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Evil testers guide to technical testing


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Presented December 4th for Eurostar 2012 Conference "Best of Conference Webinar Week"

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Evil testers guide to technical testing

  1. 1. The Evil Testers Guide to Technical Testing Eurostar Webinar 4th December 2012Alan
  2. 2. Warning: This Webinar containsOpinions.● Why should you care?● How to spot Technical Testing?● What stops Technical Testing?● Test Techniques Revisited● How a technical tester views a system● Can anyone do this?● The bluffers guide to technical testing
  3. 3. Why Should you care?
  4. 4. Why should you care?"Technical Testing sounds like hard work and Ican get away without doing this stuff."
  5. 5. Reasons Based on FEAR● Projects are becoming more technical● "They" are now testing
  6. 6. Reasons based on HOPE● Flexibility● Find different types of bugs faster● Find bugs faster● Add more value● Future proof yourself
  7. 7. What ISTechnical Testing?
  8. 8. I dont know......But I do know:● Technical knowledge transfers between domains● Testing != Technical
  9. 9. And I know it when I see it... So lets play... The"Is it Technical Testing?" Game
  10. 10. "Do you look in the Database?"If you say..."I dont look at the database thats not my job." Are you doing Technical Testing?
  11. 11. NO - wrong attitude
  12. 12. "Do you look in the Database?"If you say..."Of course I look in the database, I run thesequeries that the developers gave me" Are you doing Technical Testing?
  13. 13. No - Not enough Understanding
  14. 14. "Do you look in the Database?"If you say..."Yes, I use the default admin tool, I run customqueries before and after I use the app, to checkresults. I understand the DB schema prettywell." Are you doing Technical Testing?
  15. 15. Yes - with more to learn
  16. 16. "Do you look in the Database?"If you say..."Of course, and I sometimes ssh in, I never usethe default tool, I prefer DBToolX. I have ascript that compares the schema betweenreleases, and yeah, I query the db to seewhats going on." Are you doing Technical Testing?
  17. 17. Yes - I aspire to this
  18. 18. How to spot it? ● Attitude ● Asking Questions ● Leave no stone unturned ● Tool Up ● Pairing ● Experiment ● Own It
  19. 19. Test TechniquesRevisited
  20. 20. Boundary Value Analysis● Process a drop down with 250 items● One technical premise: loop conditions are trickyboolean foundit=false;for(int item=1; item<=250; item++){ if(db.isItemPresent(dropDown.get(item)){ foundit=true; break; }}
  21. 21. BVA and Technical Knowledge● What if the technical premise changes?foundit = false;for(Item item : dropDown.getItems()){ if(chosenItem.equals(item)){ foundit=true; break; }}
  22. 22. How a TechnicalTester Views YourApplication
  23. 23. A Non-technical view of an app Requirements Functional Non-functional Doc Spec Requirements
  24. 24. A Technical View - Web App Terrain
  25. 25. A Technical View - Server Terrain
  26. 26. A Technical View - Browser Terrain
  27. 27. A Technical View - ArchitectureTerrain
  28. 28. A Technical View - User Terrain
  29. 29. What StopsTechnical Testing?
  30. 30. What stops technical testing?● Environment● The Manager● ...● Personal Motivation
  31. 31. Environment: Lock it downYou can try to stop technical testingby locking down the environment.
  32. 32. The Manager"Im a manager, I dont need to betechnical."
  33. 33. Personal Motivation... "Will trumps everything"
  34. 34. Can Anyone do this?
  35. 35. If I can do it, anyone can do it...... and Ive seen other people do it.
  36. 36. Shh... dont tell anyone... but... ...Im not that technical
  37. 37. Ive learned some secrets...● Ask questions● Catalogue the technologies ○ use the default tools "Dont worry● Copy others about breaking ○ pair and make notes things.● Study and learn Testers are ○ on your own supposed to● Identify tools by modelling: ○ Observation break things." ○ Manipulation ○ Interrogation● Experiment● Keep Learning
  38. 38. If I can do it, anyone can do it...... and Ive seen other people do it.
  39. 39. Bluffers Guide toTechnical Testing
  40. 40. A Bluffers Guide to Technical WebTesting - starter for 13
  41. 41. Further Reading● The OWASP Testing Guide ○● Putting Systems to Work by Derek Hitchins ○ (free download pdf)● The Art of War by Sun Tzu ○ provides a generalisable model for technical testing - including map/territory, observation (use of spies) and manipulation ○ ○● The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi ○ How to practice and improve ○
  42. 42. Next up: YouAlan