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  1. 1. Rapala Frenzy fishing 2009 By: Sher, Chee, Kou, Michael
  2. 2. Fishing mode Tilt SIXAXIS wireless controller Left/Right_Rodmomvement and combos Reel in- R2 Reel out-L2 Pause-Start Event info-Select Cut line-L3
  3. 3. Boat/Trolling mode Tilt SIXAXIS wireless controller left/right-steering Accelerate-R2 Reverse-L2fish finder-R1 Pause-Start Event-info-Select Reset boat-L3 Livewell-Square
  4. 4. Picture These picture are from the game and what fish they have.
  5. 5. Gameplay: With their hands on authentic gear, players will feel like they have an actual rod in their hands as they cast, casting the bait, and reel in fish. Players can battle for their favorite trophy as they angle for 25 of the most sought after species of fish in the world, all within pristine, uncrowded freshwater environments.
  6. 6. Focusing on: The game focuses on the most exciting part of fishing – fishing fish like you are fishing for real. Catch your favorite trophy: Angle for over 20 of the most sought-after fish species including large-mouth bass, small-mouth bass, walleye, pike, catfish, and more . Fish in tournament events: Fill your boat with only the biggest fish.
  7. 7. Three Modes : You can go to tournaments, open fishing, and quick challenge modes. These modes help you find a good fishing spot, how to fish, and what kind of fishing skills you need to know. There are many other kind of things to do while playing this game.
  8. 8. More Features: Drive your boat: Cruise to hundreds of fishing hotspots or that secret fishing hole only you know about. At certain spot you can catch or tell where the fishes are so you can have a good chance of getting a fish small to big.
  9. 9. Fishing: Use authentic lures: Fish with over 300 lures, including authentically modeled, Rapala lures, each having unique properties, physically-modeled behaviors, and a range of different colors.
Top fishing spots: More than 500,000 acres of fishing include Clear Lake, Lake Okeechobee, Lake Amistad, and many others.
Photo-realistic underwater environments:
  10. 10. Our Rating: The fishing game is a 4 star game to us because it teaches you how to fish for beginner and professionals. For example you might learn new ways and skills while you are playing this fishing game. The game gives you a realistic way how to fish like when you fish.