployed Microsoft Exchange e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging, and conferencing. Server 2007 with Unified Messaging. The new solution will save GTRI in administrative and maintenance costs by consolidating e- Solution GTRI began deployment of Microsoft® mail and voice-mail solutions and providing a single configuration Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging point. It also helps employees improve efficiency through unified- across the organization. All users are expected to be online by the end of 2007. messaging capabilities that they didn’t have with their previous solution. In addition, GTRI says Exchange Server Unified Messaging Benefits Saves more than $10,000 per year provides a foundation for unified communications that will further Enhances organizational efficiency enhance productivity. Improves collaboration Provides foundation for future upgrades
  2. 2. “It was a matter of Situation country and in Ireland, and hundreds of Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), sponsors we work with. So collaboration is Exchange Server Unified originally called the Engineering Experiment important for us.” Messaging bringing us a Station, was created in 1919 by the Georgia Legislature to provide high-quality Solution cheaper licensing engineering research. Today, the nonprofit The research institute considered upgrading solution, along with organization is the applied research arm of to the latest version of its third-party unified- Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, messaging system. However, it decided the additional functionality. Georgia. Its 1,200 employees, working in best option was to deploy unified messaging It’s not often you find seven labs and 10 field offices, perform more with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. “We than U.S.$100 million in research and stay on top of the latest technology, so we something that costs development annually for more than 200 were planning on moving from Exchange you less and gives you customers in industry and government Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2007,” around the world. Jenkins says. Exchange Server 2007 Unified more.” Messaging provided better integration and Chris Slater, Manager of Systems In 2004, GTRI deployed Microsoft® Exchange more-advanced features than other solutions, Development, Georgia Tech Research Server 2003 throughout the organization to he says. And it didn’t require any additional Institute consolidate the six different messaging licensing costs because it was covered under systems it previously had used. At that time, Exchange Server licensing. “It was a matter of GTRI also implemented an additional third- Exchange Server Unified Messaging bringing party unified-messaging system that provided us a cheaper licensing solution, along with employees with voice mail in their e-mail additional functionality,” explains Chris inboxes. While the system offered GTRI stable Slater, Manager of Systems Development at performance, IT personnel weren’t happy with GTRI. “It’s not often you find something that its high cost: U.S.$100 per phone for costs you less and gives you more.” licensing and $10,000 per year for maintenance. In addition, a new solution To help with the implementation, GTRI chose would require additional time and money to Enabling Technologies, a Microsoft Gold configure and integrate. Certified Partner with extensive experience in messaging and speech-enabled applications. GTRI wanted a new solution that would Enabling Technologies helped GTRI assess, reduce costs and provide more-advanced design, and deploy its Exchange Server 2007 features. It also sought to expand on unified solution. messaging by deploying collaboration tools such as instant messaging and conferencing Establishing a New Infrastructure to offer a comprehensive unified GTRI first provided Enabling Technologies communications system. with a two-day environmental overview that included sharing diagrams and “Part of our goal when we started three years documentation of its infrastructure. Once the ago was to unify the organization with one e- overview was complete, hub transport and mail system,” says Jeff Jenkins, Director of client access servers were deployed. The next Information Systems at GTRI. “Another part of step included implementing mailbox and the goal was to create a collaboration unified-messaging services. In total, GTRI environment so that everybody in the added eight HP ProLiant servers to its organization could work together more easily. infrastructure: two firewalls running Microsoft We have seven labs scattered across two Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) states, along with field sites across the Server 2006, two mailbox servers, two hub
  3. 3. transport servers, and two unified-messaging messaging will be deployed throughout the servers. All run the Windows Server® 2003 organization by the end of 2007. operating system. Because GTRI handles highly confidential information, protection of Most of the GTRI administrative team is using its infrastructure is a high priority. For that Microsoft Office Professional 2007, and reason, GTRI added Microsoft Forefront™ plans are to deploy it to the remaining Security for Exchange Server to its existing employees once licensing is completed. GTRI third-party firewall to guard against spam and also expects to upgrade users’ smartphones viruses. from Windows Mobile® version 5.0 software to Windows Mobile 6. The deployment, excluding the planning stages, took 10 business days and two For collaboration, GTRI has already weekends, says Jenkins. Three people from implemented Microsoft Office SharePoint® GTRI and two from Enabling Technologies Server 2007, so that it’s easier for employees were dedicated to the project during the first to share and work together on documents. It 10 days, and two GTRI staff members will be plans to further integrate communications by dedicated to it going forward. “The length of deploying Microsoft Office Communications time it took from start to finish certainly Server 2007, which provides presence and surprised us,” says Jenkins. “The whole instant-messaging capabilities. The solution process of implementing Exchange Server also includes an on-premise version of 2007 was far smoother than we expected it Microsoft Office Live Meeting for to be.” conferencing. And it incorporates software- powered voice over IP (VoIP), allowing users Issues they encountered were minor. to make, receive, and manage phone calls Exchange Server 2007 support team anywhere