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A B2B marketing service provider founded by Etienne Viellard, ELEIUS helps European high tech ventures adopt world-class marketing from day one – so they join the early winners in their industry.

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  • Oracle9iAS FY04 Campaign Taglines Brainstorm – Etienne Viellard – June 18 th 2003 How to Fight WebSphere without Looking Like a Me-Too? WebSphere and .Net are great brands. IBM and Microsoft have been and are outspending us. The ‘ personification ’ of their messages is helping them gain recognition and support from the boardroom to the trenches. We need a rallying message that displaces both platforms and establishes strong differentiated IT and Business value propositions for Oracle9 i Application Server. This rallying message will be strongly branded visually and messaging wise to serve as the branding foundation to our demand generation and awareness campaigns in FY04. One idea as we build this rallying message is to take a strong position in the hot debate of whether ‘ IT matters ’ or not. The obvious answer is that in a new age of ‘ information warfare ’ IT matters more than ever. Organizations now differentiate themselves thanks to information systems that have to be built fast, evolve quickly, are cheap to design and run, and most importantly are truly unique. Businesses need to rely on a software platform that delivers on these needs – today. Only Oracle9 i Application Server supports these needs – today. Few early concepts we ’ d like to float around is to position Oracle9 i Application Server as the only platform for ‘ Information Warfar e ’ , or as the only product to provide ‘ Software for Change ’ , or yet again associate Oracle9 i Application Server with adjective ‘ Fast ’ , which all convey this with different value associations. Important Considerations Each tagline ‘ Fast ’ , ‘ Information Warfare ’ , ‘ Software for Change ’ carries with it a different universe of personal and collective values. This shows that whether we push forward on one of these three, or another one, we should be extremely careful to select a tagline and campaign theme that: キ  Best conveys Oracle and Oracle9 i Application Server ’ s deep value system キ  Doesn ’ t appear as a ‘ Me-Too ’ against WebSphere and .Net キ  Transitions from past Tier 1 past awareness messages smoothly キ  Integrates with Grid, Collaboration Suite, and Business Intelligence messaging キ  Builds foundation for Oracle ’ s mid-tier branding in next 5 years. Top Level Message Oracle9 i Application Server Software for Information Warfare Alt: Software for Change Alt: Fast As the first chapter in the Internet age comes to a close, businesses worldwide require information systems that lets them truly differentiates themselves in increasingly uniform and global markets. Information warfare is the new name of the game. The winners are those who architect truly unique systems – fast. The winners are those who trust their business to an integrated software foundation that lets them rapidly build strategic information technology systems – fast. Only Oracle9 i Application Server offers such a platform today. Websphere and .Net don ’ t come close. Information warfare is now. Oracle9 i Application Server gives you the software you need to fight that battle today. Not integrate distinct software like IBM. Not wait for Microsoft to deliver on its faraway ‘ vision ’ . Productive – Software that puts your ideas online fast It all starts with a vision. The vision of an integrated application that will further extend your organization ’ s competitive edge. Oracle9 i Application Server offers a built-in advanced Java & Web Services development environment. The built-in Oracle9 i JDeveloper offers all you need to design, model, code, profile and deploy applications that make the most of the latest Java & Web services standards. Tight integration with the advanced functionality of Oracle9 i Application Server lets you design truly unique information systems. The built-in TopLink persistence software lets you rapidly connect your information system to your data stores. You can take advantage of Oracle9 i Application Server ’ s built-in Web services oriented architecture, business portal framework, advanced business intelligence, and wireless and voice functionality. Adaptive – Software that lets you turn on a dime To avoid ‘ rip and replace ’ , your platform software must let you integrate all your information systems using open standards. It must offer advanced support for Web services so you can expose legacy systems and implement an open Web services architecture – today. And it must let you remodel existing business flows fast so you can adapt to new business ways. Personal – Software that puts users back in the driver seat To connect, extend, and remodel is necessary, but not enough. What ’ s needed is software that puts users back in control of your integrated business. Oracle9 i Application Server offers a built-in portal that lets you rapidly give employees, partners, and customers access to integrated applications, online collaboration tools, business workflows, and business intelligence. Built-in Intelligence – Software that ’ s smart It ’ s not enough to integrate, remodel, and empower users. You also need to instantly see deep into your connected extended enterprise. Oracle9 i AS is the only application server with built-in business intelligence. In one effort, developers may design new information systems that access a single data store to transact but also extract knowledge. Built-in Web-based ad-hoc querying and reporting tools, out-of-the box Java business intelligence frameworks, easy to build and deploy portlets, all work together to let you easily propagate knowledge to business users. Users have instant access to advanced business analytics. You raise your organization IQ. Ubiquitous – Software that ’ s accessible anywhere, anytime Business users are on the go – more than ever. They need anywhere, anytime access to your information systems. Your information system need to be designed once, accessible anywhere. Only Oracle9 i Application Server lets you deploy applications once to wireless, voice, and online users – with a single application. Secure – Software that safeguards