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Selenium Simplified WebDriver Webinar Using Java #2


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Main topic covered in this webinar video is Page Objects:
* Refactoring to Page Objects
* What should be in a page object?
* Demonstration of adhoc custom page objects
* When to use domain objects versus page objects?
* Discussion of Page Factory, Slow Loadable Component, Loadable Component

This is the second in a series of webinars on WebDriver automation using Java. It is a companion to my online Udemy training courses. In this webinar series I do 'live' coding on a 'real' application and explain my thought processes as I go. I try to answer questions that the webinar participants post as I go through.


I have uploaded the video for watch on demand. This is the meetingburner recording, not my local recording (which should be better quality but I haven't edited it yet).

You can't see the chat window in the replay so you'll have to imagine what questions were asked during the webinar. And I do repeat some of them as I work through.

This recording shows the 45 minutes of the Webinar, not the additional 15 minutes of questions after the webinar.

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Selenium Simplified WebDriver Webinar Using Java #2

  1. 1. Selenium Simplified WebDriver Webinar Will Start Soon There is some music playing now. Can you hear it? If you are the first to hear it then please leave a comment in chat so I know the mic works. We will not offer support for sound issues when the webinar starts.
  2. 2. Selenium Simplified WebDriver Webinar 22 / Feb/ 2013 Alan Richardson @eviltester
  3. 3. Basic Scope for this webinar series ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Create a project Using "Tracks" as AUT Analyse the application under test live so you see the kind of things I look for and how I use the built in browser tools to do this Write code live to test the application talk through the Java constructs as I do the coding but not go into great detail explain the decisions I make about the automation code I write and java code I write respond to questions in the chat window and try and answer them live as I go refactor code and explain decisions as I do so move from writing a simple test and refactor it to page objects and domain objects refactor tests to harness JUnit functionality
  4. 4. When is the next one? Not sure yet Sign up to the email list to stay up to date ● Recordings of this webinar will be available. I'll let you and the mailing list know.
  5. 5. Links ● ● free basic setup WebDriver course ○ ● 18+ hour comprehensive WebDriver course ●
  6. 6. Where we are up to: ● Source in: ○ ● Previous Webinar ○ ● Last Time ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ created the project analysed the login page created domain object for the TracksAccount created a basic test basic refactoring
  7. 7. Today ● 30 - 40 mins of coding ○ re-run tests ○ refactor to page objects for login page ○ refactor to additional domain objects ● I'll be around to answer chat questions for 20 mins at the end - these will not be released on youtube.
  8. 8. Videos for this Webinar Series On Youtube Channel EvilTesterVideos This Webinar is Webinar #2 ● webinar 1: ● webinar 2: