Using apps for legal research


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Peter Kargbo's lightning talk on mobile apps for legal research.

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Using apps for legal research

  1. Using Apps for Legal Research Peter Kargbo MA, LLDip Law Librarian Manchester Metropolitan University Birmingham, 8th May 2012
  2. What’s Currently Available All subjects apps – e.g. Lexis Nexis “On the Case” Subject specific apps – Oxford University Press “Law Concentrate” revision apps (contract law, EU law etc). Most apps cover US legal system – federal and state law. A few apps cover UK & European Union law (EU). Some free. Others paid. Free access if staff/student’s institution subscribes to full service database (e.g.Lexis Library & Jordans Family law). Mostly for the undergraduate market (LLB, GDL) Designed for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.
  3. Cases and statutes – all areas of English law
  4. Individual Law Subjects Oxford University Press law concentrate revision apps (contract, criminal, EU, equity & trusts, land, public, tort) Jordans Family Law Reports Squire Sanders UK Employment Law Haines Watts UK Tax Rates Eversheds Guide to international Employment & Pensions Law
  5. Why Use Apps? Great for on-the-go legal research. Specifically designed for mobile devices. Easily accessed bite-size revision aids. Access to a wide range of case law and statutes. Status indicators for cases and statutes (is this case good law?) (e.g.,Lexis Library “On the Case” and “Legal Terms”). Full text of law reports (e.g. Jordans Family Reports) Updated frequently, hence current. Saves carrying heavy books and boring notepads! Will appeal to “digital natives” (Generation Z, Net Generation) students.
  6. About Peter KargboPeter is a part-time Law Librarian at Manchester Metropolitan University and the College of Law inManchester (until August 2012). His 27 year library career spans 3 continents in Africa, the UK and theUnited States. He has worked as a Research Librarian at the Central Bank of Sierra Leone in Freetown(Sierra Leone), Reference Librarian and Learning Adviser at the University of Birmingham, Reference &Instruction Librarian at Texas Tech University, Librarian for Africana Studies at New York University (NewYork City) and Repository Librarian at the University of Wolverhampton.Peter holds a BA (Hons) in Library & Information Studies (Leeds Metropolitan University), an MA inAfrican Studies (University of Birmingham) and a Graduate Diploma in Law (University ofWolverhampton.Peter’s interests include landscape photography and volunteering at Vaughantown in