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Citizenship photo journal cont from hum 10


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Published in: Sports
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Citizenship photo journal cont from hum 10

  1. 1. Citizenship Photo Journal Emma Vockeroth
  2. 2. S.P.A.M. Mentoring <ul><li>S tudents P romoting A ctive M entorship </li></ul><ul><li>Ms. Kline offered Nicole and I a chance to participate in the S.P.A.M. program for our Grade 11 year, which we were happy to accept. On Grade 10 Orientation Day, each mentor was designated to a class to introduce them to ESLCHS, inform them of our policies and rules, and share some of our stories as a student ourselves. We attended about 4 meetings last year. </li></ul>
  3. 3. I had the wonderful opportunity of working with the Town of Lacombe for the work experience program this year. My duties entailed secretarial work, small projects and presentations, and creating invoices and license letters. I volunteered for the weekend of the Lacombe Art Exhibit and Sale and the Trade Show in April. After 5 months of getting to know everyone, the staff recommended that I apply for the Tourism Assistant summer position at the Flat Iron building, as well as the voluntary student representative for the District Recreation Board. This summer I plan to continue being an active member of the community and contribute my time to the events taking place in Lacombe.
  4. 4. This year was my 14 th year figure skating, and my 10 th year with the Lacombe Figure Skating Club. Each year I attend several competitions and up to four test events. This year we had our second annual Christmas Charity Skate, which the profits were donated to a local charity. I also skated in the Community Carnival at the end of this year and participated in two group performances as well as my freeskate solo. Mondays and Wednesdays after school I volunteer coach the CanSkate program and help evaluate the skaters of various ages. My dedication to figure skating is proof that I can “stick to it!”
  5. 6. The Lacombe Fly-In Breakfast this year was held on June 7 th , kicking off our summer and promoting our local airpark and tourism within Lacombe. As the District Student Rep for the Recreation Board I had the opportunity to volunteer for this event. I helped set up the breakfast tent and a Town of Lacombe booth, and served pancakes from 6:30am to 12:00pm.
  6. 7. To kick off summer, Steph and I participated in International Trails Day in support of the environment and the use of our trails. People of Lacombe and county were given trail maps of Lacombe around Elizabeth Lake and various trails of the Town. Sunny 94 and the Town of Lacombe staff walked the trails alongside the walkers/runners and handed out rewards such as walking sticks and environmentally friendly shopping bags. Saturday, June 6 th International Trails Day
  7. 8. Soccer 2010 Being involved in the community and also being healthy are two very important aspects of my life. I have had the opportunity of volunteer refereeing the younger U12 teams and assisting them at practice, which helps make for patience and other areas of team skill building which will assist me on the long and winding road to my future. Not to mention we got GOLD in provincials 
  8. 9. Volunteers with Distinction Awards Gala I attended the event with my boss, the coordinator of Lacombe and District Tourism, and as her assistant and a member of several executive committees in the Town and County, we were recognized for our volunteer efforts and dedication to promoting community involvement and events in Lacombe. I currently sit on the Lacombe Agricultural Committee, Travel Alberta Tourism Board, and the Recreation, Parks, and Culture Board as the student district representative.
  9. 10. Grad and Yearbook Committee 2010 <ul><li>Organizing graduation and giving and receiving input on how we want to represent our class, as well as putting together a theme for the event during lunch hour were the main tasks of the grad committee. While on the yearbook committee, I assisted Mrs. Foster and the librarians in gathering yearbook write-ups and entering them into the computer during several of my morning spares. </li></ul>