SemTechBiz UK 2011: Aloha Web Editable


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Aloha Web Editable. The Semantic Interaction Framework or How Editing Can Save 25% of Your Costs.

Using Aloha Editor, Apache Stanbol and the VIE RDFa JavaScript bridge

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SemTechBiz UK 2011: Aloha Web Editable

  1. 1. Aloha! Web EditableThe Semantic Interaction Frameworkor How Editing Can Save 25% of Your CostsSeptember 2011 | London / UKRene Kapusta | evo42 communications Ltd. |
  2. 2. Edit the web usingsemantic annotations.No forms required!
  3. 3. What‘s the problem with semantic web editing?
  4. 4. You often edit data that is not visible. Metadata.99.9% of the users are no hackers. Keep it simple!
  5. 5. it‘s aboutexperience
  6. 6. experience is big things
  7. 7. experience is small things
  8. 8. experience is BAD
  9. 9. small details
  11. 11. experience can make something special
  12. 12. loading ...
  13. 13. good experience? not even for geeks
  14. 14. loading ...
  15. 15. WYSIWYG - like MS WordWYSIWYG ( /ˈwɪziwɪɡ/ WIZ-ee-wig) is an acronymfor what you see is what you get. The term isused in computing to describe a system in whichcontent displayed during editing appears exactlyvery similar to the final output, which might bea printed document, web page, or slidepresentation.
  16. 16. WYSIWYG? a bit at least
  17. 17. confusing? for people working with content
  18. 18. 45 billion pages on google where do they come from?
  19. 19. where does the content of 45 billion pages come from?internet users
  20. 20. where does the content of 45 billion pages come from? internet users99,9 % user != hacker
  21. 21. content authored with or other systems open source cms
  22. 22. How to save 25% of your editing costs?
  23. 23. How to save 25% of your editing costs?Work more efficient!
  24. 24. no markup! html, wiki markup, bbcode, ...
  25. 25. no reload! click edit, click preview and save
  26. 26. no menu rubbish! no need for all icons all the time
  27. 27. just edit
  28. 28. it‘s abouttechnology
  29. 29. it‘s aboutopen source
  30. 30. open source matters
  31. 31. Inline HTML5 WYSIWYG editor• Interactions should react in realtime and give immediate feedback to the user.• The user should see the exact result of its action immediately.• No apply or confirm action should be necessary. Its done when you do it.• Instead everthing can be reverted.• Every action should be completed with the minimum possible interactions.• Everything that can be done automatically should be done automatically.
  32. 32. no browser crap! contenteditable in browsers
  33. 33. reduce clicks! CTRL+V that‘s it. no extra clicks!
  34. 34. no iframes uses html contenteditable
  35. 35. slick functionality - there when you need it multiple repositories are supported
  36. 36. HTML5 is the answerto the Ultimate Question of Life,the Universeand Everything
  37. 37. web page view just click to edit!
  38. 38. page edit view intuitive menu
  39. 39. edit the cube all visible content is editable
  40. 40. Improve the interaction process and save costs! Every action should be completed with the minimum possible interactions. Measured with the KeyStroke-Level-Model (KLM) for the calculation we us the numbers from 4,000,000 1) edits 2 2) min per edit “two minutes to execute. In reality it probably takes longer” 8,000,000 min editing per month (≈4h/user per month) $25 cost per hour per user $3,333,333 cost per month SAVE $10,000,000 per year $833,333 per month1)
  41. 41. Apache Stanbol RESTful Semantic Engine• Persistence: services that store (or cache) semantic information and make it searchable• Lifting/Enhancement: services that add semantic information to “non- semantic” pieces of content• Knowledge models and reasoning: services that enhance the semantic information• Interaction: intelligent user interface management and generation
  42. 42. VIE RDFa JavaScript Bridge• Make the content of your web pages editable through annotations• Load RDFa entities as JavaScript objects• Sync changes to server, and to DOM• Works client and server-side (node.js)
  43. 43. ResourcesAloha Editor -- http://aloha-editor.orgApache Stanbol -- Project -- http://iks-project.euVIE -- Demo -- http://semantic-cms.infoVIE^2 Demo -- Palsu Demo --
  44. 44. credits• Haymo Meran, Gentics @draftkraft Aloha Editor Mastermind• Henri Bergius, Nemein @bergie VIE Mastermind• IKS Project Team @iks_projectImages