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How to effectively use subscribtions on youtube


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When I started with YouTube I used it as a search engine and didn't subscribe to any channels.

I'm going to show you the benefits of subscribing to a channel, how to be notified when a new video is released by email or push notifications on mobile, and how to keep your subscriptions private.

- How to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel
- How to receive some emails when new videos are released
- How to subscribe and enable notifications for a channel when all new videos are released
- How to keep your channel subscriptions private
- How to add your subscriptions to RSS reader
- manage YouTube subscriptions
- how to see your youtube subscriptions in a list
- how to sort YouTube subscriptions to see new releases

I monitor some of my competitors using YouTube Subscriptions. But there are a few that I monitor using RSS without subscribing to their channel. So here I'm going to show you how to keep up to date via RSS and without subscribing.

- receive notifications in your RSS reader
- export your subscriptions feed to opml and import to RSS
- monitor any channel's RSS feed even if you don't subscribe
- how to find the channelid
- how to use newsblur to subscribe
- how to import youtube opml file into rss newsreader
- how to find the `rss+xml` URL

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How to effectively use subscribtions on youtube

  1. 1. How to Use Subscriptions Effectively on YouTube Receive notifications via Email Never miss a Video Use RSS to subscribe for competitor monitoring Alan Richardson
  2. 2. How to Subscribe
  3. 3. How to Receive Email Notifications YouTube Settings for Notifications Use the 'Channel Subscriptions' Tick 'Occasionally notify me of new videos and activity from my subscriptions' choose the Notify method. Email ‐ you'll be sent an email Push ‐ notifications on mobile Push & Email ‐ both
  4. 4. How to subscribe and enable notifications for a channel I can enable notifications for each channel individually so that I don't have 'occasional' notifications, I'm notified for every new video release.
  5. 5. Use Subscription Manager to enable notifications I can do that with the 'Subscription Manager'. There is a link to this on the notifications section. And I can manage each channel notification here with the 'chiming bell' icon.
  6. 6. Enable Notifications From Each Channel When on a channel Use the 'chiming bell' icon to amend the notification settings. I tend to set this everytime I subscribe to a channel.
  7. 7. How to keep your subscriptions private If you start using subscriptions a lot you'll probably want to keep them private. Use the YouTube Settings for Privacy And Select 'Keep all my subscriptions private'
  8. 8. How to add your subscriptions to RSS reader From the Subscription Manager scroll to the bottom and export your subscriptions to OPML import OPML file to your RSS reader. Subscribe via RSS and competitors don't know you are monitoring them.
  9. 9. Finding the RSS Feed for Any Channel RSS feeds are available for every Channel of the format: channel_id=INSERT_CHANNEL_ID_HERE  RSS Link Sometimes YouTube has an  rxx+xml link you can find in the source, or your RSS NewsReader might be able to auto subscribe from the URL of the channel.
  10. 10. To Find Channel ID view source search for  channelId and I'll see it in the meta data or search for  meta and one of the meta data tags will have it or inspect the subscribe button and the channel id will be one of the attributes
  11. 11. Watch All This On YouTube How to Subscribe to YouTube Channels to be notified when a new video is released by email and RSS How to monitor YouTube competitors and receive new video notifications using RSS without subscribing
  12. 12. Alan Richardson Read my writing and blogs at: Follow me on social media: ‐ @eviltester YouTube
  13. 13. Books And Training "Java For Testers" ‐ Learn to code in Java with "Dear Evil Tester" ‐ Enjoy your testing Online Training in Technical Testing, Selenium WebDriver, Java and more