in the world using Microsoft Office members helped GTRI and Enabling Communicator 2007. Technologies work through challenges such as how to configure Exchange Server 2007 Benefits for shared namespaces. That hands-on Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging is support from Microsoft was appreciated. “The helping GTRI reduce expenses by eliminating account manager and the Exchange Server maintenance and licensing fees. It also Unified Messaging specialist, Greg Katz, were improves organizational efficiency and very helpful in the deployment,” says Jon collaboration by sending voice mail and e- Kremkau, Regional Sales Manager at mail to users’ inboxes. In addition, it lays a Enabling Technologies. foundation for a unified-communications solution that will continue to improve and Deploying a Pilot Program streamline existing communication In May 2007, GTRI began a pilot program processes. involving 100 employees, including administrative assistants, faculty Cost Savings of More Than researchers, and administrators who work in $10,000 Yearly laboratories throughout the organization. Because GTRI will no longer pay $100 per GTRI expects to have all users on Exchange phone in licensing fees, the move to Server 2007 by November 2007. Once GTRI Exchange Server Unified Messaging will save completes a planned upgrade of its Private GTRI money. “We’ll save 25 percent in up- Branch Exchange (PBX) system, unified front costs by not having licensing fees, and
  4. 4. “We know that there is a yearly maintenance costs will go down help GTRI reduce employees’ dependence on $10,000 a year,” Jenkins says. desktop phones in favor of wireless devices huge amount of money Some cost -savings, however, are not so that will give them more flexibility. With the we are saving in easily calculated, he adds. “We know that infrastructure already in place, a wireless there is a huge amount of money we are pilot project is scheduled to begin in a few productivity that is saving in productivity that is immeasurable,” months. “From a vision perspective, we would immeasurable.” Jenkins says. like to see users with wireless capability, so they can go anywhere on campus and still Jeff Jenkins, Director of Information Systems, Increased Efficiency and Collaboration access their inbox information,” Jenkins Georgia Tech Research Institute Moving to Exchange Server Unified explains. “Exchange Server 2007 will also be Messaging improves the efficiency of GTRI the foundation for this wireless vision.” employees, who depend on timely communication and teamwork to complete Foundation for Unified Communications their applied research tasks. They are happy Exchange Server Unified Messaging is an with the enhancements Exchange Server has important step for GTRI as it unifies its provided over the previous unified-messaging communication and collaboration tools. By system. integrating Exchange Server with Office SharePoint Server 2007, GTRI is helping “Getting missed calls in their e-mail inbox and users work together more easily. “We can being able to give audible commands to the now publish results on a SharePoint site so phone to read their e-mail back to them are others can do reviews on them,” says some of the most popular features,” says Jenkins. Slater. The Microsoft Office Outlook® Voice Access feature uses voice-recognition and “The integration of Exchange Server Unified text-to-speech technology to make it possible Messaging within Georgia Tech’s IT for employees using a phone to listen to and infrastructure will fundamentally change how act on their inbox information. In addition, users communicate and give them a powerful employees who are using the Calendar competitive edge,” adds Bill Vollerthum, Concierge have been pleased with how easy President and CEO of Enabling Technologies. the new feature helps them schedule meetings with busy colleagues and respond GTRI will be able to further enhance quickly to incoming meeting requests. communications when it deploys Office Communications Server 2007. Users will be Employees already had the ability to forward able to use presence to know when people voice mail as an e-mail message, but are available and how best to contact them. Exchange Server Unified Messaging extends They will also have the ability to quickly that capability. “Somebody might get a phone escalate an instant-message session to a call from a potential sponsor that went to the computer-based phone call with a click of the wrong area. Being able to forward it to the mouse. “That’s going to be completely new proper person through e-mail has been a functionality for the organization,” Jenkins major boost,” Jenkins says. “Exchange Server says. “It’s going to be a big benefit.” digs down deeper into contacts and gives you a bit more information about who it is coming from.” Eventually, GTRI expects the move to Exchange Server Unified Messaging will also
  5. 5. For More Information Microsoft Server Product Portfolio For more information about Microsoft For more information about the Microsoft products and services, call the Microsoft server product portfolio, go to: Sales Information Center at (800) 426- 9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft Canada Information Centre at (877) 568- For more information about Microsoft 2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of- Exchange Server, go to: hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in the United States or (905) 568-9641 in Canada. Outside the 50 United States and Canada, please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access information using the World Wide Web, go to: For more information about Enabling Technologies products and services, call (800) 923-4310 or visit the Web site at: For more information about Georgia Tech Research Institute, call (404) 407-7400 or visit the Web site at: Software and Services Windows Mobile 5.0 Microsoft Server Product Portfolio Technologies − Windows Server 2003 − Microsoft Office Outlook Voice Access − Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 − Microsoft Forefront Security for Hardware Exchange Server HP ProLiant BL380 G5 server computers − Microsoft Internet Security and HP ProLiant BLP20 G3 server computers Acceleration Server 2006 Palm Treo smartphones Microsoft Office Audiovox cell phones − Microsoft Office Professional 2007 − Microsoft Office Communications Partners Server 2007 Enabling Technologies − Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 − Microsoft Office Live Meeting − Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Document published July 2007