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SCONUL Value and Impact Study - SCONUL 2014 Conference


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Presentation and workshop focused on the SCONUL Impact and Value Study. Delivered at SCONUL Conference in Glasgow on 29th June 2014.

Published in: Education, Technology
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SCONUL Value and Impact Study - SCONUL 2014 Conference

  1. 1. SCONUL Value and Impact Study Evidence Base at Birmingham City University Jo Alcock and Pete Dalton
  2. 2. Core aim To review existing studies, projects and statistics on the value and impact of Higher Education libraries to develop resources for use by SCONUL Executive Board and SCONUL members.
  3. 3. Methodology Secondary research is core focus, with some primary research
  4. 4. Secondary research • Existing research to be collated, summarised, and synthesised to extract: • Methods • Toolkits and guides • High-level statistics • Examples of good practice
  5. 5. Primary research • To uncover currently unreported examples of good practice and share them more broadly. • Data collected via: • Online survey • Follow-up interviews • Face-to-face and online discussions (such as today!)
  6. 6. Deliverables Outputs to support SCONUL Executive Board and SCONUL members
  7. 7. Review report • Overview of findings from both primary and secondary research • To include: • information on previous and current studies/projects • methods for measuring value and impact • headline findings • guidance for future studies • recommendations for future development
  8. 8. Summary infographic • For advocacy and communication with external bodies • Data from SCONUL statistics and existing library data analytics
  9. 9. Best practice guides • For use within SCONUL members' libraries • Practical guides to support measuring value and impact • Available online and downloadable
  10. 10. Timescale Project began in June and will complete in December
  11. 11. Key areas of focus June - Project initiation July - Secondary research August - Primary research September - Analysis and synthesis October - Drafting project outputs November - Reviewing project outputs December - Finalising project outputs
  12. 12. Get involved Ways you can feed into the project
  13. 13. Getting involved • Project blog • Complete and promote online survey (to be launched on 14th July and open until 5th September) • Contribute to examples of best practice - email
  14. 14. Any questions/ comments on the study?
  15. 15. What studies, projects, toolkits and guides are you aware of to measure the value and impact of your library? Existing resources
  16. 16. What do you currently do, or are planning to do, to measure the value and impact of your library? Your experience
  17. 17. What one sentence would you like to be able to say about your library's value and impact, and to whom? The ideal
  18. 18. Contact us