your business Your online business is fast becoming a central hub for hundreds to thousands of transactions by external business partners, customers, and automated B2B transactions. You need to rely on bulletproof central authentication systems that truly safeguard your business. Oracle9 i Application Server lets you centrally manage all your users in a single open standards massively scalable LDAP directory, and rapidly implement advanced identity management and single sign-on across your entire organization. Faster & Cheaper – Software that ’ s fast and scales Only Oracle9 i Application Server lets you run your entire information systems on a grid of low cost off-the-shelf hardware. You can run your entire middle tier on heterogeneous hardware: some boxes run Linux, some Windows, etc. You can grow as you go: scale up as demand grows, and your systems are always up and running. Today. And unique Web caching capabilities let you turbo-charge all your applications by caching frequently accessed page and page fragments in memory on the edge of your network. Manageabl e – Software that ’ s up day in day out Your strategic information system is no good if it ’ s not inexpensive and easy to administer day in, day out. Oracle9 i Application Server ’ s advanced built-in Web based management interface lets you manage all your information systems and their underlying infrastructure – Java, Web services, integration, portal, wireless & voice, business intelligence, Web cache – from a single easy to use browser console. Marketing Strategy キ  Simultaneous online, print, and direct mail campaign launch that brands the tagline and value system. キ  A series of real life people that personify each ‘ value proposition ’ – Manageable: DBA, Secure: Chief Security Office, Ubiquitous: Sales VP, etc. Each story highlights how that person fights the information warfare thanks to Oracle9 i Application Server キ  and/or A series of tier one case studies of organizations that highlight each value proposition: Personal: Gevity HR, Ubiquitous: British Telecom, Adaptive: CalPERs, etc. Below is an imaginary General Mills quote, and variations on the 'IT Matters' tagline. All are meant to convey the idea of a platform that lets organizations adapt, move fast, and stay unique. All are ‘ Oracle Ad ’ format friendly to accomplish the goal of a smooth transition from past awareness campaigns. Imaginary Quote Oracle9 i Application Server Software for change. G e neral Mills ’ business is unique. It ’ s my job to make sure it remains so. That ’ s why I need software that lets us ‘ rewire ’ existing systems fast so we can do business in new ways. Software that puts all our users in control through a shared portal. Software we can trust to stay different. John Peter – CIO, General Mills Variations on IT Matters Tagline 'Software for change' 'Fast' 'Stay unique' 'Adapt. Stay unique' Oracle Ad Type Sub-Taglines. Application Development Software that puts your ideas online. Software for change. Go from vision to application. Fast. Web Services Software that turns old into new. Software for change. Turn old into new. Fast. Integration Software that adapts to new business ways. Software for change. Adapt to new business ways. Fast. Portal Software that puts users in control. Software for change. Put users in control. Fast Business Intelligence Software that turns data into knowledge. Software for change. Turn data into knowledge. Fast Mobile Software that goes where business gets done. Software for change. Take data where it ’ s most needed. Fast Security | Identity Management | Single Sign-On Software that invites partners in, keeps hackers out. Software for change Invite partners in. Keep hackers out. Fast.
  • "Top 10 Rules of Storytelling" by ELEIUS

    1. 1. Seduce markets with a unique vision Shape markets to your advantage © Eleius 2013
    2. 2. Presentation Agenda •  Definition of Storytelling •  10 Rules of Storytelling © Eleius 2013
    3. 3. Unstable Worlds Crave Stable Visions Disruption then stabilization Continuous disruption Long lived categories Rapid obsolescence and innovation Short term commitment Long term commitment Low risk for buyers High risk for buyers Physical products that convey emotions Immaterial products that convey meaning Perception is immediate and emotional Perception is outcome of long term intellectual exchange Branding Storytelling © Eleius 2013
    4. 4. Definition of Storytelling •  You write it, the market relays it. •  Your answer to your prospects challenges. •  Perpetually evolving, yet always consistent. •  Fits in ten pages, one paragraph, a tagline. © Eleius 2013
    5. 5. What The Skeptics Say … •  It doesn’t apply to me. Its for high tech gorillas who burn millions of marketing dollars to … •  Defend their cash cows. •  Enter new markets. •  Fight back commoditization. © Eleius 2013
    6. 6. Why The Skeptics are Wrong ... •  Never has product obsolescence occurred so fast. •  Never have discrete choices committed buyers for so long: standards, skills, interoperability, etc. Risk is becoming #1 buyer concern. Crispness of vision is becoming #1 buying driver. Everyone should thus continuously be telling a shaping story. No start-up ever toppled a gorilla with an inferior message. © Eleius 2013
    7. 7. Top 10 Rules of Storytelling 1.  Massage the message to perfection. 2.  Bold prophecies tend to self-fulfill more than dull ones. 3.  Single point of truth is 8 page business white paper. 4.  All other communications assets are bonsai trims of white paper. 5.  All your employees should be able to “pitch the story in an elevator”. 6.  Priority is not to speak but to influence what the market relays. 7.  Make them laugh and they might well be seduced. 8.  Naming an emerging category puts you in a position to lead it. 9.  Where you are on Geoffrey Moores’ curve conditions your strategy. 10.  A story that doesn’t support a sales pipeline is useless. © Eleius 2013
    8. 8. 1) Massage the Message •  Message massaging process never stops: •  One message owner but many contributors. •  “Release process” as rigorous as that of software. •  Message should: •  •  •  •  © Eleius 2013 Be a diagnosis and a prescription. Adopt “Cartesian” dissertation format. Fit in ten pages, one paragraph, a tagline. Introduce proprietary language elements.
