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Critical Response L O T R


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Critical Response L O T R

  1. 1. Admirably Attaining HonorCritical/Analytical ResponseEmma Vockeroth3/24/2010<br />Throughout Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Jackson uses his characters in particular ways which examine his views of morality and power, and convey to the audience the importance of the ways which we respond to competing demands. It is those who make sacrifices for the common good, the people who persevere and maintain a sense of integrity while coping with internal and external factors, who prevail; those who think and act solely to benefit the individual are prone to failure. Striving to fulfill collective goals is what leads finding honor and certainty within one’s life. The best examples of a success and failure in attaining certainty and honor, as well as the opposite, are portrayed through Samwise Gamgee and Smeagol/Gollum. <br />Although his allies come from families of admirable status and honorable reputations, Samwise Gamgee in all of his simplicity and practicality, reveals the exact same attributes throughout The Return of the King. By putting the needs of the Shire and all of Middle Earth ahead of his own, Sam is able to expose his heroic nature and take responsibility for a massive physical and emotional task. Throughout The Return of the King¸ Sam ends up in several situations where he is being questioned either by Frodo, Smeagol, or himself. Not only is he persistently devoted to Mr. Frodo and the challenges they encounter together, he also manages to lift Frodo’s spirits and keep him from surrendering at any moment. Even when Frodo is on the brink of giving up, Sam rises to the occasion and carried him up the side of the mountain so they could finish what they started. Sam hated Smeagol, regardless of the fact that he was their guide to Mordor. He didn’t believe the loathsome creature for a second, and it was that cautiousness and certainty in his distrust of Smeagol which saved their lives in many circumstances. For the common good, the good of Middle Earth, Sam remained dedicated and loyal to his values and persevered through each and every challenge he faced. <br />Smeagol is portrayed by Jackson as a selfish character, who acts solely based on his own desires. His undying lust for the Ring and individualist demeanor ends up causing him immense mental torment as well as physical decoy. Because he has a split personality between Smeagol and Gollum, his competing demands are primarily within him, significantly impairing his ability to make decisions regarding the Ring. Smeagol weaseled his way to Frodo and Sam’s confidence, and ended up betraying them even after swearing on “his precious”. He allowed his own soul to at times become corrupt, crooked, and malicious, all because of his power struggle. Smeagol may have longed for the company and friendship of Frodo and am, but Gollum wanted the power of the Ring all to himself. Gollum’s certainty came from his ultimate ambition of being the Master of the Ring, and ruling Middle Earth; however the Ring ended up putting him in an inescapable position. He kills to obtain the Ring, and dies to keep it. <br />Jackson’s film goes to show that there are situations in everyones’s life where one is faced with controversy and forced to appropriately respond to their competing demands. Striving to benefit the common good makes for an ease of the internal and external struggles faced by individuals while restoring their certainty, honor, and the many other emotions involved. Being able to remain honest and upholding a sense of integrity while being responsible for the struggles you face is what makes for a respectable, honorable sense of being. It is evident through the contradicting actions of Sam and Smeagol in The Return of the King that being loyal leads to triumph and pride, and that a common goal is attainable when the common good is in mind. <br />