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  1. 1. Memo<br />To:-914400000Stephanie Anderson-Quinn<br />From:Robert Lampkin<br />Date: 3/6/11<br />Re:Interviews with Law enforcement Officer and Probation Officer<br />Message:<br />I did my interview with a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) and a Probation Officer. The LEO I interviewed name is Stacey Redd. Stacey is a Sergeant for the City of Chicago, district 7 police department. She currently has a Criminal Justice degree, which she obtained from the University of Iowa. Stacey is a 12 year veteran of the police force. Her responsibilities are to oversee other police officers. She is responsible for the disciplinary actions with the police officers, implementing new laws and issuing new policies. Stacey also may be called into court to testify against criminals on a regular basis. Lastly, Stacey’s duties is just like any other police officer’s duty, and that is to make traffic stop, going out to calls, and to uphold the law. Stacey really enjoys working as a Law Enforcement Officer, and she have absolutely no regrets about it.<br />The probation Officer that I interviewed is named Bryant Brannigan. Bryant is a 7 year probation Officer veteran. He works out of a court house located in Erie, Michigan. Bryant obtained a Master’s Degree at the University of Illinois. Bryant is responsible for appearing to court on time for his case loads, scheduling meetings with his probationers, administrating drug tests/alcoholic screenings, and much more. Bryant may also be called to investigate his probationer behaviors and must make recommendations on sentences when needed of him. Bryant Brannigan seems to enjoy his job, his authority and his paychecks.<br />-933450-4762500According to the LEO Stacey Redd, her department’s mission is to follow the “3 C’s of Criminal Justice” The three C’s she’s referring to is Courts, Community and Corrections. They will do whatever it takes to serve the community, bring criminals to court and find ways to correct their behavior. The location of the department that Stacey works at is located in the city of Chicago. According to Stacey, the city of Chicago is so big that the city split the policing departments into separate precincts/districts so that crime is better addressed. The district 7 police department serves approximately 40,000 individuals inside their community. The services they provide are regular police services, such as going to calls, making arrest, patrolling their jurisdiction, and sometime conducting police check points for drunk drivers and other crimes. All Chicago police departments are nonprofit organizations, which are city funded. They issue tickets as a way to make money for the city, which some of it then go back to the police department for improvements and payments.<br />Bryant Brannigan’s mission is similar to other probation Officers’ missions. His mission is to prevent crime and to make sure that his probationer isn’t committing undetectable crimes (crimes that people haven’t been caught for.) Bryant works at the Monroe County court house, located in Erie, Michigan. The courthouse has a designated floor for probation officers to do their business. The population served for the probation officer is the entire county, but each of them are only issues less than 50 people to watch over during their probation period. The Monroe County courthouse is a nonprofit organization, which is public and needed for sentencing criminals. The services that the probation officers provide at the Monroe County courthouse is meetings with the probationers, regular testing of the probationers for drugs/alcohol, attending court dates for criminals who will be put through the probation system, and lastly, submitting reports to the judge of the probationer’s actions and behaviors, which also have a recommendation with it on how much time that person should receive for his/her crimes.<br />-914400-1905100There are many differences between a Law Enforcement Officer and a Probation Officer. Some differences include the fact that LEO have a strict clothing guidelines (unless uncovered/plan clothes) that they must follow. LEO also carries guns while probation officers are not issued a firearm to carry. Most probation officers stay in their office during their time schedule, while Law Enforcement Officers are usually out of their department answering emergency calls and patrolling the streets for crimes. Another major difference between LEO and Probation Officers is the fact that LEO can make arrests. Probation Officers have no authority to arrest anyone besides their probationer for crimes they commit. For the most part, Probation Officers must form a relationship between their probationers. Law Enforcement Officers are not required to form a relationship between themselves and criminals, they just have to arrest them and book them.<br />Despite the many differences between a LEO and Probation Officer, there are only a few similarities. Some similarities that Bryant and Stacey share is the fact that they are authorize to make some kind of arrest. Although, Probation Officers can’t make every arrest, Bryant still has the authority to make an arrest of someone. Another thing that LEO and Probation Officers share is that they both are able to carry out investigations and searches. Police Officers are allowed to search a house with a warrant, and Probation Officers are allowed to search a house if it’s the resident of the probationer. Lastly, another similarity the two divisions of Criminal Justice share is the fact they are there to withhold the law and to keep the community safe.<br />I learned many things from interviewing these two very professional individuals, which work in different parts of Criminal Justice fields. I learned that to be able to interview someone, you must contact that person ahead of time to make sure everything is alright and maintain a strong link of contact between the two leading up to the interview to ensure everything will be alright. I was able to contact Stacey via a confirmed officer website. To contact Bryant, I told my dad about my project and he knew someone from the business he owns that is a regular customer there who was a probation officer. I conducted that over the phone and even through text messages for side questions. With Bryant, he was even able to try to get me a possible internship for the summer!-923925-2857500 I learned that patience was the key when it comes to interviewing -923925-952500someone over the internet. You can expect that person to respond back to your questions as quickly as someone would if they were in a chat room. I believe this project was a good way to make students go out and actually speak to someone in their field of future work so that we now have an idea of what we might be doing in the near future.<br />