    9. 9. 2) Bold Prophecies Tend to Selffulfill More Than Dull Ones •  Be controversial: •  Break out from the tens of start-ups in your space. •  eg. Announce the demise of the category you aim to replace. •  eg. Elicit response from the “gorilla” in your market. © Eleius 2013
    10. 10. 2.1) Elicit Response From the Gorilla in Your Market © Eleius 2013
    11. 11. 3) Single Point of Truth is 8 Page Business White Paper •  Details your company promise •  Adopts Cartesian dissertation format •  •  •  •  Identifies challenges. Suggests ideal solution. Lays out your solution. Demonstrates with 3rd party proof points. •  One author, many contributors © Eleius 2013
    12. 12. 4) Other Communications Assets are Bonsai Trims of White Paper Scripted PPT Press Releases & Interviews Online Lead Generation Events Web Site and Blogs © Eleius 2013
    13. 13. 4) Other Communications Assets are Bonsai Trims of White Paper Website PowerPoint Press Release 2 Minute Movie © Eleius 2013 Press Coverage
    14. 14. 4) Other Communications Assets are Bonsai Trims of White Paper PowerPoint Website 2 Minute Movie Press Release © Eleius 2013 Press Coverage
    15. 15. 5) All your Employees Should be Able to Pitch the Story in an Elevator © Eleius 2013
    16. 16. 6) Priority is Not to Speak But to Influence what the Market Relays … Direct Mails Online Publications Live Web Panels & Q&A Advertisement Forbes Editorials … or create perception that market is endorsing your vision. Oracle.com San Francisco & NY CIO Panels © Eleius 2013
    17. 17. 7) Make Them Laugh and They Might Well be Seduced Survival Guide Featuring Customer Testimonials – Included in Oracle Portal Direct Mail © Eleius 2013
    18. 18. 8) Naming an Emerging Category Puts You in a Good Position to Lead it •  Proprietary language, like software, is valuable intellectual property. Hyperion, now part of Oracle, first used the term Performance Management to refer to the category it competes in and now leads. © Eleius 2013
    19. 19. 9) Where You are on Geoffrey Moore s Curve Conditions Your Storytelling Strategy •  A Few Examples … •  •  •  •  © Eleius 2013 Salesforce.com Oracle Grid Computing Hyperion Performance Management Oracle’s “BEA Switch & Save” Initiative
    20. 20. 10) A Story that Doesn t Support a Sales Pipeline is Useless Advertisement Worldwide Marketing Program & Lead Flow Opportunities Piped Customer Calls Reps Rep Calls Customer GCD Data Mining TBU Roll-Out RM Picked 402 Sites Customer Reference CT Blitz 8/1 Rep Entered 24 Sites Field TSC 7/16 TSR Blitz 8/15 E-Mail 7/7 Postal 7/14 India Reload 9/15 Dispositions India Field Untouched 10/15 30 Inbound Calls IR Inbound NAS TBU Campaign Inbound Calls 7/1 Oracle.com © Eleius 2013 7/1 Advertising
    21. 21. Conclusions •  Unstable worlds crave stable visions. •  Everyone should thus continuously be telling a market shaping story. •  Seducing your market with a unique vision lets you shape it to your advantage. •  Winning at the new game of storytelling is easier if you follow the Top 10 rules of storytelling. © Eleius 2013
    22. 22. Seduce markets with a unique vision Shape markets to your advantage www.eleius.com © Eleius 2013