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Technical Mobile Testing - Risks, Issues and Experiences (EuroSTAR Mobile Deep Dive 2015)


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Mobile testing offers numerous challenges and the potential for massive scope creep with so many device combinations and tool choices available. We can’t afford to test everything so we make decisions on scope. We have learn to use risk as part of the the decision making process: business risk, and technical risk. In this talk, Alan will describe his experiences of hands-on testing of mobile native applications and mobile web applications, and the application of technical and risk-based thought processes in deciding what, and how, to test.

Expand your knowledge of mobile technology and improve your mobile testing process. Learn to apply important techniques like; viewing traffic via proxies and Wireshark, and using local wi-fi hotspots. As well as multiple ways to screen capture for defect reporting, how to use emulators and browser developer tools, and how to assess the risk that each new tool adds to your process.
Presented by Alan Richardson at the EuroSTAR Mobile Testing Deep Dive 2015 in Maastricht

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Technical Mobile Testing - Risks, Issues and Experiences (EuroSTAR Mobile Deep Dive 2015)

  1. 1. Technical Mobile Risk, Issues and Experiences Alan Richardson - @eviltester
  2. 2. What we learned when we tested mobile •  Decisions we made •  Pain we went through •  What we did about it
  3. 3. What I like about tes@ng mobile @eviltester
  4. 4. What is hard about mobile tes@ng •  Ergonomics •  Observing • •  Manipula.on
  5. 5. Phone Experience @eviltester
  6. 6. Find workarounds @eviltester
  7. 7. Pay aEen@on to pain to improve process •  Gain some experience •  Pay aBen.on to pain •  Resolve pain to improve process •  Status Quo != Dishwasher
  8. 8. Workarounds add risk •  Adopt workaround, and mi.gate the risk •  Communicate the risk •  Accept risks through knowledge not fear (where possible) @eviltester
  9. 9. Some risks must be accepted Everyone should have the opportunity to aspire to Rock Godhood @eviltester
  10. 10. Mobile Technical and Risk Based Tes@ng •  Our test approaches are oNen built around fear –  Lots and lots of devices –  Because we don’t build for device compa.bility –  We caveat for a subset of devices
  11. 11. Na@ve and Web •  Which is worse for compa.bility?
  12. 12. Test Like Normal Users? •  Default Browser? Dolphin, Chrome •  LastPass Password Manager •  Auto-Comple.on Off • Keyboards – hacker’s Keyboard
  13. 13. Automa@ng? • mobile is hard •  Strategic choice
  14. 14. Automa@ng Tac@cally •  Screenshots for different screen sizes •  Server based responses from mobile device headers •  Not automated on device •  Target Technical Risk Tac.cally
  15. 15. The challenge of observability •  I hate blind •  Web more observable? •  Proxies and Sniffers
  16. 16. Proxy Tools found Preload caching issue •  JavaScript library for pre-load caching •  Observing traffic through proxy saw mul.ple loading
  17. 17. Wifi Hoops and Roundabouts •  Environmental Security • on wi-fi •  Laptop Hotspots •  Wireshark for via wi-fi hotspot
  18. 18. Proxy Benefits •  Isolate device from server •  Feed in new JS and CSS prior to release •  Trigger error situa.ons on device without messing with server •  Mul.ple scenarios configured by data fed to device by proxy
  19. 19. Ergonomics My hands have not evolved to use a mobile phone
  20. 20. Cheap Ergonomic Solu@ons •  Tablet stands •  Stylus •  Keyboards •  Risk? –  Fear, use phone too –  Even though this is built in OS func.onality
  21. 21. Phones make themselves hard to test •  Sim card needed to connect to wi-fi •  Enter the ‘porta £1 sim card collec.on’ ™
  22. 22. Repor@ng •  Informa.on is trapped on the mobile device •  Get info off mobile and on to desktop
  23. 23. Olden days inefficiency Use phone to take photo of screenshot of other phone for uploading to desktop for bug
  24. 24. Screenshots from phone to desktop •  AirPlay •  VNC •  Evernote •  Dropbox •  Email •  Each tool adds risk?
  25. 25. Emulators and Simulators •  When to use Emulators? •  Risk of Browser Dev Tools for mobile web?
  26. 26. Non-Technical Risks •  Phones go walking •  Start with secure library system •  End up with cardboard box filled with devices
  27. 27. Lessons Learned •  Don’t bring in your own kit •  Never lend your kit •  Buy 2nd hand/refurbished kit
  28. 28. The right kit is important •  Do users charge their phones when using them? •  Random chars on old android
  29. 29. List of how to test on each device •  Each device is different •  List the ‘shortcuts’ and lessons learned –  How to take a screenshot –  What tools to use
  30. 30. Future is geTng beEer •  AirPlay •  Chromecast •  Miracast •  Remote debug •  Bigger phones
  31. 31. Risk Management •  Iden.fy •  Mi.gate •  Accept •  Communicate
  32. 32. Final Notes • on device is a risk •  Iden.fy Technical Risk –  Target to reduce plakorm scope •  If we were really serious…
  33. 33. Alan Richardson @EvilTester